CHRISTMAS is an album of Holiday and Winter themed songs. It includes an original MLT Christmas song as well as fresh interpretations of Christmas classics well known and loved. Check the tab below for more info.

Album Type: CD – 11 Tracks (Album Download included)
Release Date: 1 November 2019

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  1. Kenneth W. Wenninger

    A New Christmas Classic

    Kenneth W. Wenninger (verified owner)

    I have a few CDs that come out every Christmas. Now I have a new favorite.

    The Twins put their unique flavor into Christmas classics and create a brand new song.

    At the risk of sounding blasphemous, I cannot listen to Paul’s “Wonderful Christmastime.” I do like what Mona and Lisa did with this one though. I can certainly listen to their version—better than the original.

    “Walking in the Air” is a high point for me. The harmonies, the snare drum, the guitar, the rhythm…It is fantastic.

    I hope the girls got their Gibson…

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  2. Jeremy Keane


    Jeremy Keane (verified owner)

    The MonaLisa Twins have produced a Christmas album that is an endearing, eclectic and what should be an enduring festival favourite. Seemlessly moving across genres MonaLisa’s CHRISTMAS feels like the Neapolitan ice cream you enjoyed as a child; multi flavours yet a tasty whole.
    The album begins on a high with the original ‘All I Want Christmas to Be.’ This is a beautiful piece with a gorgeous melodic chorus and delightful lyrics. Using personal anecdotes has been cleverly used before on their original albums and here is another example. It makes their material feel authentic and the listener feels like they are being sung to individually. The harmonies shine and the layering of the melody combine to make one of their most delightful songs. It deserves to become a Christmas standard. ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ is transformed into an enticing sixties vibe groove. Then followed by Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy yet again the harmonies just meld and flow with such sweetness and delicacy. Elsewhere such as with their take of McCartney’s ‘Wonderful Christmas Time’ the outcome is arguably better than the original. On this and others such as ‘Santa Baby’ the vocal delivery is simple, direct and yet still emotive. The worded interplay between Lisa and Mona on Santa Baby is fun and does not feel forced at all. With Lennon’s ‘And So This is Christmas’ the song is reworked into a New Orleans style ‘fun fest’. This is definitely one of the albums many high points with exuberant background party vocals and clever instrumentation. Whilst not wanting to diminish the original it is very refreshing to hear a song so much associated with school choir performances be performed so uniquely without diminishing the message of the song. The simple approach towards the evergreen classic ‘Silent Night’ is touching. Commencing with some delicate guitar the vocals follow to finish both the song and album with sincerity and beauty. CHRISTMAS is a great success by this wonderful sister duo – a festive release that is very highly recommended.

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  3. Keith Molholm

    Best Christmas Album in Decades

    Keith Molholm (verified owner)

    I truly think your Christmas Album is the simply the best I have heard in decades! “All That I Want Christmas To Be” and the beautiful video brought me back to some special memories such as a beautiful fire in the fireplace and a Christmas tree with my favorite Christmas tree decoration-bubble lights. Yes, as the song suggests, those are the memories for keeps. Thank you.

    Your arrangement of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” was such a delightful upbeat rock improvement over any traditional arrangements I have heard. Thank you.

    Your video and arrangement of “Wonderful Christmastime” was such fun to watch the Twins having fun and being a bit “sassy” a good thing. The scene in a Christmas store brought wonderful memories for me as I have never met a Christmas store that I did not spend an hour or two in much to my delight. Thank you.

    The beginning of “Snow Falls Softly At Night” took me back to my wonderful German Grandmother who did not speak English until she was 7. Thank you.

    I thought your custom version and arrangement of “Santa Baby” was absolutely brilliant and delightfully entertaining. Thank you.

    This entire album was incredibly entertaining and I stand by my feeling is that it is the “Best Christmas Album in Decades.” Anytime an album can transport us to a wonderful place in time and bring back not one but several “Memories For Keeps” as well as a time when “It Felt Like the World Was So Right” from “All I Want Christmas to Be” is the essence of superb songwriting, brilliant performance and excellent arrangements.

    Many thanks again for this simply wonderful Christmas Album and the beautiful videos. In short, thanks for the memories.

    With Love, Blessings and hugs all around for such a treasure!

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  4. Jean-François Godet-Calogeras

    What a beautiful Christmas present!

    Jean-François Godet-Calogeras (verified owner)

    Dear Mona and Lisa, since I discover you and your music on YouTube in 2018 with a great rendition of “Drive My Car” from the Beatles, I have either purchased or been given all your albums. I keep listening to them because I like the musical quality of your recordings, but also because you generate so much joy, cheer and happiness in times that really need them. My wife and I love Christmas and Christmas music, and we have literally tens of albums that we keep playing during the Christmas season. So, I decided to add your Christmas album to our collection and I certainly do not regret it. The choice of songs and your rendition of them make it a wonderful addition to our collection. Your music is refreshing. And in my personal opinion, your own composition, “All I Want Christmas To Be” is a gem, words and music. More than once, I find myself singing it in my head. Thank you so much for being who you are, and for giving us real upbeat music (or shall I say groovy?). Keep on playing!

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  5. Thomas Hugh

    Christmas Album is great!

    Thomas Hugh (verified owner)

    I purchased this CD and it shipped to California, USA (November 2019). It was well worth the cost. This is a heartwarming collection (small) of Christmas songs. All are very well performed. I enjoyed the inclusion of ‘Walking In The Air’. The original song ‘All I Want Christmas To Be’ was very nostalgic for me. The video is warming to my heart. I hear this one as a classic.
    I love these girls since I discovered them on YouTube. I watch a video or two every evening. I was a teenager in the 1960’s and recall the original versions of the sixties songs they perform. I was in a rock band then. I would like to hang around the girls at a performance. If I was invited to play along, it would take me some time to rehearse because I gave it up so many years ago. I say give your support to the MonaLisa Twins to keep them performing and creating magic. Also, watch the YouTube videos to keep them close to you. It has been my pleasure to hear their music.


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  6. Paul Lutfy


    Paul Lutfy (verified owner)

    This is what I basically posted on I-Tunes. Excellent Christmas album. The vocals and arrangements make these tunes perfect for the season. The only exception, and I really love this song, is Walking on Air. Great song but not a Christmas one. Still I would highly recommend this CD. All I Want For Christmas is a great original tune and the covers are spot on. (please note attached is my first selfie)

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  7. Bobby Gibbons

    Christmas album

    Bobby Gibbons (verified owner)

    Loved the music, made my Christmas more joyous. Enjoyed the half Austrian. Y’all would sound good in any language. Love yer videos. Thanks for the fun and enjoyment you create!!!

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  8. Rich Holmes

    Welcome exception

    Rich Holmes (verified owner)

    I am, by and large, not much for Christmas music. I mean, give me Noel Sing We Clear in their prime doing traditional English seasonal songs and I’m a happy man; throw in John Kirkpatrick’s “Chariots” and I’m even happier. But most of what you hear from about three days before Halloween to the weekend after New Year’s is either Victorian era carols that are shopworn by repetition, or old recordings of twentieth century holiday songs that are shopworn by repetition, or shlocky new songs or remakes of old songs, in arrangements usually either overwrought or stylistically questionable or both, that are, within a week after release, shopworn by repetition. Very rare is the occasion when a seasonal song comes up on a mall PA and I say, “Oh, cool, this is a great one!” Very rare.

    But the MonaLisa Twins (henceforth MLT) are one of my favorite musical discoveries of 2019, and when they announced their new album of holiday songs, I couldn’t refuse. I got the CD as soon as it was released — actually I think it arrived in the mail the day before the official November 1 release date. By then I’d already downloaded the audio files. But I didn’t listen right away. There are rules in this household, and one rule is, no Christmas songs until after Thanksgiving.

    But the embargo’s over, yay. And I can tell you this collection’s a good one.

    There’s just one original song, the lead-off “All I Want Christmas To Be”, and if I can’t pronounce it one of the finest songs I’ve heard lately, no matter: For modern Christmas songs, that would be a high bar indeed. This one’s heartfelt, sincere, not overproduced, not inflated with self-importance. A straightforward song with a catchy chorus. Far more famous songwriters have stumbled badly writing holiday songs. MLT have pulled off a modest but genuine success.

    The rest are some traditional, some “classic” twentieth century songs, almost all very familiar but for the most part made pleasantly interesting again with MLT’s new interpretations. No one’s contorting a melodic line with self-conscious ornamentation and variation for its own sake; no one’s soaking you in canned strings and canned echoing reverb; no one’s reaching for Powerful And Dramatic vocal delivery; no one’s taking any of this a bit too seriously, or not seriously enough.

    I think of “Peace On Earth / Little Drummer Boy” as being the sort of song that one could almost count on having the above afflictions imposed upon. And honestly, perhaps it comes close, but nothing egregious. Mona has a simple and understated snare drum part running through it all and it fits perfectly.

    “Wonderful Christmastime”, “Winter Wonderland”, and “It’s the Most Wonderful Time Of the Year” (possibly an excessive amount of wonder for one album) are pretty straightforward versions of familiar songs, done well without missteps.

    Beatles fans that MLT are, the presence of the first of those is no surprise, and the same is true of Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”. I’m tempted to call MLT’s rendition revelatory. Until now it’s been my contention that this song illustrates how even a songwriting genius can and will turn out the occasional stinker, and that in fact Lennon here created one of the worst Christmas songs of all time. I’m now considering it possible he only created one of the worst Christmas song arrangements of all time. MLT discard his bland, excruciatingly sincere approach in favor of a raucous calypso treatment. It’s a party of a song that actually sounds as if it’s happy that war is over (if you want it). The cloyingly banal rhymes are still there in the lyrics, but you’re having too good a time with the music to examine them too closely.

    There’s a bit of similarity in their version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. Originally recorded as a bittersweet, slow piece, they’ve sped it up and goosed it up, making what was meloncholy, well, merry. It works, I think, because the lyrics can be looked at from both sides equally well.

    The traditional songs are “Snow Falls Softly At Night” (or “Leise Rieselt Der Schnee”, as the German speaking world calls it, and Austrian-born MLT start it off with the German lyrics) and the closing “Silent Night”, both done simply and effectively.

    You’ll probably never hear any of these performances on a mall PA, and that’s fine with me; I wouldn’t want them becoming shopworn with repetition. I’ll hear them in coming years in my home and in my car, with each listening canceling out the trauma of yet another exposure to “Last Christmas”. I’ll still gripe about Christmas music, but I’ll gratefully grant MLT an exception.

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About the Album

CHRISTMAS is an album of holiday and winter-themed songs. It includes the original MLT Christmas song "All I Want Christmas To Be" as well as interpretations of some of their favorite holiday songs ranging from John Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" to some (translated) traditional German ballads they grew up with.

It has become somewhat of a tradition for the MonaLisa Twins to release a Christmas song for their fans every year. For the holidays season of 2019 they decided to take it a step further and release this full-length album, simply titled CHRISTMAS.

Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: Christmas
Album Type:
 CD – 11 Tracks (Album Download included)
Release Date:
1 November 2019

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