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MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 2” is the second cover compilation album released by the MonaLisa Twins with live & studio recordings of tunes from the Beatles, the Hollies, the Lovin’ Spoonful, the Rolling Stones and more. Check the tabs below for more info, audio clips and lyrics.

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Album Name:
MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 2
Album Type: CD – 13 Tracks
Release Date: 28 Oct 2018
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Tom Watson
8 days ago

Fantastic album! I love your musicianship and your vocals and perfect harmonies! Looking forward to what comes next. You are the best!

Mats Rydberg
1 month ago

A fantastic funny album it make very happy when i listening to it…

Ken Totten
1 month ago

Love Mona and Lisa. They sure know how to entertain. I wish I ordered their whole set of CD’s but I’ll keep buying a few at a time. I never get tired of listening to their music. I wish I had their CD’s when I was still driving for a living, the night drives would have been a lot more relaxing listening to the ladies. So talented to watch them play and sing together.

Melvin Schofield
1 year ago

What a joy it is to listen to MLT. So good to hear these classic songs sung and played so clean and fresh. I could never tire of listening to MLT recordings.

Joseph Manzi
1 year ago

What can I say, You have made another GREAT CD covering The Beatles, Stones, Hollies, Lovin Spoonful, Everly Brothers and Nancy Sinatra. All the songs are great. I really loved the way you performed Bus Stop, Two of Us, I’ll follow the Sun, Wake up little Susie and I’ll be Back. Can’t wait to listen to volume 3.. Great Music…

patrick gibbs
1 year ago

I think you are quite special, your understanding of Lennon/McCartney songs Is the reason you are so popular,as a hard line beatles fan back in the sixties, it brings back greatt memories of my younger days I Saw her standing there and I’ll follow the Sun a couple of gems, please please Carry on the great work… luv ya both

Gerald (Jerry) Gilmore

Loved this CD along with all their Cd’s. Grew up with the Beatles and since I am now past the age of 64 loved the memories of Beatles hits. Wish I had discovered you two sooner. Good Luck and keep it up.

Kenneth W. Wenninger

I happened by chance to catch the MonaLisa Twins on YouTube and kept coming back for more. I ordered all of their CDs at once, so I have been pleasantly listening to them all.

This CD is currently in rotation and I like how on the last track I can hear The Twins sing “I’ll be back again…” then the CD starts over and they are indeed back again.

It is a nice mixture of live and studio music. The live songs show that The Twins are really that good without overdubs.

My favorites tunes have to be “Bus Stop” and “I Saw Her Standing There.”

Bob Galella
1 year ago

I became a fan last year when I discovered, and purchased, the original “Beatles and More”. I loved your covers of those songs and having the opportunity to hear more, I could not pass it up. You are both truly talented and do nothing but justice to the Beatles and the other artists whose work you cover. Excellent, enjoyable, brings back my youth and you do John, Paul, George, and Ringo proud. Love it!!!

Takeyoshi Ito
1 year ago

I admired the fab CD. I want to listen to live music.



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About the Album

"MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 2" is the second cover compilation album released by the MonaLisa Twins. It consists of 13 of their favourite songs from mainly the 60s era, with a lot of Beatles songs but you’ll also find covers of Nancy Sinatra, The Lovin' Spoonful, The Hollies, The Everly Brothers and The Rolling Stones on the album.

“After releasing our first cover compilation album back in 2014 we kept recording more and more of our favourite songs from the 60’s. We have focused a lot on our original music too, but the joy of playing around with the songs that made us fall in love with music in the first place never stopped.

People kept asking where they could purchase our cover songs, so we decided to continue the 'MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more' cover album series.”

The album features studio recordings as well as a few live performances, like “These Boots Are Made For Walking” by Nancy Sinatra which the Twins recorded during their 2 year residency at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool.

Many tracks on the CD have been on the MonaLisa Twins YouTube channel for years, while others have not been published anywhere before. People from all over the world discovered them by searching for new versions of their favourite songs and then kept following the Twins’ musical career. Maybe you’re one of them! 

 You can also find Vol. 1 and Vol. 3 in the store.

Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 2
Album Type: CD - 13 Tracks
Release Date: 28 Oct 2018

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