CHRISTMAS is an album of Holiday and Winter themed songs. It includes an original MLT Christmas song as well as fresh interpretations of Christmas classics well known and loved. Check the tab below for more info.

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Album Type: CD – 11 Tracks (Album Download included)
Release Date: 1 November 2019 

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Doug M
3 days ago

I bought this album even though I knew there were 2 songs on it that are not my favorite Christmas songs (War is Over and Walking in the Air). I love the other nine songs. They start off with a really nice original song and go right into a version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas that I think should be played on the radio every year. I have uploaded many of their albums into iTunes upon digital purchase and then I make playlists that I listen to on my phone all the time, even in the shower with a bluetooth speaker. They make happy music, and I definitely recommend their albums.

Bob Wilde
7 days ago

Loved the arrangements on this album. Really enjoyed this. Thankyou ladies.

8 days ago

Best Christmas CD ever. Great originals, and some of the best covers I have heard. Your version of Happy Christmas (War is over) is outstanding. Never cared much for the original, but ya’ll’s cover is fabulous. Will listen to it all year round. Thanks.

11 days ago

Over the years I’ve become bored with christmas songs, same old same old. With this album you’ve put your own stamp on some great classics.
I appreciate what you do as I was involved with an unsigned independent band about 10 years ago.

14 days ago

Lovely album. So refreshing. I loved the drummer boy, but the very first nostalgic track was my favourite.

chang yeong choi
15 days ago

Finally I got the album CD.
There is a different feeling from listening to MP3.
I really love this CD and I am looking forward to the upcoming Christmas.

Barry jones
Barry jones
15 days ago

I was an original Beatles fan back in the 60’s and appreciate your cover numbers of them. Having heard some on Facebook prompted me to buy your Christmas Album. I was not disappointed. I loved your first original track and all the covers were brilliant.

Hermann Fleischhauer
16 days ago

I have become big in the 60s – with “Friday on my mind” (even played in 1966 with the student band) and I love the music, like Mona and Lisa, who interpret this great, exciting and beautifully.They impress with the best musical work, in addition to their excellent singing also through a clean, appealing instrumentalization, like Lisas Leadguitar. My collection is now completed by your CDs. Clear recommendation.

17 days ago

I love what you do. Consider me a fan. I will continue to purchase whatever music MLT makes available, covers, Christmas or original music I enjoy it all. If you ever make it to the USA I would travel to see your concert. I have to mention that your music videos are nothing short of brilliant and they bring joy in my life so Keep up the great work!

Robio Bartlett
18 days ago

Nothing like the joy and bliss evoked by the Mona Lisa Twins harmonies! Became a fan when a friend turned me on to their KILLER version of ‘This Boy’ and haven’t looked back. Their latest release is an instant classic. You wouldn’t think there were any fresh takes left for the old standby Christmas tunes, but, once again, Mona and Lisa deliver an album that will be played year after year, in the same manner as Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole and John Lennon. When are you ladies coming to tour America? We need you!



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About the Album

CHRISTMAS is an album of holiday and winter-themed songs. It includes the original MLT Christmas song "All I Want Christmas To Be" as well as interpretations of some of their favorite holiday songs ranging from John Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" to some (translated) traditional German ballads they grew up with.

It has become somewhat of a tradition for the MonaLisa Twins to release a Christmas song for their fans every year. For the holidays season of 2019 they decided to take it a step further and release this full-length album, simply titled CHRISTMAS.

Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: Christmas
Album Type:
 CD – 11 Tracks (Album Download included)
Release Date:
1 November 2019

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