MonaLisa & Band Live in Concert 2007 – Double Album CD


In 2007 – at the age of 13 – the MonaLisa Twins played their first big live concert. Together with their parents they performed 24 cover songs from all kinds of musical genres and different eras. Check the tabs below for more info, the videos and lyrics.

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Album Type: Double CD – 24 Tracks
Release Date: 17 Dec 2007
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Harry Adshead
5 months ago

Fantastic to see how talented u ladies were in ur early teens. I will be purchasing everything i can find to complete my collection. Ur music makes me feel 21 not bad for a 67 year old!!

Dave Coy
1 year ago

This concert shows the HUGE amount of hard work and dedication Mona and Lisa (and Dad and Mom) have strived to not only achieve…go beyond…way beyond!! this concert sounds like seasoned pros at work!!!
You are Amazing!! I absolutely love your music!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your talent and hard work with us…and me!!!

2 years ago

A must have for any MLT fan or anyone who enjoys music.
Amazing live performance.

Franck Dunet
2 years ago

Hello ,
I buy “play beatles & more vol 1/2/3
, when were together, orange, live concert 2007 and I loved the 5 CDs I’m a 100% fan I love the post and video on instagram and I recommend the albums of MonaLisa Twins to all the fans of rock and beatles and stones …..

Michael Parker
2 years ago

These girls are amazing and so talented. This double CD shows what a talent they were at the early age of 13 and also how confident they were to put on this concert and cover so many classic songs. What I also love about them is the love and faith (and sacrifices) shown in them by Rudi and Michaela, which I am sure is a major part of their progression. Mona & Lisa – keep on doing what you believe in because many of us also believe in you.

Daniel Smith
2 years ago

I accidentally ordered this twice. My fault, not theirs. I’ll keep one in the car and one at home. As to the content: an amazing album from what were then a pair of 13 years old twins and their parents. The variety and range of music is exceptional, and all recorded live. One of the best live performances I’ve ever heard. The instrumental ability of these girls was high class even back then, and their vocals are downright angelic. You’ll enjoy this.

2 years ago

As a latecomer to the treasure trove of MonaLisa Twins work, I had quite a backlog of material to catch up on and couldn’t understand how I had managed to miss out on ten years of their creativity. Well I have certainly made up for it since and am now the proud owner of all their CDs, DVD, vinyl and much more from their online store. I guess the MLT journey starts with this concert from 2007, when the Twins were just 13 years of age. I don’t need to review the full album as there is already a fairly… Read more »

Timothy Connelly
2 years ago

Thought I would write this review as I listen to the CD: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door is really a terrific start to this CD. Obviously, the singing is terrific – this is the MonaLisa Twins, afterall- but the sax by Michaela adds a lot to this version. Wonderful Tonight by Clapton demonstrates how amazing Lisa is on guitar! And her vocals shine as well. I think at this stage, Lisa is more confident and upfront than Mona but with both of them- It’s hard to believe they are 13! Once again the sax by Michaela adds a tremendous depth to… Read more »

Jung Roe
3 years ago

I’ve wanted to do a review of this deserving album for a long time, so here goes. If you are a MonaLisa Twins fan or are just getting into their music, this is a must have album. They cover a super wide variety of pop/rock music from different genre’s from the early 60’s right through to modern music (2007). Mona and Lisa are only 13 years old here in 2007, and their awesome singing, harmony and musical talent just shine like a bright gem. Their voices work together so naturally in glorious harmony and counterpoint backing each other up in… Read more »

Taco Van Popta
3 years ago

So talented at age 13. It was by accident when i discoverd the monalisa twins. 5 years ago I was searching on you/tube for the troggs classic ,,love is all around,, On the same page i noticed the monlisa twins with the same song. Never heard of the sisters,so i decided to check it out. The rest is history. They were and stil are for me the best new talent i,ve seen in decades. Singing with amazing harmonies,playing several instruments and good songwriting,they have it all. I love the covers but also their original songs. No doubt:Over the years the… Read more »


CD 1:


TITLE (Click for Lyrics)

Play Sample



Wonderful tonight (Eric Clapton)


Der Kommissar (Falco)


Back to life (Soul II Soul)


Tears in heaven (Eric Clapton)


One (U2)


Stand by me (Ben E. King/4 the Cause)


Aufsteh'n (Get up) (Seeed)



Goodbye my lover (James Blunt)

CD 2:


TITLE (Click for Lyrics)

Play Sample


Twist & Shout (Bert Russel)


All my lovin' (The Beatles)



Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan)


Michelle (The Beatles)


Love is all around (The Troggs)


I will (The Beatles)


Proud Mary (CCR)


Samba Pa Ti (Carlos Santana)


Wild world (Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam)


Ain't no sunshine (Bill Withers)


Smoke on the water (Deep Purple)


Alone (MonaLisa Twins Original)


Baby Blue (Bob Dylan/Falco)

About the Album

"MonaLisa and Band Live in Concert 2007" is a double CD with 24 cover songs. In 2007, at the age of 13 the MonaLisa Twins (back then called “MonaLisa and Band”) played their first big live concert where they performed a musical journey through time, starting from 1962 up to 2007. In a way that concert marked the beginning of their musical career.

“We’ve had music lessons for a couple of years before but it wasn't until that one performance that we decided to make music more than just another hobby. The concert was held in a small hall, and we played the show two times with each about 70 people attending.”

The performance was a family project, with Mona & Lisa, their dad Rudolf and their stepmom Michaela on stage. Michaela learned to play the sax so she could support the band, just like their dad learnt to play bass and guitar. He also played the keyboard and sang a few of the songs. As usual, he did all the sound engineering and lights.

While Mona mainly played the drums and Lisa the guitar, they also changed instruments and all of them were singing lead or harmonies.

Cover Arrangement, Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: MonaLisa & Band Live in Concert 2007
Album Type:
 Double CD - 24 Tracks
Release Date: 
17 Dec 2007

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