When We’re Together

I feel fine
All the time
Just because you’re mine

When we’re together
I’m gonna take you by the hand
And make you understand
That I would never
No, I would never make you cry
I’d never say goodbye

When we stand, hand in hand
We’re just feeling fine
All my tears disappear
And that’s because you’re mine

When we’re together
I know that everything’s okay
A picture perfect day
Don’t mind the weather
No, we don’t care if rain or shine
Together we’re just fine

When we’re together
Everything’s alright
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
We make it better
No, I would never lie
Or make you cry

When we’re together
Oh I am happy as can be
That you are here with me
I thought I’d never
I thought I’d never feel this way
The way I feel today

No, no, I’ve never felt this way
The way I feel today

From the Album:
“When We’re Together”
 MonaLisa Twins
Feb 2012

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Peter Alan Olson
1 year ago

I just love this song. It is so upbeat and positive. Your DVD always makes me cry (good tears).
Yours truly, Peter Olson

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