Shooting New Music Videos in California

Shooting Hotel California in Palmdale

The last three weeks our Dad and us have been shooting the music videos for “California Dreaming”, “Hotel California” and “San Franscico”.

While doing so we have been horse riding, motorboating, busking & dressing up and whale whatching. We went to Hollywood, San Fransisco, Palmdale and many different beaches in California.

It wasn’t always easy to find the right location to shoot but with the help of local friends we always found the place we were looking for. Shooting was a LOT of fun and we got to see many different places and met quite interesting people. We didn’t have a script or anything planned out – just our imagination and individual ideas that we wanted to realize in those videos. I think that is going to make the cutting of the video really interesting. We have a whole lot of cassettes with footage on them and as soon as we come home from our trip we will start working on them.

For the music video of “California Dreaming” we might also shoot a few more scenes back home in Austria, for the “All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey” – part ;). We are looking forward to the final outcome and hope you’ll have as much fun watching them as we had doing them. You’ll get to see them in a couple of weeks.

Mona & Lisa


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