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WHY? is the MonaLisa Twins’ third original album and includes the singles “Questionable”, “I Bought Myself A Politician”, “Songbird” and “Make Show”.

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Album Name: WHY?
Album Type: CDs – 12 Tracks (Downloads included)
Release Date: 29 October 2022

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Wolfgang Jahn
3 hours ago

Liebe Mona, liebe Lisa,

ein schönes Album! Vielen Dank mal wieder!

Besonders die Songs “Any Other Day”, “Destination Sunrise” und “Why” finde ich super!

Ihr seid schon echt der Knaller!

Ich hoffe, dass ich Euch irgendwann mal LIVE erlebe …

Bis dahin!

Ich wohne zwar in Berlin, bin aber Kölner und verabschiede mich:

Ne schöne Jrooß!

Macht et jut …


John Lay
John Lay
8 hours ago

I just recently discovered this most inspirational musical force to come along in decades.
The MonaLisa Twins are the real deal. Thank you for making this world a better place, especially when so much of it is dark these days.
You two are a bright guiding light.
Thank you
John Lay – Florida, USA

Johannes Rode
8 hours ago

“WHY?” has it all:

-really meaningful lyrics (especially with the “interesting” developments of 2020+ in mind);

-excellent music (tasteful mix of 60s homage that brings a big smile of recognition to your face, and fresh ideas);

-excellent production quality;

-the usual MLT charm.

I give the album 11 points out of 10.
Thank you MLT!

John Leonard
16 hours ago

i have read a few of the other reviews. they go into great detail about each song. all the things they mention are true. i love how each new album shows your growth as people and artists. i particularly love the way that the background vocals have more texture and fullness and the perfect production values.
but for me the greatest thing you can say about an artist and their work is that i listen to your music every day, every day. i can’t stop playing any other day.
in closing i am glad i have a signed copy of your work, and please don’t make us wait another 5 years.

Allan Morton
1 day ago

The MonaLisa Twins new album Why? (a long five years since their last full original album Orange) clearly shows why they are now the greatest exponents of catchy choruses in popular music today. The 12 songs on the album offer a variety of styles from jolly sing-a-longs to heavy reflective commentaries on the problems of the world via some light hearted songs of love (even to a goose!).

The albums kicks off with Make Show (as the Beatles were told to do every night) which clearly states their desire to give the audience what they want, and that is music with a great groove and thoughtful lyrics. Amongst some great guitar work from Lisa and lovely harmony vocals this sets the album up nicely. Special mention for the bass work here and throughout the album which is melodic and supports the songs really well.

I Bought Myself A Politician follows and on initial listens is more reminiscent of their Orange days, possibly due to this track being one of the earliest destined for the album. It’s a fun tune with typically interesting lyrics and includes a great guitar solo.

Janitor Joe is a enjoyable little story with the protagonist heading off to outer space. With an amazing chorus in the latter part of the song accompanied by lovely guitar and some sitar sounds this is a song that really ends on a high – and you’ll be singing it for ages.

Questionable is an interesting track which is really well sung, as Lisa is setting up a list of questions to potential suitors, possibly due to the inability to meet people face to face in recent years. It’s hard to dissociate it from the fun video which is really well made. It includes a great chorus in the style of The Supremes with some lovely backing vocals from Mona which are a delight to the ears. There are also some great organ sounds in the backing music.

Destination Sunrise has a really rocking guitar and contains another amazing chorus and is so uplifting with some lovely backing vocals to highlight the theme.
Summer Rain include some great guitar picking with a lovely vibe reminiscent of hot summer days. You can almost feel the heat of the sun and the care free joy of summer in the music.

Songbird is a standout song with its shared vocals between Mona and Lisa and stays in your head for days once you have heard it – never forgotten. Lovely acoustic guitar playing complement the melody.

Jump Ship may appear on the surface as a little nursery rhyme but the lyrics reflect on real emotions of changing direction and leaving ones comfort zone. The chorus is just wonderful and you can be singing it to yourself for days after hearing it. For a song set underwater it has a lovely atmosphere with some melodic bass lines.

Any Other Day is a ballad that would not feel out of place on a Paul McCartney album with its lovely melody and multiple backing vocals. It is a special moment on the album.

If You Raise Your Head reflects on some of the issues of the modern age where people are happy to hide in silos rather than confront the day to day pressures of life. The guitar parts are stunning here with the usual lovely vocals and is another song with a great groove throughout and during the extended rocking instrumental break.

Why? follows up the previous track with an exceptional commentary on some of the issues of the past few years, focusing on the things that divide people and why the human race always has to invent divisions instead of getting on with each other in harmony and love. This is Mona and Lisa at their most serious as they espouse great sentiments within an important theme.

After the heavy vibe of the title track the album closes in the classic way with a light hearted rockabilly feel good song of love for an abandoned gosling (which the girls cared for lovingly over the summer). This raises the spirits and makes you come away impressed with the level of song writing and musicianship evident on the whole album – and of course makes you want to play it again!

Many influences on the MonaLisa Twins music resonate throughout the album from the classic era of rock with hints of Cream, The Kinks, all four Beatles, James Taylor, The Supremes, Billy Joel, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones (to my ears anyway) sprinkled around the tunes. This is lovely, adds a little familiarity and makes the listening experience more rewarding and reflects well on the music we all love from the past.

The album has a lovely warm sound and is expertly produced to get the best from the complex arrangements. A special mention also for the cover art with its sci-fi theme which looks wonderful (especially as a separate artwork card which is available).

In summary, Why? is a wonderful album lovingly created by two of the greatest practitioners of real music working today and everyone should own a copy in their record collection. Let’s hope it’s a shorter wait for the next album!

Mark McKenzie
1 day ago

I just listened to Why for the third time to absorb it.. the Talented Mona & Lisa have done an interesting and what I consider innovative thing… They did NOT repeat the vibe of their last album but explored making steps forward, not that the last album wasn’t great !Reminds me of the Fab’s around Rubber Soul and Revolver and rather than stay comfortable pressed forward…I am not saying Why is Revolver but it is so inspiring to hear talent not afraid to try things that are cool and as the Germans used to say Machen show to a certain John and Paul back in my teenage days 🙂 I can hear the influences that the ladies were listening to when they post pictures of their listening habits, worth getting and as always the folks in Manchester sent it to me well packed and with a little bit of a hug… Us old folks like that vibe as the sixties live on in the ladies !!!!!

Rubber Soul
2 days ago


Because this album is their best!

Fresh songs written, arranged and sung in a clever way that take you back to the 60’s and 70’s. Very melodic compositions with voices blending into perfect harmony, influenced by The Beatles and Pink Floyd amongst others …

… and yet MonaLisa Twins have a unique sound of their own that very few can match these days.

A pearl in these uncertain times!

Patrick Davis
2 days ago

Why? Is an awesome reflection of the enormous talent of the Mona Lisa twins. I truly loved each song and and am blessed to be able to have their music in my ears. Be at Peace and know you are Loved!

Ralph Barker
3 days ago

The new album “Why?” is a lovely compilation of MLT original songs. I love it, as I suspect all MLT fans will.

Wilson Roberto Marganelli
4 days ago

WHY? it’s another job worthy of being in the pantheon of the most prominent rock and pop rock bands in the entire history of music, not to mention that for me you are a female version of the Beatles, without all the problems that the Beatles faced during the time that got together. May God bless the MONALISA TWINS family, and may you continue to present us with your wonderful works.

Song Samples

About the Album

This is the MonaLisa Twins’ long awaited 3rd original album. Having been penned during one of the perhaps strangest periods in recent human history, many of the songs explore various aspects of the current times and can be summed up in a rather simple question … WHY?

As always you will be able to find lots of tongue-in-cheek moments as well as some sincere ponderings and reflections on life.

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Album Name: WHY?
Album Type: CD – 12 Tracks (Downloads included)
Release Date: 29 October 2022

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