When We’re Together – Album DVD


The “When We’re Together” DVD is a collection of music videos for all 11 songs on the MonaLisa Twins’ same-titled debut album. You can expect Rock ‘n’ Roll, 60ies Beat music, Psychedelic Rock and Ballads to lovingly manufactured video clips, featuring witty, dreamy, thoughtful and cartoony pictures, even bird’s-eye view, deep space and time-lapse skies, all filmed and edited by the MonaLisa Twins team. Check the tabs below for more info, video samples and lyrics.

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Album Name: When We’re Together DVD – playable worldwide (Reg. 0)
Album Type: DVD – 11 Music Videos & Behind The Scenes Clips
Release Date: 10 Nov 2014

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Michael Schuhmacher
3 months ago

OF COURSE I like the DVD! . And like Gary Rogers before me, I look forward to more DVD’s from MLT!

Gary Rogers
7 months ago

I purchased this DVD for my music collection. I collect vinyl albums and DVD’s of my favorite artists. I look forward to more vinyls or DVD’s from MLT.

ray marshall
10 months ago

love the DVD,sound and picture quality match your incredible talent
❤ from Australia

Gerry Tonti
11 months ago

I am so glad I purchased this cd. I really like the behind-the-scenes videos. There is so much work that goes into making the videos. A must for every fan.

William Schuyler
1 year ago

I enjoyed the DVD. The sound and video were excellent. My favorites were June and One More Time. I hope that you will make more DVDs of your videos.

Michael Schuhmacher
Reply to  William Schuyler
3 months ago

Yes! So do I !

Tim Arnold
1 year ago

Though all the videos from this DVD are available to watch on YouTube I am very happy to have the whole collection on one disc in a beautifully designed case signed by Mona and Lisa. So much fun to watch each of the videos and go on an absolute joyride through the entire collection of songs that make up The Twins first original album. The commentary on each video and… Read more »

Rory Heynemann
2 years ago

I really enjoyed this DVD. It brought another level of appreciation for the music, and the videos are fun and imaginative. I loved the behind-the-scenes content, it’s great to hear the MonaLisa Twins thoughts on what went into the making of the videos. A great companion to the album.

Jeannette Wannamaker
2 years ago

This DVD is a wonderful collection which I’ve watched over and over again. Every song on the album is a real treasure, and to see them captured in inventive and beautifully crafted videos is delightful. I especially love the special feature about how the videos were made. The creative abilities of “Team Mona Lisa” are astonishing!

Allen Tork
2 years ago

I really liked the idea of everyone helping to paint the picture in – When We’re Together. I love your use of nature in your videos ! I liked, Mona with the umbrella in the Golden field for – June. “Dreams” was cool, I liked that you used a toy from your childhoods ! It’s obvious you spend alot of time and thought in making all your videos ! Thank… Read more »

Detlef Paul
2 years ago

A great collection of hand- and homemade songs. There are songs which sound beatle’s like
other titles  are in 60 sound. All songs are happy and powerful. I love them. The  whole  happiness of the CD you see in front of the CD cover – 2 young and happy girls.
Favorite song is Won’t you listen now


# TITLE (Click for Lyrics) Play Sample
01 When We’re Together
02 Won’t You Listen Now
03 This Boy Is Mine
04 I Don’t Know Birds That Well
05 Dreams
06 One More Time
07 June
08 The Wide, Wide Land
09 All About Falling In Love
10 I Wanna Kiss You
11 Nothing Is In Vain

About the DVD

The “When We’re Together” DVD is a collection of all music videos for each one of the 11 songs on the MonaLisa Twins’ same-titled debut album. You can expect Rock ‘n’ Roll, 60ies Beat music, Psychedelic Rock and Ballads to lovingly manufactured video clips, featuring witty, dreamy, thoughtful and cartoony pictures, and even bird’s-eye view, deep space and time-lapse skies’ effects, all filmed and edited by the MonaLisa Twins family.

On this DVD you will find all 11 movie clips that got released between 2012 and 2014, together with over 30 minutes of the Twins talking you through exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and bloopers that can’t be seen anywhere else.

For example, have you ever wondered about how some of the special effects were created, or how it works to make a high quality video in home production? As always, the videos were done in a family team effort, just by Mona, Lisa and their parents Rudi and Michaela. That goes from planning to storyboard to costumes and make-up, to filming, cutting, special effects and the final production of the DVD.

“We used all kinds of filming locations in different parts of Austria, Hungary and the UK – beaches, castles, city centres, skyscrapers, living rooms, pubs, rape fields, deep oceans and even outer space! We love working on videos nearly as much as we enjoy writing the songs, and we know many of our fans appreciate our effort and love we put into the visual side of our music. After having finished all the 11 clips we just HAD to put together a proper DVD, making it an exciting and long-awaited piece of art for our fans.”

Treat yourself or a friend to a very special visual & musical experience, sit back and relax! Optional: Get on your feet and shake along to the music!

Video Filming & Editing, Lyrics, Music, Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

DVD Name: When We’re Together DVDAlbum Type: DVD – 11 Videos (playable worldwide)Release Date: 10 Nov 2014

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