Alone – Lyrics


So many people in the street
But no one she would like to meet
Without a sound she starts to cry
Her expectations were too high

She feels alone
But she can’t show
She wants to hide herself
Behind her charming smile and then she …

Then she walks down to the park
Where she finds shelter in the dark
There’s nobody by her side
And in this darkness there’s no light

She feels alone
But she can’t show
She wants to hide herself
Behind her charming smile and then she …

Yes, she would change her life gladly
Oh, she would need it so badly – oh

Maybe she got a new plan
Can she survive? Oh yes she can
She will make a new begin
Cause there’s a million ways to win

She’s not alone
And she can show
No need to hide herself
Or anything she’s done and then she …

She’s not alone
Oh no
She’s not alone
Oh no
No no
She’s not alone

From the Album:
"MonaLisa & Band Live In Concert 2007"

MonaLisa Twins
Dec 2007

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Jung Roe
2 years ago

Oh wow! I did not realize this was an original. Always thought it was a beautiful charming song and wondered who the original artist was but did not stop to look on the back of the CD cover. Turns out it’s Mona Lisa Twins!!! What an incredibly wonderful pleasant surprise after over a year of listening to it.

Rick Ross
2 years ago

I’ve always been curious about this song. I know this was one of the first songs you ever wrote. Its so complex especially when you consider it was written at such a young age. I’ve always hoped you would do it again as you got older with just a bit of a twist on the ending.
I really enjoy Alone. Though long ago, its, in my opinion, one of your best. Our best, you say, yes it is. Think about it for a second. Alone deals with a very tough subject. No one wants to be Alone. It happens, you get scared with the thought of it, but if you look hard enough, your not really alone if you keep trying,and wanting to be happy. Very wise for your ages at any time.
Thanks you ladies for such a beautiful song that touches the heart so.

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