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For this short album (EP) “California Dreaming” the MonaLisa Twins recorded the three California-related songs “California Dreaming”, “San Francisco” and “Hotel California” as soundtrack for their music videos they shot during their trip to the States. Check the tabs below for more info and lyrics.

Album Download: California Dreaming – 3 Tracks
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6 months ago

This is a great sounding EP with just 3 tracks. I’m more comfortable admiring them as 20-somethings, but they were talented as young teenagers too, and this version of San Francisco is better than any other version you will ever hear. One of my favorites songs by them.

3 years ago

Thanks for your talents, we truely appreciate ! True music with true instruments and so cute voice arrangments. I always liked oldies but your yought and the way you live in those songs makes it fresh. you are authentic and full of passion in what you do but what touches me the most are the ballads that you have taken over.

3 years ago

Memories of 1968 Haight and Ashbury came back while hearing your wonderful rendition. Thank you ! from an oldie who appreciates the wonderful talent you share.

Robert Fendt
4 years ago

I think this album like all the others are exceptional, the MonaLisa Twins talent is out of this world. Must say this is another piece of artistic brilliance.

Henrik Nielsen
5 years ago

You’re really really good!

Stephen hole
5 years ago

I 1st heard the twins on you tube. I was so stunned by the music I purchased 3 albums of I player but I could not get this one. Thus album has 2 my fav tracks n the twins perform them briilant. Great album.

Jung Roe
5 years ago

One evening I was in a reminiscent mood and I decided to listen to Scott McKenzie’s San Francisco on Youtube which always gets me in that mood and recalls some very fond memories I’ve had over the years visiting that great city with my family. In the process of letting youtube auto play similar songs, I happened upon MonaLisa Twins San Francisco. This was my intro to the MonaLisa Twins.… Read more »


# TITLE (Click for Lyrics) Play Sample
01 San Francisco (Scott McKenzie)
02 California Dreaming (The Mamas & The Papas)
03 Hotel California  (The Eagles)

About the Albums

The MonaLisa Twins got the idea of covering those three songs when they planned a trip to the States. As they love the Californian “Live and let live” way of life, these covers were intended to be a tribute to California and its people in particular.

“We also wanted to use the beauty of this fabulous part of America to make videos for YouTube which we shot in Los Angeles, San Francisco and their surroundings. Only the “All the leaves are brown …” parts were saved for Austria where we originally come from. For all the songs we filmed the footage first and recorded the music later in our studio.”

“We put all our effort and time into making these tracks as good as we possibly could. It was quite challenging to cover such classic pieces of music history that everybody loves. We knew people would hate to see us mess around with these songs and not catching the original feeling. All of them are kind of hymns for a whole generation. But YouTube views suggest that we did a fairly good job since the reactions were great and people seem to like our versions of these classics.”

At the time the Twins were only 14 years old and it was their first “studio only” project. Being in their father’s professional recording studio they were able to try out whatever they wanted and had endless opportunities for sound and recording. It’s been their first steps to learn more about professional studio production and recording.

Cover Arrangement, Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: California DreamingAlbum Type: Album Download – 3 TracksRelease Date: 30 Jan 2009

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