Janitor Joe – Lyrics

Janitor Joe

Janitor Joe
Is getting busy late at night (at night)
The students are gone
He turns on the light

The hallway is clear
To the laboratories he goes (he goes)
Hush hush
Nobody knows

There’s a secret desire
He’s been hiding it for years
Mr. Joe’s aiming higher
He dreams of leaving Mother Earth
Flying through the universe

He’s ringing the bell
It’s 9am, the kids return to school
He’s back on the job
Playing it cool

Teachers complain
“Must be a thief in our midst” (who did it?)
Missing their tools (oh no)
Blaming the kids

Why would he risk to get fired
He’s been working there for years
Soon he will be retired
Dreams of leaving Mother Earth
Flying through the universe

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

A call from the school
The students have to stay at home (at home)
Something is wrong
The classes postponed

Janitor Joe
The man is nowhere to be found (he’s gone)
Just a hole in the roof
soot on the ground

Seems like something got fired
Through the roof into the sky
Maybe Joe has retired
Looking down on Mother Earth
Flying through the universe

Janitor Joe
Where did you go
Janitor, Janitor Joe

Janitor Joe
Where did you go
Janitor, Janitor Joe

Lyrics: MonaLisa Twins
October 2022
Album: WHY?

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Chris Weber
1 year ago

I have a 9 year old nephew named Joe who loves music and astronomy. When I ask him where he parked his spaceship, he just points up in the air.

Wonder what song I should play for him?

Steve Henson
1 year ago

Janitor Joe • There’s certainly creative lyrics and an imagination, to come up with an original story about the mysterious Janitor Joe! (Yes where did he go?) Musically; the song has a distinct rhythmic feel with the syncopated snare drum. This is another song which would go well played live. (even could be aptly played with a straight beat for dance!). The song is much more appreciated if you absorb… Read more »

1 year ago

Just re-activated my membership to the club and thought I’d poke around a bit. This is a very cool song! Creative lyrics, interesting arrangement. Impressive drum and bass tracks. I’d probably order your next album just based on this one tune (and the contents of “Orange”, which I bought directly from this site a while ago). Can’t wait to see what else is in store! You girls are still groovy!… Read more »

Jonathan Walker
2 years ago

Ha! love this song – love anything to do with ‘space’ lol More please!

Rick Twomey
2 years ago

I think Janitor Joe hired the politician….I mean how else is he gonna get away with illegally building a rocket and going though the roof and around the world a few times….gotta have a politician with lots of money to help finance the voyage and the Fake News media….good gosh I hope Joe the Janitor didn’t hire Sleepy Joe !

Walter Music
2 years ago

He went to a concert put on by Club 27! Wouldn’t that be a TRIP. Those little green men
Loved the 60’s too.

Frank-Rainer Nickel
2 years ago

What a great song! And a good idea to put the lyrics beside the song.
I´ looking forward to the new album with great pleasure!
Love from Frank

Rick Twomey
2 years ago

“Traveling more than 100 miles per hour” the news broadcast says at the end of the song makes me laugh….can Joe’s rocket even get off the ground…I love the whole space travel idea… it reminds me of a great movie The Astronaut Farmer from 2006 starring Billy Bob Thornton…the plot is about a Texas rancher who attempts to construct a rocket in his barn and launch himself into outer space….I… Read more »

Andrew Butt
2 years ago

Thanx Mona & Lisa for putting the lyrics up like this – really adds to the pleasure of listening to the track. BTW, the spoken ‘radio’ part at the end, is this an actual recording, or something that you added yourselves? Andy.

Rick Ross
2 years ago

Ladies thanks so much for including the lyrics to your great song. Your accents make the song too. If someone from say, America sang it, it wouldn’t have near the appeal you all give it. I’m also anxious to hear Track 1 ” the pure rock and roll song”. Of course I can’t wait for the release of your next Dynamic Original Album! Mona, you’re getting so much better on… Read more »

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