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“MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more” is a 60s cover compilation of live & studio recordings of world-known tunes by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, the Easybeats, Buffalo Springfield & Janis Joplin. Check the tabs below for more info, audio clips and lyrics.

Album Download: MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more – 15 Tracks
Download Format: zip file with MP3, M4A + Extras

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Brenda S.
9 days ago

I have all three volumes and listen to them all the time. A little story for you … I was never a Beatles fan – until I heard you sing Yesterday on YouTube. So, now I’m a big fan of The Beatles, but I only listen to how you sing their songs. Lol! Thanks for providing cool music!

André PERIER ( Andy )

Comme elles, j’ai connu les Beatles à 13 ans mais c’était en….1964 !
J’ai été agréablement surpris en découvrant leurs performances et notamment à ” The Cavern ” et je n’hésite pas à dire que non seulement ce sont d’exellentes musiciennes et chanteuses s elles font mieux que les originaux . Bravo et surtout continuez à nous régaler

David G. Yocum
1 year ago

These albums are excellent in your renditions of classic music. Listen to the samples and you’ll be as happy as I was to purchase all three albums. These ladies are a tribute to everyone who sings these songs…great work!!

Keep up the great music…and stay groovy.

Leanne & David Yocum
Zanesville, Ohio USA

Paulette Church
1 year ago

I love the harmony they have. The Beatles album I think is my favorite.

1 year ago

Loving the harmonies of these timeless tracks.

Eric Bouwsma
1 year ago

Searching for songs on youtube I discovered the MLT. Within 5 minutes I became a fan of your music and your performance. Great. Love the guitar-skills of Lisa and the harmony of your voices. Keep on!!!

Michael Brawley
1 year ago

I’m pleased and excited to have discovered the ML TWINS. I acquired Orange and Beatles and other Artists. MonaLisa Twins are most talented and their depth of melodies and harmonies are deep rooted and provide a joyful sound. Something missing in so much of today’s pop efforts. Keep going strong.

1 year ago

Gutes und professionelles Musik . In heutigen Zeiten immer seltener.

Robert Fendt
1 year ago

Another album of MonaLisa Twins at their best, love it from beginning to end. Stunning.

Rick Duncan
1 year ago

Briliant. Fun. Fresh. I just want to point out that PAULMCCARTNEY had a tough time playing AND singing Day Tripper at the same time. It’s 2 different rhythms. Similar with the riff from Drive My Car. I have never seen anyone your age master it and look like you’re having so much fun. Plus, as an American, I heard no accent to my ear until I heard you gals speak. Amazing, musical and technical. Please come tour the States.



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About the Album

"MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more" is a cover compilation of world-known songs from the 60s era. It contains a lot of Beatles songs but you’ll also find covers of the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, the Easybeats, Buffalo Springfield & Janis Joplin on the album.

“Over the last years we have built up quite a stack of YouTube videos, as well as a big live repertoire of cover songs that we perform regularly. We recorded some of them as studio versions where we were able to play more than one guitar each, sing multiple harmonies and on which Mona plays drums and percussion and Dad does the bass. For our live shows, however, we play in the classical 60s band setting with 2 guitars, drums and bass and 2 - 3 voices, sometimes joined by the Ukulele (Lisa) and the blues harp (Mona).”

Depending on the type of recording you'll notice differences in the arrangements. There are studio recordings mixed with live performances and even some acoustic duo recordings, like Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth".

Many tracks on the CD have been on the MonaLisa Twins YouTube channel for years, while others have not been published anywhere before. People from all over the world discovered them by searching for covers of their favorite songs and then kept following the Twins’ musical career. Maybe you’re one of them! Fans kept asking if they could buy the music somewhere. Some wanted to use them for special occasions like having "In My Life" or "God Only Knows" as their wedding song. Music teachers used our covers for their lessons, dancers for their choreographies, ... So the MonaLisa Twins team finally decided to throw in this cover compilation before the girls started writing and recording new originals again.

Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design: MonaLisa Twins
Photos: Gerald Naber,
Live recording and mix for track # 09: Andreas Neubauer, Funkytown-Productions

Album Name: MonaLisa Twins Play Beatles & More
Album Type: Album Download - 15 Tracks
Release Date: 28 Mar 2014

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