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WHY? is the MonaLisa Twins’ third original album and includes the singles “Questionable”, “I Bought Myself A Politician” and “Songbird”.

Album Name: WHY?
Album Download: WHY? – 12 Tracks
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1 day ago

A great Album, I like your Voices and your Music

Last edited 1 day ago by Günther Wölfle
3 days ago

Delighted with your quality, your way of playing and singing, and your charisma, I buy your new album with my eyes closed, confident that it is excellent material that I will enjoy a lot. God bless you 2!

Rick A Voeltner
4 days ago

Simply the Best

GARY M Gaither
27 days ago

I just ordered it and can’t wait!! You two are such a grand couple of Musical Hearts…..

Jung Roe
30 days ago

The album “Why?” has been in essence many years in the making, and Mona and Lisa have poured their heart and soul into it! What we have is one remarkable inspired album that that for me is like an emotional adventure from beginning to end, in the realm of a Beethoven symphony, with 12 amazing movements that leave you breathless, and coming back for more.

The music is innovative, refreshing, unique, and a style all their own. Mona and Lisa took their love and passion for the 60s music, their amazing harmonies and vocal prowess and musicianship to create songs of immense beauty, complex and breathtaking instrumentation, and mesmerizing melodies and musical effects. There is so much diversity in the album from song to song, from a deep mesmerizing “Why” to a heartwarming “Pretty Little Thing”. There is an element of a brooding dark reality to bright joyful love, and everything in between that the human experience encompasses. The music touches me deep inside and evokes so much feeling endlessly, it makes me feel ALIVE! It fills me with emotions of wonder and awe, beauty and joy! It makes you feel the passion of true love, the longing, triumph, and letting go. Each song has so much substance and meaning, expressing truths and what we all feel and want, but in the most musically eloquent and powerful way. The album really makes me passionately feel the WHY?, like moments in my own life when something unfair or senseless happens and I cry WHY????? I love what Mona and Lisa stand for, and they fight our fight through their music to make the world a better place. They are my heroes.

The album “Why” is nothing short of a work of art masterpiece that you never tire of listening to, with absolute beauty, awe, and joy throughout that keeps drawing you back. You get something new out of it every time, an inspiration, a feeling, insight.

John Gratton
30 days ago

Okay. Summer Rain and Songbird are stunning in their beauty and simplicity, and Any Other Day could be a one-song playlist to listen to all the time. Make Show is clever, fun, and wildly accurate satire. Pretty Little Thing just rocks, and probably will be the song I listen to most. Overall, Why? is a richly rewarding experience, enjoyable from start to finish. The lyrics are engaging throughout, well beyond typical boy meets girl adventures, intellectually pleasing. Their voices continue to mature, and those uplifting harmonies border on the sublime. The Twins just get better in every aspect of their music, especially the ever-increasing quality of the musicianship. Those girls can PLAY. Now I’m going back for a second listen….


Song Samples

About the Album

This is the MonaLisa Twins’ long awaited 3rd original album. Having been penned during one of the perhaps strangest periods in recent human history, many of the songs explore various aspects of the current times and can be summed up in a rather simple question … WHY?

As always you will be able to find lots of tongue-in-cheek moments as well as some sincere ponderings and reflections on life.

Album Name: WHY?
Album Download: WHY? – 12 Tracks
Download Format: zip file with MP3 files + Extras

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