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When We’re Together” is the MonaLisa Twins’ debut album with original songs. It contains lots of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Beat music paired with elements of Psychedelic, Folk and even Latin genres. Check the tabs below for more info, audio samples and lyrics.

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Album Name: When We’re Together
Album Type: CD – 11 Tracks
Release Date: 29 Feb 2012
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Bruce Fowler
10 days ago

GR8 STUFF……. Happy Music!!

Michael Hughes
2 months ago

The MonaLisa Twins are a most welcome breath of fresh imagination amidst today’s melodically barren music landscape. These two gals have gone to the school of self-taught melodic composition and have passed the course with flying colours. They fully understand the concept of the pop song and its key ingredients: a catchy hook, a verse, a chorus, a bridge and a well placed guitar solo. And yet they somehow make these retro, sixties styled songs feel new, fresh, and begging for another listen. This album is chock full of all of the above and more. Major earworm warning…these catchy songs will be playing incessantly in the canyons of your mind for the foreseeable future.

Brad Taggart
10 months ago

Hello to all, I recently bought the whole collection of the twins albums on CD, and I absolutely love every single song. Their own songs on this album and the Orange album are phenomenal. My favorite of their songs is on the Orange album, ‘Still A Friend Of Mine’, but on this album I love ‘June’, ‘Dreams’ and ‘Wide, Wide, Land’. (I just couldn’t pick only one!)
Regarding ‘June’, in the booklet that came with the CD that contains the lyrics of the songs, next to the lyrics for ‘June’ there’s a picture of Mona’s face under an umbrella. As I told the twins privately, I could not have hired an artist to paint a more perfect and beautiful face of a young woman. It’s an amazing photograph, and I would love to have a larger version to frame and hang in my home.

Dave Coy
11 months ago

To me, this is my favorite album of the 15 or so I have these delightful ladies! Just simply beautiful!! Well written songs, great melodies and wonderfully performed!! I have listed to all 15 full and mini albums in the past week….this is the one I went back to…Thank you!!!

11 months ago

Q: Have you guys studied music in the formal, “Went to music lessons and learnt instrument techniques and notation and theory and scales and harmony and rhythm”, and all like that?

Q: Does (or did) “pappy” provide tutelage like ^^^^ that ^^^^ ?

Anecdotally speaking, your protoges (ie. “The Fab Four”) didn’t study formally, didn’t read “standard notation” and weren’t conversant in “music theory”, but they still managed to “Do Ok.”

David Earhart
1 year ago

The wide, wide land is my new favorite song. I love the lyrics, the sound and the message.

Mike Lyons
1 year ago

Wow! I saw the video to “this boy is mine” and was totally blown away. Great energy, wonderful vocals and talented musicians as well. I could close my eyes and see the Beatles standing beside you on stage.
Too many other wonderful songs on the album to list individually ( O.K. Wide wide land, June, Nothing is in vain, When we’re together, All about falling in love….) but the overiding appeal is the freshness and originality of the songs while giving a nod to the styles of the 60’s and 70’s.
At work Tuesday is Blues Day, then Whatever Wednesday ( a lucky dip for the music ) and the last day of the working week is ALWAYS Dylan…but now we have Monalisa Monday. Love it all, love them, stay groovy.

Rick Sykes
1 year ago

This is the first music I heard from the MLT and immediately fell in love with them and their wonderful music. I love their harmonies, their melodies, their great guitar (and other instrumental) talents ( I could watch Mona play the drums for hours!!!!)
Lisa’s guitar solos are fantastic. This is, by far, my favorite MLT album. And my all time favorite song , Lisa’s guitar work, AND video is “JUNE” !!!! Mona looks so beautiful in that video!!!! Very nostalgic sound and overall beautiful setting!!!!! Would love to hear your parent’s thoughts about that song and video. Because I have 5 daughters, I would be very surprised if it’s not one of their favorites. Would love to hear more songs like these from you.

eric vanlabeck
1 year ago

These girls are full of talent : instruments and voices are fabulous! The music they write is quality stuff ! Also they do great covers : a specaial attention should be given to : “friday on my mind” (astonishing voices) and to”bus stop” such an hilarious performance; I could not stop watching it . please carry on making music ! and “stay groovy ” !

Steve Coates
1 year ago

Wonderful music. Talented musicians. Beautiful harmonies. And all with a 60’s vibe.



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About the Album

"When We're Together" is the MonaLisa Twins' debut album with original songs. It was the first time they really got into songwriting.

“It sure wasn't easy at first. We played around with different chord progressions and harmonies, spent lots of time writing lyrics and arranging instruments until we, at last, came up with 11 new songs we were really pleased with.”

“When we started recording we felt like we didn't quite achieve the sound we were looking for, and it took us a while to figure out what we needed to get it "right". After several attempts to create that perfect sound with the gear we already owned, we finally gave up and invested in some amazing vintage guitars and recording equipment … that was the icing on the cake!”

The MonaLisa Twins wanted to make every song on the album sound a little different, while trying to stick to their favourite musical elements like melodic harmonies, driving back beats and crunchy, bright guitar sounds. They used them in simple and catchy feel-good songs as well as in tracks that are strongly based on good old Rock 'n' Roll and Beat music. The album also features some Latin sounds and Ballads to make the album exciting to listen to.

Lyrics, Music, Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: When We're Together
Album Type: CD - 11 Tracks
Release Date: 29 Feb 2012

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