California Dreaming – EP (Short Album)


This short album (EP) “California Dreaming” features the three California-related songs “California Dreaming”, “San Francisco” and “Hotel California” which got recorded to coincide with a vacation to the USA where the MonaLisa Twins filmed the music clips for them. Check the tabs below for more info, the videos and lyrics.

Album Name: California Dreaming
Album Type: EP (Short Album) – 3 Tracks
Release Date: 30 Jan 2009
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Allen Tork
1 month ago

Such Powerful Voices !!! Even at 13 !!!
I have watched the videos for these songs on you tube. Extremely well produced !!

Tim Johnston
4 months ago

Without listening, it would be easy to dismiss this collection as Baby Mona and Baby Lisa singing. That would be wrong. While you can tell by their voices that they are young ladies, the talent is there and the harmonies are well done. Then when you hear the musical talents, it blows your mind. The guitar work on Hotel California would make you think that the Eagles sat in on this one, it is that good.

Last edited 4 months ago by Tim Johnston
Hermann Fleischhauer
5 months ago

I have become big in the 60s – with “Friday on my mind” (even played in 1966 with the student band) and I love the music, like Mona and Lisa, who interpret this great, exciting and beautifully.They impress with the best musical work, in addition to their excellent singing also through a clean, appealing instrumentalization, like Lisas Leadguitar. My collection is now completed by your CDs. Clear recommendation.

Don Hines
5 months ago

As one living in CA and dreaming about it for years before moving here, your song selections are at the top of the list for spelling out California (actually a name given by early Spaniards for for a mythological land sea) . Your cover hits the feel, mood and emotion of each song enough to melt my heart in San Francisco (cold windy there). + the cover photo sends me to the clouds of Lombard St. Why I’m not a club member still mystifies me. One day.

Waino W Waisanen
1 year ago

I really liked the videos of all three songs on Youtube so I bought this as a Christmas treat for myself. A lot of effort was put into this album. Even the packing slip was done up in a Christmas theme! The mp-3s have a nice sound that indicates good production quality. I might just order the Orange album when I need another musical treat.

Joseph Manzi
1 year ago

It’s an excellent CD, with only three songs on it. The Twins do a great rendition of California Dreaming that blew me away. San Francisco and Hotel California I really was surprise with their performance.
I did not hear these until I got the cd. Great singing on all the cuts along with great guitars Lead and Rhythm. The amazing thing is they were so young and the talent was just blossoming.

John Biggs
1 year ago

It’s hard to improve on a great song, but the Twins have managed to add their musical magic to each song to actually make it better!! IMHO

Lance Kirtley
2 years ago

I’ll start with the title track, ad keep it short and sweet. I’m really not much on covers (especially Beatle covers, but more on that another time) but I gotta admit, THIS track is every bit as good as, if not BETTER (and I’m betting on “Better”) than the original. The mature harmonies these girls provide are nothing short of awesome!! Hotel California is great, while San Francisco makes the original sound more depressing than it is, anyway. Mona and Lisa’s voices, even at a young age, are like a banjo – you just CAN’T be depressed with them.

Robert Fendt
2 years ago

MonaLisa Twins never never disappoint with their song choices coupled being multi talented musicians with superb voices. California Dreaming EP amazing. Brilliant x

John Turnbull
2 years ago

This CD ouse quality, superb harmonies, muscianship, emotion, so evocative of the era. I came across MLT by accident on YouTube searching for San Francisco covers, what a find and at such a tender age. Subscribed to their channel immediately. There video’s and live performances are incredible.


# TITLE (Click for Lyrics) Play Sample
01 San Francisco (Scott McKenzie)
02 California Dreaming (The Mamas & The Papas)
03 Hotel California  (The Eagles)

About the Album

The MonaLisa Twins got the idea of covering those three songs when they planned a trip to the States. As they love the Californian “Live and let live” way of life, these covers were intended to be a tribute to California and its people in particular.

“We also wanted to use the beauty of this fabulous part of America to make videos for YouTube which we shot in Los Angeles, San Francisco and their surroundings. Only the “All the leaves are brown …” parts were saved for Austria where we originally come from. For all the songs we filmed the footage first and recorded the music later in our studio.”

“We put all our effort and time into making these tracks as good as we possibly could. It was quite challenging to cover such classic pieces of music history that everybody loves. We knew people would hate to see us mess around with these songs and not catching the original feeling. All of them are kind of hymns for a whole generation. But YouTube views suggest that we did a fairly good job since the reactions were great and people seem to like our versions of these classics.”

At the time the Twins were only 14 years old and it was their first “studio only” project. Being in their father’s professional recording studio they were able to try out whatever they wanted and had endless opportunities for sound and recording. It’s been their first steps to learn more about professional studio production and recording.

Cover Arrangement, Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: California DreamingAlbum Type: EP (Short Album) – 3 TracksRelease Date: 30 Jan 2009

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