Slipmat – ORANGE


12 inch felt slipmat for your record player as decoration or to unleash your inner DJ. The design is inspired by the MonaLisa Twins’ second original album ORANGE. Check the tabs below for more info.

Size: 12 inch
Material: 16 oz Felt

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Dimensions: 38.5 × 34 × 2.5 cm SKU: P-Merch-Slipmat-OR Categories: , Tags: , , , , , Availability:

In stock

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9 days ago

It’s a well made slipmat and it’s lovely to look at.

Allan Morton
1 month ago

I was asked to review my Orange slipmat purchase so here goes! It really brightens up the corner of my room where the turntable lives and looks great. Appears to work as expected and I have had no problems playing my albums on top of it so my review is that is looks great and works just fine!

M Farlow
5 years ago

This is a felt type ‘Slipmat’.

Please skip down for a general note on slipmats.

The slipmat is of a high quality felt and printed (topside) with the Mona Lisa Twins signature type logo and the ORANGE ‘splash’ (all flush with no bumps or other issues). The mat is a medium type felt which is not too light or too heavy. The slipmat comes in a plastic sleeve with cardboard inner that is good for storage. Depending on the turntable used, this slipmat should give excellent performance. Alternatively, the mat would look wonderful as a framed memento for those not wishing to use it as a platter mat!

[Edit to combine two comments and update after use of slipmat]

I have played ORANGE – vinyl many times now. I have used my cork platter mat and used the ORANGE Slipmat – always with my spindle weight in place. I also played other new records and older vinyl on the ORANGE Slipmat. I can write here that I would highly recommend this felt Slipmat. If you are still using a rubber platter mat get this ORANGE Slipmat and you will not regret it! Using a cork or other fibre mat? Give this ORANGE Slipmat a twirl and, my guess is, that you will enjoy the listening experience.

Use of different types of platter mat is subjective. Some prefer felt and others prefer other materials and some change mat according to which record they are playing. I currently mostly use a cork platter mat of the harder persuasion but have used rubber (horrid) and other felt mats. At the risk of repetition; BUY THIS MAT! It really is good.

General Note on Slip mats;

In general, this type of mat (felt) will soften the transients and warm up the sound of the vinyl playing. A harder mat would firm up the transients and make for a brighter, more immediate sound. The experience with this mat or any other will vary for each individual turntable because of a plethora of issues as most audiophiles will appreciate. I hold that the Orange – slipmat is excellent.


About the Slipmat

12 inch slipmat inspired by the Twins’ ORANGE album cover art. It’s made from medium density felt that weighs in at 16 oz, which is the industry standard. It is glazed on the printed side giving it some extra slip and are firm to touch without being too rigid. Of course it is great for mixing and scratching standard records or timecoded vinyl but most of all they will make a fantastic eyecatcher on your turntable.

It has a very high resistance against stretch and tear, especially in the centre hole area, making it last long. Latest sublimation printing methods were used to achieve bright and vibrant colours and jet black outlines. The printed design leaves no raised areas on the surface of the slipmat and is printed right to the edge.

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