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Mercedes Benz” from the album “MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more” is the cover of a 1970 a-cappella song written by singer Janis Joplin and poets Michael McClure and Bob Neuwirth. Check the tabs below for more info, audio sample and lyrics.

Single Download: Mercedes Benz – 1 Track
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From Album: MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more

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From Album: MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more
Lyrics: Mercedes Benz
Album Type: CD - 15 Tracks
Release Date: 28 Mar 2014
Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design: MonaLisa Twins
Photos: Gerald Naber,

Audio Sample: 

About the Song

"Mercedes Benz" is an a-cappella song written by singer Janis Joplin with poets Michael McClure and Bob Neuwirth. It was recorded in one take on October 1, 1970, along with a couple of rowdy verses of "Happy Birthday" sung for John Lennon. These were the last tracks Joplin ever recorded; she died three days later, on October 4. The song appeared on the album "Pearl", released in 1971.

The song references "Dialing for Dollars", an old segment carried on many local TV shows which required one to be watching the show in order to win. The song is considered a hippy-era rejection of consumerism.

Fun Fact: Janis Joplin was actually driving a Porsche 356, customized with psychedelic art.

“Of course, this song had to be on our set-list as well. The lyrics are so ironic and witty, and while the Beach Boys had serious doubts about keeping the word "God" in their song title for "God Only Knows" back in 1966 Janis didn't seem to have any considerations in 1970 about bluntly asking the Lord some earthly favors. Of course, there is no point in imitating Janis' voice, so we made up our own version that we sometimes play as an encore to throw in one last surprise and to leave our audiences in a happy mood.”

Track credits:
Mona Wagner: Percussion, Blues Harp
Lisa Wagner: Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Michael Mozeth: Bass
Philipp Wolf: Drums
Live Recording & Mix: Rudolf Wagner

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