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The Duo Sessions is an album of intimate versions of covers as well as originals, all initially recorded for the MLT Club. They are mostly done with just two voices, two guitars and the occasional percussion or blues harp.

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Album Name: The Duo Sessions
Album Type: CD – 15 Tracks (Downloads included)
Release Date: 26 June 2020

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Tom Watson
8 days ago

This is my favorite album so far. What a brilliant idea to do the duo sessions! I love the songs and the quality of the recording is wonderful. Give my best to the whole family. Yo are the best!

Mats Rydberg
1 month ago

I like this album very much. Nice to have a naked aucustic version of this song “Close To You”. One of my favorite songs…

Harry Grey Wolf Bellingham

FANTASTIC vocals and instrumentals
2 really pretty girls with GREAT voices and very talented musicians, REALLY HOPE THAT YOU GO FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH, GOOD LUCK AND STAY SAFE EVERYONE.
Harry Grey Wolf Bellingham 🐺👏👏

1 month ago

I played the cd on a long journey south and it certainly made it a much more pleasant trip.Lovely harmonies and musicality revitalised the classic tracks.Just back from Tenerife so will be playing Orange soon.Many thanks.

Chuck McKinnis
2 months ago

I just sent a comment about your server/internet connection, or Hosting provider….please send this on to whoever handles these things. Upon my check out, which took forever, I noticed that everyone that buys a CD gets, also lifetime downloads for free and it occurred to me that you may be building fans (and total traffic) to the point that these downloads may also be contributing to your problem. I worked for both Sprint and GTE here in the states for over 30 years and know the internet well. I no longer have a dog in the race, as I am retired. Your site obviously is having serious problems and I have many thoughts to fix it.

I am free to talk about it though, if who-ever handles your IT would like to talk. I handled large enterprise accounts that many had international traffic concerns, like this. I would consult for you guys for free, just to help these enterprising girls out. I can be reached at: [email protected]….or can be called at (USA) 540-580-5722. I am writing from the USA as you can see.. I just want to help.

I wish you luck.

Chuck McKinnis

Chuck McKinnis
2 months ago

Bravo! I just received the album this week and absolutely enjoyed it. Love your covers, spot-on. I’ve been playing for 55 years and many of these songs my band played when they originally came out…certainly brought back fond memories! I was BLOWN AWAY with Gilmores “Wish You Were Here”; it’s one of my all time favorite songs and heard many covers, NONE done as fresh, but still “right-on” in spirit and feeling, than you two have making it your own, here. Keep up the great work.

Joe Martinez
2 months ago

If I was to give this album a rating from one to ten, I would refuse because it’s not fair to limit the feelings I experienced from listening to it over and over. Each time a different song tripped an experience in my life. I can truthfully say I’ve never heard another act that has such command of both the instruments and the vocals. For instance, I really like the jazz licks on “Sweet Lorraine.” And the vocals on “Pretty Flamingo” Your harmonies and the way you can reach high notes is unreal. Especially, on “Both Sides Now” and “Wish You Were Here.” All the songs were done with what I will call “the MonaLisa Soul” (meaning you make them your own). My personal favorite is “Wish You Were Here” – from the Mona’s opening with the 12 string (by the way reminds of a Cajun song. Can’t remember name). Then Lisa comes in with a soulful lead just blows me away. But the vocals/harmonies brought tears down my cheek. This was even before I knew what the song was about.
So I will give Duo Sessions a rating of Masterpiece! Please, please me and do a part II. Groovy to you too. Thanks.

Walter Music
2 months ago

I just received the Duo Sessions CD and I have to say all the songs were beautifully mixed. From a song written in 1926 to Imagine by Lennon to your originals like All About Falling In Love to Close To You, bright energetic beautiful harmonies and your musicianship is really second to none!!! Wish you were here, a Pink Floyd song, one of your best covers on You Tube was exceptionally played. The harmonies and the delivery of the guitar’s sounds were just beautiful. Thank you for such a great album!!! I will recommend this to anyone as I listened to it for a solid week in the car and enjoyed it tremendously….Walt Music

10 months ago

Bass lines on other CDs are great. would like them here

Jota Hermógenes
1 year ago

MonaLisa Twins in their purest form…. guitars, perfect vocals, some percussion…. Totally recommended!.


About the Album

On this album you will find intimate versions of covers and original songs, performed with mainly two guitars, two voices and the occasional percussion or blues harp.

All songs were initially recorded for the MLT Club, a part of this website where you can find lots of exclusive content, a look behind the scenes and special music releases like the video versions to all of the songs on this album. Find out more about how to join the Club and all its features here:

Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: The Duo Sessions
Album Type:
 CD – 15 Tracks (Downloads included)
Release Date:
26 June 2020

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