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Twist and Shout” from the album “MonaLisa and Band Live in Concert 2007” is a cover of the Beatles’ cover of Bert Russel’s original from 1962. Check the tabs below for more info, audio clips and lyrics.

Single Download: Twist and Shout – 1 Track
Download Format: zip file with MP3,  M4A (iTunes+ Format) + FLAC
From Album: MonaLisa and Band Live in Concert 2007

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From Album: MonaLisa and Band Live in Concert 2007
Lyrics: Twist and Shout
Release Date:
 17 Dec 2007
Original: Bert Russel, 1962
Cover Arrangement, Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Audio Sample: 

About the Song

Who does not love this song? When it came to choosing the covers for their big concert in 2007 the MonaLisa Twins just had to pick it. Mona is playing the drums and singing (or rather shouting) simultaneously.

“When it came to performing the concert Lisa had caught a bit of a cold and needed to rest her voice, so Mona took the lead vocals for this song. That's how we found out that Mona's voice fitted very well with the wilder, rockier songs. Even today she's doing those kind of songs, so "Twist And Shout" somehow marked the beginning of that.”

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