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Something we've been planning to do for a long time has finally taken shape!

The faint smell of freshly dried paint, blooming flowers on the tables, the record player roaring. We dust off the rooms one last time, polish the doornob and wipe our foreheads as we step outside and shout from the top of our lungs: "Ladies and gentlemen, we hereby declare the MLT Club ... open!"

We've unlocked the doors to our own "virtual" MLT Club and you're all invited. Here we want to take the time to tell you all about it.


Some of the perks of joining the MLT Club:

  • Pre-ordered albums will get signed automatically, others upon request
  • Early access to new music and videos
  • Access to our entire music collection to stream & download
  • Access to 100s of unreleased photos from the archives
  • Access to exclusive behind-the-scenes videos
  • Access to radio interviews, performances and podcasts
  • Access to "members only" insider stories
  • Collection of online and magazine interviews
  • Special shop discounts
  • Games, quizzes, polls, surveys, contests and fun facts
  • Birthday & Holiday surprises
  • Fan forum
  • "Ask the MonaLisa Twins" forum - they will be answering online 
  • Regular, new content for members only
  • Free song and chord books ready for download (.pdf)
  • And much more!

To join the MLT Club is $13.00/month. The amount will automatically be charged off your account every 30 days. You can of course cancel the membership subscription any time.

By automatically contributing the monthly fee to the creative MLT pool you will actively help us create future videos, more music, more membership content and thus keeping the groovy music alive 😉 

What it means to be a MLT Club member

You might be wondering what exactly it means to join the MLT Club, so please give us a minute to explain.

The MLT Club is a space on our website, accessible via a membership subscription service, that will grant you access to exclusive content, eg. yet unpublished music, videos, photos, looks behind the scenes and many more perks that can't and won't be found anywhere else on the world wide web. Our own special place in cyber space to give you a more in-depth look into our lives and music and to stay in touch with us.

It's crazy to think that it has already been more than 10 years since we started this journey, since we decided to write and record the kind of music we would have loved to hear more of on the radio. Funny how, in some sense, we started writing our own music as a consequence of us running out of songs to listen to.

It's no secret that we love the 60's. That something in our lives shifted when we were first introduced to the song-writing of the likes of the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel or the Zombies. We knew that "that was it" and that there needed to be more of "that" around. For our own sake we wanted to have more of "that" around. More of that spirit, that beauty and magic that we found so much of in the old records of our dad's collection. It's hard to explain but if you have fallen victim to the utter magic of good song-writing and experienced how you can get lost in the power of music, you know the kind of feeling we're taking about 🙂 From then on we were chasing that!

So there we went ... Little Mona & Lisa, our dad Rudi and stepmum Michaela set out on what would become a 10 year 24/7 journey, filled with more surprises, adventures, excitement, ups and downs than we could have ever expected. The team has grown and shrunk from time to time but at its core it had always been the four of us, this family, working on everything you now know us for 🙂 

As you can imagine, 10 years of life accumulates in a lot of "stuff". Music, photos, videos, stories, ideas, half-finished projects and songs that "never quite made it". Tons of radio interviews, press clips, out-takes, live recordings, behind-the-scenes-footage etc. Our hard drives are bursting at the seams but we never had the time nor place to post all these things that we were sure a lot of people would be interested in. 

While YouTube gets to see the shiny music videos and Instagram the "proper" images, there is so much more to our lives and stories that we would now like to share with you here in the MLT Club. Also, in the long run we want to focus on our art in the form of digital content. Like music and videos, or interacting with our fans and connecting with the world, rather than become stockists of band merch for which you pay more international shipping than for the products themselves. 

It will also be a way to make creating music and future projects more sustainable. As you can imagine, making videos (we're now at over 100 of them on YouTube) costs a lot of money and so does every music and studio production. We are proud to have shared all of those videos for free in the past, accessible to everyone around the globe. You can literally watch hours of our music videos online without having to pay a penny. But people kept asking us for a way to support our music beyond the odd CD and T-shirt, and to be honest, if we want to continue doing what we do, we too had to find a solution. We all know how this world unfortunately works, right? 

So by joining the MLT Club you don't only get a lot of new, exclusive content and get to become part of the "inner circle" but you also help us with creating future music and videos, and especially keeping this kind of music and spirit alive. And believe us when we say that it still feels like we've only just started. We have so many ideas and projects in mind, and with a bit of teamwork we'll be able to keep taking things from one next level to the other.

We are beyond excited to enter this new chapter. The more people join, the more you tell your friends about this, the further we can take this. Let’s take over the universe by creating our own!

Welcome to the MLT Club!

When should you consider joining the MLT Club?

  • If you wish to hear new music sooner and earlier than the rest of the world
  • If you like to get your albums signed
  • If you prefer to conveniently stream and download our entire music catalogue
  • If you wish to be directly in touch with us and get your questions answered
  • If you want to support us and help fund future videos and projects
  • If you're interested in the production aspect of our videos and records
  • If you would like to get a closer look behind the scenes
  • If you want to have a say in our future choice of covers and YouTube videos
  • If you like special discounts, give-aways and chances to win exclusive items
  • If you want to support us on our quest to take over the world 😉

There is already a big amount of exclusive content ready for you to be watched, read and listened to but we are planning to release MUCH MORE in the upcoming weeks and months. By joining now, you can play an active part in shaping and developing the MLT Club with your suggestions and input. 

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