The Duo Sessions – Album CD


The Duo Sessions is an album of intimate versions of covers as well as originals, all initially recorded for the MLT Club. They are mostly done with just two voices, two guitars and the occasional percussion or blues harp.

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Album Name: The Duo Sessions
Album Type: CD – 15 Tracks (Downloads included)
Release Date: 26 June 2020

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5 days ago

I try my best to champion the ML Twins on my weekly radio show by playing one of their excellent songs with such exquisite harmonies.

Buster Roberts
14 days ago

Beautiful voices, beautifully played, by two beautiful ladies. I am mesmerised by your talent and enjoy listening in the car daily. Thank you 🙂

Jeffrey A Koski
21 days ago

The MS Twins are two extremely talented young women. Their sense of melody and harmony is spot on and they stay true to the music they choose to make and perform.
It’s refreshing to hear new fresh voices that “get it” and their passion for the era of the greatest popular music ever made.
Bravo Ladies

24 days ago

These acoustic covers of classic 1960’s songs are amazing! The brightness of the sound and the harmonies drew me in and I got lost in the music. Great songs, of course, but great renditions that I play over and over!

Cheryl Sims
1 month ago

I just love their versions of Beatles and other songs from my era. Keep it up absolutely wonderful.

1 month ago

So glad I brought this album absolutely fantastic superb musicians and vocalists can’t wait to see them live.

Mike Davis
2 months ago

MonaLisa’s album, The Duo Sessions, is great. They do an excellent job playing songs ranging from the Beatles to Bob Dylan Their instrumental arrangements are fantastic as well as the singing. They are gifted musicians and that is demonstrated beautifully on this album. I hope there are many more albums to come.

2 months ago

Another FAB selection of song covers from the MLT.

David Peck
2 months ago

My order came thru without a hitch. It was about 7 to 10 days that my cd arrived. It plays fine . The music is great.

Arie van Spronssen
2 months ago

Very well chosen songs. Nicely performed.


About the Album

On this album you will find intimate versions of covers and original songs, performed with mainly two guitars, two voices and the occasional percussion or blues harp.

All songs were initially recorded for the MLT Club, a part of this website where you can find lots of exclusive content, a look behind the scenes and special music releases like the video versions to all of the songs on this album. Find out more about how to join the Club and all its features here:

Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: The Duo Sessions
Album Type: CD – 15 Tracks (Downloads included)
Release Date: 26 June 2020

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