Live at the Cavern Club – Double Album CD


Live at the Cavern Club is a double album of 28 songs, recorded during the MonaLisa Twins’ 100th and final live show of their two-year residency at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool.

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Album Name: Live at the Cavern Club
Album Type: 2 CDs – 28 Tracks (Downloads included)
Release Date: 8 November 2020

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Kevin Giersdorf
8 days ago

Love this double album. The vocals blend beautifully, and the instrumentation is a perfect compliment to the duo’s vocals. The song selection is great. I wish I could have joined them at the Cavern Club! This album is the next best thing to being there! This album rocks. And so do the Mona Lisa Twins!

Andrew Cope
20 days ago

A great double album just to listen to in an evening with a glass of something! Every track brings a great interpretation to some classic tracks and in many cases I think actually develops the original concept a bit further than the original track (Hey Bulldog, Friday on my Mind, Sumshine Superman to name just 3]. The MLTs original music also comes across strongly. Sometimes live recordings don’t sound that well but this is well mixed with just the right balance between instruments. . Pity some of the comments between songs were not left in. If I am to be hyper critical I think “I feel Fine” is not such a strong track but can’t put my finger on why I think that…possibly it would be better on the first CD rather than the second. So really good buy with some fine musicianship (a lot of stuff to remember!) from the four musicians, well mixed and a good selection of classic tracks.

Darrel Keith Johnson
1 month ago

Loaded with great songs from the yesterday. Loved listening to the CD, and enjoyed watching their videos on YouTube. Great voices and well preformed, hard to believe it is lived recording.

Natalie Bolon
1 month ago

Nice!! Gritty and lean. Can tell u girls love what u r doing.

Mario Gelinas
1 month ago

I love this album an i enjoy listen to it

1 month ago

I love this record!! It’s a fun listen and you guys sound great together. Great selection of songs.