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When We’re Together” is the MonaLisa Twins’ debut album with original songs. It contains lots of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Beat music paired with elements of Psychedelic, Folk and even Latin genres. Check the tabs below for more info, audio samples and lyrics.

Album Download: When We’re Together – 11 Tracks
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John Hall
7 months ago

You two are crazy beautiful! I love you both equally. Your music always brings back fond memories of life young and vibrant. My teenage roots with The Beatles,The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan etc.
Please keep doing what you’re doing and maybe I’ll catch you live one day in my travels. I downloaded the 2 for 1 deal and I am very pleased, Thank you for your talents and what you both are doing with them.

Ed Solors
2 years ago

I love your cover tunes, and the way you cover the original style of the era while making it your own. Now the fact your original songs sound like they would have been right at home in the 60’s 70’s radio AirPlay play. In your originals you hear the obvious ties to the Beatles, but I can hear things that remind me of Buffalo Springfield, The Carpenters, the Mamas and Papas and so many more. Thank You for the ear candy.

Robert Fendt
2 years ago

When We’re Together is my third MLT album bought since discovering Orange 3 days ago and joining the MLT Club must say it’s exceptional and I can only say again what an amazing talent. love listening to this album and will certainly obtain the whole catalogue. As always Brilliant x

Ponciano Ramirez
3 years ago

Excellent work, melodies, harmonies, interpretation. I love it. Congratulations!

Henrik Nielsen
3 years ago

Great album – fine still – well played.

Tim Connelly
4 years ago

When We’re Together is an awesome CD! There aren’t any weak cuts and depending on my mood, 6 or 7 different songs dance back and forth as my favorite. The title cut is terrific but surprisingly, not one of my very favorites. Perhaps my favorite track (at the moment) is Won’t You Listen Now- strong on melody, harmony and Lisa Wagner owns the lead guitar riffs and is clearly one of the best female lead guitarists in pop music history. The highly energetic This Boy is Mine reminds you of Can’t Buy Me Love and a certain Liverpool band. But with the strong female vocals, and distinctive MonaLisa Twins harmonies- they are clearly not an imitation of anybody. The Wide, Wide Land is a very mature song lyrically and musically, especially considering the girls were 17 when it was recorded and Nothing is in Vain points toward something very Orange. So while the album is young, the energy and excitement and the freshness mixed with the very professional production, musicianship and mixing makes it a pure pleasure to listen to.

Jung Roe
4 years ago

What a wonderful album with much musical variety and depth! “When We’re Together” album captures Mona and Lisa’s incredible vocal harmony in their beautifully written original songs, rich in wonderful melody, as well as some great 60’s inspired rock and roll guitar sounds. Everything about the album is just beautiful. Here are some highlights.

“The Wide Wide Land” is my all-time favourite song and starts off with a gentle guitar ballad with the girls beautiful voices in perfect harmony. It slowly builds up accompanied by a marching band drum and horns towards the end. It is just a remarkably beautiful and heartwarming song, about Mona and Lisa’s grandmother who suffered from Alzheimers. My eyes moisten every time I hear this song as I share a similar loss with my mother a couple years ago. I think for people who lost someone to this horrible disease, this song somehow expresses and soothes the pain in a beautiful way. It’s just a beautiful song period!

“All About Falling in Love” with the girls wonderful voices and guitar strumming beautifully expresses the yearning for love. A real gem.

“I Don’t Know Birds That Well” is just delightful with the sounds of the Ukelele and that wonderful vocal harmony. Just makes you feel like you are out walking around on green pastures on a beautiful sunny day.

I really like the lyrics and rhythm in “June”. Personally the lyrics stand out for me because May has been a bad month for me lately, and whenever May comes around, I just long for June to come and save me quickly. This song just sings to me, especially in May!

“Dreams” is another favorite with it’s melancholic rhythm and pleasant singing weaving in and out with the guitar sounds. A nice gentle soothing song.

I think “Nothing in Vain” is the most complex song in the album, and the melody gently lifts your spirit and floats it into the sky. It leaves a very optimistic impression of the universe around us, and the mood lingers even after the song is over. That’s how it makes me feel when I listen to it. The ending of the song as it builds up and suddenly ends is brilliant and is a little reminiscent of the ending in the Beatles “A Day in the Life”. I also find the beginning of the song with guitar lead in very interesting, as it sounds almost out of tune or off center but snaps back in. A great effect! There is a lot of nuance in this song if you listen carefully. A truly remarkable song by the MonaLisa Twins that lifts the sprits, and the perfect song to end this great album on to make way for the magnificent Orange album that would follow later.

For me the only negative feedback I can provide here is that after experiencing “When We’re Together”, and “Orange”, it’s going to be hard to find another new album by someone else that can satisfy as much because the bar has been set so high by these two.

Steve Fowler
Reply to  Jung Roe
2 years ago

I totally agree !

Brian Clark
4 years ago

5 Star product


#TITLE (Click for Lyrics)Play Sample
01When We’re Together
02Won’t You Listen Now
03This Boy Is Mine
04I Don’t Know Birds That Well
06One More Time
08The Wide, Wide Land
09All About Falling In Love
10I Wanna Kiss You
11Nothing Is In Vain

About the Album

When We’re Together” is the MonaLisa Twins’ debut album with original songs. It was the first time they really got into songwriting.

“It sure wasn’t easy at first. We played around with different chord progressions and harmonies, spent lots of time writing lyrics and arranging instruments until we, at last, came up with 11 new songs we were really pleased with.”

“When we started recording we felt like we didn’t quite achieve the sound we were looking for, and it took us a while to figure out what we needed to get it “right”. After several attempts to create that perfect sound with the gear we already owned, we finally gave up and invested in some amazing vintage guitars and recording equipment … that was the icing on the cake!”

The MonaLisa Twins wanted to make every song on the album sound a little different, while trying to stick to their favourite musical elements like melodic harmonies, driving back beats and crunchy, bright guitar sounds. They used them in simple and catchy feel-good songs as well as in tracks that are strongly based on good old Rock ‘n’ Roll and Beat music. The album also features some Latin sounds and Ballads to make the album exciting to listen to.

Lyrics, Music, Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: When We’re TogetherAlbum Type: Album Download – 11 TracksRelease Date: 29 Feb 2012

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