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WHY? is the MonaLisa Twins’ third original album and includes the singles “Questionable”, “I Bought Myself A Politician” and “Songbird”.

Album Name: WHY?
Album Download: WHY? – 12 Tracks
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Les Merrick
1 day ago

Another great album from the Twins, they just seem to get better and better.

1 month ago

Well crafted songs and performances.

1 month ago

A stunningly original new album from MLT, which is a witty but incisive look at our world today – truths wrapped up in great melodies, and scathing, but wonderful, at the same time. At the age of 77 I discovered MLT from their Beatles covers, but this album really showcases their awesome talent, their song-writing skills, their superb harmonies, and their totally infectious enthusiasm for their work. This album is… Read more »

David Klose
2 months ago

The Twins’ albums of originals really showcase their immense talent. The songs are totally unique, and well arranged and produced. REAL music that’s smart and fun!

sheldon soman
4 months ago

Great Album. The album includes original pieces. My favorite is “I bought myself a Politician”, Truer words were never spoken. Along with the video it’s quite funny. “Any other day” is a beautiful ballad. Love this album

4 months ago

I love everything you do. I particularly appreciate good lyrics that actually SAY something. Yours are so intelligent, clever and entertaining. You are BRILLIANT! My favorite (I’ve listened to it a gazillion times and never get tired of it) is “I bought myself a politician.”

Domenic Valentine
Domenic Valentine
6 months ago

Hello Ladies… I ran across you for the first time while looking at Beatles Youtube videos. Watched Hey Bulldog from the Cavern and was amazed !!! Obviously I am a huge Beatle fan – like a billion other people 🙂 I live in Florida and would like to know if you have any tour plans which might land you in the USA? Keep up the great work !!

6 months ago

Amazing! Girls, you have created so charming album with diverse songs. I feel Beatles/Pink floyd influence here. But this album is mainly original masterpiece by MonaLisa twins. I have to listen whole album again and again. Songs of the album are in general more complicated than the previous ones…Janitor Joe, Jump ship. Songs like Any other day, Songbird are pure caress to the soul. Thank you so much for this… Read more »

Chris Meeson
7 months ago

I absolutely love Janitor Joe…….. girls, you are a breath of fresh air….. That was a timeless composition of the highest quality. In fact, ever since I discovered you, I’ve just listened with joy, and thank you to my favourite group, The Beatles, who are clearly your inspiration
Just one last thought……..when are you coming over to see me in Brisbane, Australia
Heaps of love to you both

Debra Wismer
Debra Wismer
7 months ago

Love you voices and music


Song Samples

About the Album

This is the MonaLisa Twins’ long awaited 3rd original album. Having been penned during one of the perhaps strangest periods in recent human history, many of the songs explore various aspects of the current times and can be summed up in a rather simple question … WHY?

As always you will be able to find lots of tongue-in-cheek moments as well as some sincere ponderings and reflections on life.

Album Name: WHY?
Album Download: WHY? – 12 Tracks
Download Format: zip file with MP3 files + Extras

Song Lyrics

  1. Make Show
  2. I Bought Myself A Politician
  3. Janitor Joe
  4. Questionable
  5. Destination Sunrise
  6. Summer Rain
  7. Songbird
  8. Jump Ship
  9. Any Other Day
  10. If You Raise Your Head
  11. Why?
  12. Pretty Little Thing

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