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Join the MLT Club and support the Twins on their musical journey while getting exclusive content and bonuses like:

  • Exclusive Acoustic and Live Videos just for the Club
  • Early access to new music and videos
  • Access to our entire music collection to stream
  • 100s of unreleased photos from the archives
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes videos
  • Radio interviews & performances
  • Special shop discounts, games, birthday & holiday surprises
  • “Ask the MLT” Q&A videos – answering Members’ questions
  • Fan forum …

Cancelling and suspending is possible at any time with the click of a button in your account settings. You can check out the MLT Club Info Page for even more details.



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Jon Swindley
4 days ago

Hi, I have been a member for almost a month now and have found the Website an excellent tool to find out about the MonaLisa Twins and their superb music. The wealth of music that I can listen to is vast and greatly appreciated.

7 days ago

Hi to one and all, I have been a club member for nearly a month now after having chanced upon one of Mona and Lisa’s covers on youtube. Their ability and splendid harmonies were there for all to see and I was intrigued to see what was on offer on their club website. Well, I must say that I have not been disappointed. I seem to have been spending a… Read more »

Jacki Hopper
21 days ago

A #MLTBUZZLUVGROOVIFIED Universal-Global Welcome To/ For All Recent New MLT Clubbers that have joined here , Truly Enjoy The Community, The Offerings, etc …. 🤘🏻😁

Baz Jones
21 days ago

Hi Everyone, I’ve been a member for just over a month. I first came across the twins at Christmas when I bought their Yuletide album. I particularly liked the first track, their own composition, which made me enquire further. As an original card holding member of the Beatles Fan Club,(which gives you a clue about my age) I was both fascinated and delighted by their covers and original 60’s oriented… Read more »

Chris Weber
Reply to  Baz Jones
21 days ago

Welcome Baz,
If you enjoy the Club half as much as I do, you will enjoy it very much indeed.

You’re in the right place. And I think everyone here are Beatles fans as well. You mentioned news and videos. There is an immense treasure trove of stories, videos, and more on this site. A lot to explore.


Jacki Hopper
Reply to  Baz Jones
21 days ago

A #MLTBUZZLUVGROOVIFIED Welcome to here Baz, do enjoy all the offerings to explore and take part in…

22 days ago

I’m glad I joined the MLT club a month ago. There is so much to watch, or to listen to, without any commercial addition. Mona & Lisa (and their team) are fantastic. Not only are they great singers, musicians and songwriters, they also make stunning music videos, design their own beautiful album covers and make interesting video reports (about the Beatles in Hamburg for example). And besides all that they… Read more »

David Herrick
Reply to  Dirk Haesaert
22 days ago

I strongly agree with everything you said here, Dirk, except the part about your English not being very good. It appears flawless to me!

Reply to  David Herrick
22 days ago

Hallo David,
Thank you for your compliment. I had to check with Google Translate what the word flawless means. 🙂

Max Soucia
23 days ago

Love your music especially your original compositions. As a bass uke player I especially like the songs in which one of you plays bass ukulele. (I still don’t know who is which).

Tim Arnold
Reply to  Max Soucia
21 days ago

Hi Max, maybe I can help a little. Mona is blonde and always appears on the left. Lisa has red hair and always on the right. As far as the instruments, they are both able to play a variety of instruments but as far as ukulele is concerned I have only seen Lisa play the uke on many songs. I believe Mona plays the uke bass on their Duo Session… Read more »

Jay Young
27 days ago

You ladies are the bomb! In this crazy world you deliver a bright and rosy outlook that should help everyone start their day. And the music is great as well – Thanks

1 month ago

I am so glad I joined the MLT club. You make us feel as if we are with you on your journey – your enthusiasm is infectious, and your harmonies amazing. You provide so much good material on your site, including my favourite “What’s on the table”. There is clearly hard work going into this fan club site, which I find really engaging, and inclusive. Love you ladies!!

Rob Oram
1 month ago

Since joining MLT club , I’ve listened to a lot of your music, original and covers and I love what I hear . Like seeing your videos on how you do things . Keep on doing what you do , love your music

Thomas Knedler
1 month ago

Just love your music. I used to listen to the Beetles back in the 60’s and 70’S You both are extremely talented. Keep up the music and we all love you. Take care,

Once you sign up you will be granted access to a special membership area featuring exclusive photos, audio & video clips and much more that can’t and won’t be found anywhere else on the internet.

Here is a small selection of the many perks of becoming a member of the MLT Club:

  • Pre-ordered albums will get signed automatically, others upon request
  • Early access to new music and videos
  • Access to our entire music collection to stream & download
  • Access to 100s of unreleased photos from the archives
  • Access to exclusive behind-the-scenes videos
  • Access to radio interviews, performances and podcasts
  • Access to “members only” insider stories
  • Collection of online and magazine interviews
  • Special shop discounts
  • Games, quizzes, polls, surveys, contests, fun facts
  • Birthday & Holiday surprises
  • Fan forum
  • “Ask the MLT” Q&A videos – answering Members’ questions
  • Regular, new content for members only
  • Free song and chord books ready for download (.pdf)

By contributing financially to the creative MLT pool you will actively help us create future videos, more music, more membership content and thus keeping this kind of music alive. 

“In recent years we have seen an uprise of crowdfunding platforms, fan-funded music projects and donation sites. Kickstarter, Pledgemusic, Patreon, the list goes on. Although we’ve never quite warmed up to these formats, we’ve always been toying with the idea of creating our own special place in the world wide web to give fans a more in-depth look into our lives, projects & music and to stay in touch. People also kept asking how to best support us on this musical journey.
We think we found the perfect solution … Right on our website! 🙂

There is already a big amount of exclusive content ready for you to be watched, read and listened to but we are planning to release MUCH MORE in the upcoming weeks and months. By joining now, you can play an active part in shaping and developing the MLT Club with your suggestions and input.

It’s only £10/month (or £110/year) and cancellation is possible at any time!

You can check out the MLT Club Info Page for even more details.

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