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In My Lifefrom the album “MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more” is the cover of a song by the Beatles, released on the 1965 album “Rubber Soul”. Check the tabs below for more info, audio sample and lyrics.

Single Download: In My Life – 1 Track
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From Album: MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more

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From Album: MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more
Lyrics: In My Life
Album Type: CD - 15 Tracks
Release Date: 28 Mar 2014
Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design: MonaLisa Twins
Photos: Gerald Naber,

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About the Song

"In My Life" is a song by the Beatles, released on the 1965 album "Rubber Soul" and credited to Lennon–McCartney. According to Lennon's friend and biographer Peter Shotton, the lines "Some [friends] are dead and some are living/In my life I've loved them all" referred to Stuart Sutcliffe, the original bassist for the Beatles who died in 1962.

“We always loved the lyrics of this song, because Lennon sings about how he still loves and remembers "people and things that went before" although he found a new kind of love he's excited about. People often make the mistake of forgetting about their old friends and supporters once they meet a new love or get a new chance in their life. A good share of what we are personally is credited to the love and efforts of other people, and we like how Lennon - en passant - points out to not break these friendly connections. We don't know of modern songs that would care about such a topic, much less in such a gentle way.”

The twins recorded the song 2009 before going to Liverpool for Beatle Week/Mathew Street Festival for the first time. They decided to visit typical Beatles places to get a better notion of how these fabulous musicians grew up and what inspired them to write so many great songs.

Besides visiting all the touristy places and the Beatles museum, they spent some days to film a few music videos there, one of which was "In My Life". The "soundtrack" was recorded at their studio.

Track credits:

Mona Wagner: Back Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Lisa Wagner: Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Studio Recording & Mix: Rudolf Wagner

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