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Close To You” from the Album ORANGE is a song about growing up, the relativity of closeness, relationships and the struggle with loss and regret. Check the tabs below for more info, audio sample and lyrics.

Single Download: Once Upon A Time – 1 Track
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From Album: ORANGE

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William Teeters
3 years ago

The rhythm. The tempo. The 3/4 time. The melody, harmonies, lyrics. “Close To You” is about as close to perfect that a song can get. Absolutely my favorite song.


Single Download: Close To You - 1 Track
Release Date: 29 Sep 2017
Lyrics: Close To You
Music & Lyrics: MonaLisa Twins
Produced, mixed & mastered: Rudolf Wagner

Audio Sample: 

About the Song

Many of us have lost friends, possibly even lovers and have “somehow” become distant from people that we’ve once been so close to. Life throws many things at us and love complicates it all even further and can make it hard to move on. “Close To You” captures this inner struggle with losses and the sentiments that come with it.

“We’ve been talking lately how different we see things now, just having left our teens. Experiencing how relationships can change over time led us to ask ourselves what would have happened if we had done things differently in the past. This song is less of an answer but more another question why time is such a strange concept that only works in one direction. You can never go back, just in your imagination. And while we don’t think living in or regretting the past is helpful, reviewing one’s own viewpoints at certain times can help us to create a more fulfilled future with less regrets and struggles.”

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