The MonaLisa Twins’ second original album provides listeners with a whole new experience. While staying true to their roots – The Sixties – this album branches out into new, more experimental territories of musical styles. You can expect a very tongue-in-cheek side of the MonaLisa Twins. Check the tabs below for more info.

Album Name: ORANGE
Album Type: CD – 12 Tracks
Release Date: 29 Sep 2017
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  1. One person found this helpful
    Stephen Krogh

    My New Favorite Color - Orange!

    Stephen Krogh (verified owner)

    So original, so well performed and produced. This album truly puts the Twins into the ranks of musical legends. Absolutely LOVE every track! What could possibly come next???

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  2. One person found this helpful
    Thomas Randall


    Thomas Randall (verified owner)

    I just just “discovered” these lovely ladies a few weeks ago and you have GOT to get this album and their other CDs as well!
    On this album the girls mix it up a bit and give us some new music styles we’re not used to hearing them do. It’s refreshing! Although I will admit I love their 60’s influenced stuff much more! The legendary John Sebastian even makes an appearance on this album!

    These girls as so talented it’s unreal. I LOVE them! GORGEOUS harmonies, amazing guitar playing! They both play several instruments as well, Mona guitar, drums and harmonica and Lisa guitar and stand up bass.

    Be sure to look for them on Youtube as well, they are FANTASTIC! I LOVE them!

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  3. One person found this helpful
    Steve Crider


    Steve Crider

    I received my copy yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!! I’m gonna wear that sucker out. There are very few albums I’ve listened to where I can say every song is great. Dark Side of the Moon, Revolver, and Rubber Soul come to mind and now I can include Orange. I’d say you’re in pretty darn good company. This will be a tough one to follow up but as talented and gifted as the two of you are I’m sure you’ll do it and it’ll be a masterpiece. These songs have great melodies, positive messages and they are just really feel good and uplifting. I love it and I’m tickled to death that back in May I found The MonaLisa Twins and all summer you have literally been all I’ve listened to. I just can’t get enough of your music. Keep up the great work.

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  4. One person found this helpful
    Jerry Chamness


    Jerry Chamness (verified owner)

    Awesomel album! Great, creative, songs. Vocals and harmonies are second to none. Fun songs, rock songs, love songs and songs that take you back t young love. Great album.

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  5. One person found this helpful
    William Teeters

    William Teeters (verified owner)

    Close To You is quite possibly the most perfect song ever recorded. The melody, the lyrics, the chord pattern. Perfection. MonaLisa Twins are by far the greatest music group since The Beatles.

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  6. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Christomir Rackov

    Brilliant album

    Christomir Rackov (verified owner)

    ORANGE is already among my personal Top 10 albums of all time, along with the MLT debut album and 3 albums by the Beatles, plus 5 others. I think that says it all.

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  7. 3 out of 3 people found this helpful
    Allen Martin

    A Breath of Fresh Air in 2017

    Allen Martin (verified owner)

    ‘Orange’ is a throw-back, in the best of all possible senses; an instant classic. A record that is simultaneously old-fashioned and refreshingly new. One listen and you could almost swear that you had known, and loved it for decades.

    I’m tempted to say that ‘Orange’ is an album that was made they way they USED to make them, but even back in the proverbial ‘day’, ‘Orange’ would have been fairly uncommon. Every track on ‘Orange’ was written, arranged and produced by MLT, as well as singing and playing all the instruments (with a bit of help, notably John Sebastian on two songs). They did it ALL, and there weren’t too many artists that could claim as much, even back in the 60s. I do not believe I am exaggerating when I say that if ‘Orange’ HAD been recorded in the 60s (and to listen to it, it very well COULD have been) it would rank right up there with the best the decade has to offer.

    I was also tempted to say that ‘if you love 60s rock and roll, you will love this album’. While that IS true, it falls somewhat short of the mark, as the musical styles and obvious influences are a great deal more far-ranging than that. I won’t attempt an track-by-track analysis, as other reviewers have already done that (and probably more intelligently than I could) but I would like to share a few personal observations:

    I listened to the opening track repeatedly attempting (in vain) to identify the voices. I caught Lennon, Elvis and Maxwell Smart quickly enough, and I’m fairly certain that there is a Kennedy (John?) in there. I would love it if someone could share the sources for the rest of the voices, as well as those that pop up during ‘No More Worries Society’, esp. the one at the end ‘You’re Taking it as a Joke!’ I really feel that I ought to know that one! 🙂

    I LOVE ‘Close to You’, esp. the vocal hook in the chorus (‘is it true that the good things don’t last’), which I think is one of the catchiest things I’ve heard in years.

    My wife’s favorite track is ‘Count on Me’, which to me sound hauntingly familiar, esp. the chorus. It reminds me very much of something… I just can’t quite put my metaphorical finger on it. Maybe somebody could help me out with this one.

    Another stand out track (in an album FILLED with stand out tracks) is ‘Sweet Lorraine’. The title made me think immediately of Nat King Cole, but I don’t think that Nat’s Sweet Lorraine was an insanely jealous murderess. She might have been, though, for all we know. They didn’t air dirty laundry like that in public in the 40s. 🙂

    All in all, a truly excellent album, and to repeat what others have already said…. Please don’t make us wait 5 more years for the next one! 🙂

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  8. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Gregory Liebzeit

    'Orange is a masterful achievement by artists who truly love music

    Gregory Liebzeit (verified owner)

    I would first like to comment on a really well written review by Mr. Mick Francis. I hear Elvis where he hears Lennon…. otherwise a spot on review that details my feelings almost identically. ‘Once Upon A Time’ brings me right back to the 1967 Summer of Love in ‘Frisco – beautiful singing, guitar playing and stellar production! Not mentioned are the references to Dylan’s ‘The Times They Are A-Changing’, The Beach Boys “I Can Hear Music’, Donovan’s ‘Season Of The Witch’ and The Who’s ‘Pinball Wizard’. ‘Close To You’ gets me thinking of those early childhood loves – beautifully sung with awesome phrasing. ‘In It For Love’ has the most gorgeous harmonies by two angels. ‘Count On Me’ is so direct and seems to come straight from Mona to me – my fav. ‘Club 27’ is a super take on the big band swing number ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’ by Louis Prima – outstanding flash guitar work, Lisa!!! Concluding with ‘Still A Friend Of Mine’ the album closes with Mona’s heartfelt plea to everlasting friendship – I’m all in.

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  9. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    James Runka

    James Runka (verified owner)

    jimi dean — Oct 19, 2017

    Orange shows the Sixties influence MLT were naturally drawn, but also the depth and maturity in their work since their last CD five years ago — they have blossomed into sound songwriters and lyricists in their own right. With flawless harmonies and solid guitar work, they bring that sound to Orange and make it their own. Skilled arrangements and quality production add to the eclectic mix of songs that make this album an absolute pleasure to spend time with.

    MLT are multi-instrumentalists covering genres of jazz, rock, blues, pop and folk on Orange. The tracks Once Upon A Time and the bluesy Waiting For The Waiter, feature John Sebastian of The Lovin’ Spoonful playing a soulful harp. Still A Friend Of Mine is the most emotionally-rich track, combining moving vocals and heartfelt lyrics to a song that we can all somehow feel moved by.

    Like many artists before them, MLT cut their musical teeth playing Beatles’ covers —along with other Sixties groups — and posting them on YouTube. Unlike many others, they covered them extraordinarily well, staying close to the original recordings, and using their outstanding harmonies and skilled musicianship to make them theirs and bring you back to watch them over and over. Their work payed off handsomely.

    The eclectic mix that is Orange will have you hoping there isn’t a five year gap until the next MLT release. Until that release, we have Orange, an album that will most definitely stand the test of time as one of their best.

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  10. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Lawrence Schmitt

    Lawrence Schmitt (verified owner)

    I am an old guy 76 years old. These girls have given me many hours of enjoyment listening to their music. I loved all the previous songs they covered. I bought them all.
    I was worried about this album. But that was for nought. It is terrific!! I pre-ordered it with out any hesitation and it was well worth it. I think my
    favorite is “Your still a friend of mine .” But I love them all.
    So my advice is buy it, you won’t be sorry!!!
    Thank you Ladies.

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About the Album

The MonaLisa Twins’ much anticipated follow-up original record to their debut album “When We’re Together”. 5 years have passed since the release of original material while the Twins played countless shows all over Europe, moved their residence to England, and learned some important life lessons. In other words … they lived life.

In comparison to their first album, which was still written in their teens, ORANGE gives a more mature, sometimes satirical, yet overall still light-hearted approach to topics we all deal with. Love, community, doubt, the past and future and the generally unsettling direction society seems to be taking.

While staying true to their passion for melodic, quirky songwriting, plenty of harmonies, a very “60s” sound and twangy guitar licks, this album branches out into new territories and incorporates very psychedelic but also earthy, bluesy, sometimes even jazzy tones. Built upon everything you loved about their debut album, you can expect to hear a more experimental and very tongue-in-cheek side of the MonaLisa Twins.

Lyrics, Music, Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: ORANGE
Album Type: CD - 12 Tracks
Release Date: 29 Sept 2017

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