The Wide, Wide Land

She’s walking through her home town
Where she used to live
A long, long time ago
She’s walking day by day
And seems to know exactly
Where she wants to go

She looks across the country
As if it’s under her command
There’s nothing to remember
There’s nothing to pretend

Uhh, The wide, wide land
Uhh, The wide, wide land

Her words come in a language
That keeps changing
As the days are going by
But it doesn’t really matter
‘Cause she’s talking
With a twinkle in her eye

She doesn’t seem to worry
That no one else can understand
And when you see her laughing
You get to know her as a friend

Uhh, The wide, wide land
Uhh, The wide, wide land

She’s losing all her memories
Of faces that she used to know so well
But still remembers all the melodies
Of good old songs
Whose names she cannot tell

She’s singing with her eyes closed
And you can almost hear the band
If you could see her smiling
I think you’d know what she meant

When she said

Uhh, The wide, wide land
Uhh, The wide, wide land
The wide, wide land
The wide, wide land

From the Album:
“When We're Together”

 MonaLisa Twins
Feb 2012

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A hauntingly beautiful song, written in tribute to the Twins grandmother. Also accompanied by a beautiful video.

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