Club 27

Gather round, you girls and boys
Get prepared to make some noise
Oh I’ma take you up so high
On a trip up in the sky

Do you know about the legends’ everlasting sleep
What they’re doing up there – boy, they ain’t living cheap
It’s worth the wait, it’s worth your time
So come along and join the climb
Let’s get on the stairway to heaven
To Club 27

The sky up here is full of stars, the ones that never fade
They paid the price of living that can never be repaid
They’re shining on, they’re shining bright
Look up and you will see the light
Coming from a stage up in heaven
In Club 27

The air is thin, the queue is long
It’s getting tight, no moving on
The golden gates, they open wide
And there’s music from the other side

The house is full, the spirit’s up, the show is free today
But if you’d want to stick around there is a price to pay
Make sure you get your passage home
Or you’ll be gone for very long
The stage is set from nine to eleven
In Club 27

The sky up here is full of stars, the ones that never fade
The curtain rises, multicolored lights and purple haze
Come on baby, light my fire
Let the music take you higher
Tonight we’re raising hell in heaven
In Club 27

From the Album:

MonaLisa Twins
 Sep 2017

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