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When We’re Together” is the MonaLisa Twins’ debut album with original songs. It contains lots of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Beat music paired with elements of Psychedelic, Folk and even Latin genres. Check the tabs below for more info, audio samples and lyrics.

Album Name: When We’re Together
Album Type: CD – 11 Tracks
Release Date: 29 Feb 2012
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  1. James EXXON

    James EXXON

    Hi you two, i was sick as a dog today when i made it out of bed i checked the mail box. You two made my day. I have played your C.D. three times since 4:00 P.M Florida time. I love it, every song on the disc is Fantastic. You two should be very proud as it is very good, I cant even figure out the song i love most. As of now The Wide Wide Land is just in my head,and i have been smiling for hours. Thank you all so much, you even put my name on it. Very nice, Very nice. I hope you both are still smiling from ear to ear. You two and your step mom ,and your dad are bringing smiles all over the world. Thank you again, and huge love from the states.xooxoxxo!!!!!!!!!! James.

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  2. One person found this helpful


    Hi girls! Great day! I received my cd today. What a surprise. I didn’t expect it this soon. It played perfect! I can hear a lot of Beatles influence in many of your songs. When I first heard”One More Time” I ended up having While my heart goes boom boom boom going through my head for about 3 days. So I played it first then listened to it all which I already did previously with my downloads. “June” had me jump out of my seat with the Calypso beat and I was walking down memory lane after that and went and dug this out of Youtube. It’s a Paul Anka song that he did back in the fifties which turned in to a smash hit. “Diana”! This is a more recent live version. If you want to listen that is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HcxZwfAP8M The uhh you do in “The Wide, Wide Land” Sounds like Pink Lloyd harmony. I like “Dreams” also especially the bass. I also like “Nothing is in Vain”. The truth is I like them all. You can just stick the album on and listen from beginning to end and enjoy. This morning I was on the phone talking to my sister that lives in Texas. While we were talking I tried to get her and my nephew and his wife to go to your site and press the like button and listen to some of your videos. My nephew speaks German. Just how much or how good I don’t know. I told my sister to tell him he can speak German with you two. Thank you for signing my Cd and the nice message. That really meant a lot. Have a great day! I guess yours is almost over. It’s is 7:06 PM here now. Den

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  3. PurplePoetSmiler


    Top Notch effort for their first original album, and can’t wait for future stuff ….
    The instrumentation on the songs are of essences of country, retro 60s,Beatles, rockabilly, rock and modern all interwoven harmoniously !!!! Their vocals are superb and blend making a definite distictiveness that stands out 🙂
    Kudos to this album, one can help but sing and dance and toe tap to it. Uplifting, emotional. It’s a keeper and a must have in your music collection . Timeless, first class all the way !

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  4. PurplePoetSmiler


    I commend both Mona & Lisa on a first class top notch effort on their first original album, can’t wait for future stuff….

    Each song on the album has its own spin in the instrumentation, essences of retro , spanish,carribean, country, rock, interwoven harmoniously. One can easily find themselves dancing and singing along, because you just can’t help but do so. All songs are my favourite 🙂 Well done and Kudos 🙂

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  5. Den


    I read so many posts that people found MonaLisa Twins while looking for a song done by somebody else. Usually the original artist. I found them when I went to youtube to listen to the Beach Boys California Dreaming. I just found out not too long before that that the Beach Boys had a video with it. I wanted to listen to it one day and when I brought it up I started looking at all the people that did covers on it. I started listening to them instead. After listening to a bunch of them I wasn’t impressed and was getting bored. I was ready to quit but the next one had these two girls on the cover and they called themselves MonaLisa Twins. I thought I would give them a try before going back to the Beach Boys. Well, I never made it back to the Beach Boys. I started playing MonaLisa Twins video that started out with some quitar and walking through leaves then the singing started while they were walking on a sidewalk. When the singing started All the leaves are brown all the leaves are brown and that’s all it took. I liked you two girls instantly. I found all these videos you had and started listening to all of them. You didn’t know that. The first they heard of me was about 4 months later when I asked them to be friends on MYspace. Since then they did many more cover songs. Their cover songs I find to be as good or better than the orininals.

    When they said they were going to release a cd with all their own songs I was excited. I received it last Wednesday and have listened to everything over and over. Some more than others. I like every song. Everybody knows you like the Beatles and you can hear that influence in many of the songs. “Dreams” is a nice soft song and it has great bass in it. “One More Time” is one of the songs with Beatle influence. It also rocks. The little yell that one of you do, I bet it is Lisa, is cool. Then there is “June”. Love that beat “June” takes me back to the fifties watching American Bandstand when it was in Phildelphia. I like “Nothing is in Vain” also. The music is nice in it. If I had to pick a song as a favorite it would be hard to do so. But, it would be “The Wide Wide Land” It has a great riff in it and about two/thirds of the way through when you kick the song in you don’t loose the riff at all. I think this could be a hit single.

    The acoustics you do are amazing. You are so good. It’s like everything has to be so precise. Your lyrics are good too. I’m amazed at how well you can rhyme words. I noticed you sang alot about boys and love. Nothing wrong with that.

    All the best for both of you

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  6. Stocky


    Gratuliere, das Werk ist Euch gelungen, Sehr schwungvoll, inspiriert, und stimmungsvoll. Habe mir sofort ein Exemplar bestellt. Wann ist die Live Tour?

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About the Album

"When We're Together" is the MonaLisa Twins' debut album with original songs. It was the first time they really got into songwriting.

“It sure wasn't easy at first. We played around with different chord progressions and harmonies, spent lots of time writing lyrics and arranging instruments until we, at last, came up with 11 new songs we were really pleased with.”

“When we started recording we felt like we didn't quite achieve the sound we were looking for, and it took us a while to figure out what we needed to get it "right". After several attempts to create that perfect sound with the gear we already owned, we finally gave up and invested in some amazing vintage guitars and recording equipment … that was the icing on the cake!”

The MonaLisa Twins wanted to make every song on the album sound a little different, while trying to stick to their favourite musical elements like melodic harmonies, driving back beats and crunchy, bright guitar sounds. They used them in simple and catchy feel-good songs as well as in tracks that are strongly based on good old Rock 'n' Roll and Beat music. The album also features some Latin sounds and Ballads to make the album exciting to listen to.

Lyrics, Music, Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: When We're Together
Album Type: CD - 11 Tracks
Release Date: 29 Feb 2012

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