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The MonaLisa Twins’ third single off their upcoming album.

Title: Questionable

Download Format: zip file with mp3 file + Extras (lyrics & single art)

Release Date: February 2022

Lyrics: Click here


To hear more so-far unreleased original music and look behind-the-scenes into the making of this song and video we welcome you to join the MLT Club. More info here.


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4 months ago

EXCELLENT! Encore, Encore.
I Was especially struck by the singing “wild boars” on the wall!

Richard Leach
4 months ago

This song is an absolute ray of sunshine. What a fantastic idea to have a fun look at speed dating. The lyrics are so amusing and very cleverly put together. Love the video too. You girls have smashed it again.
Ps. Would live to see this live one day.

Rory Heynemann
5 months ago

Such a fun song. Really love it.

Debbie Jaegle
Debbie Jaegle
5 months ago

Brilliant! Three of this old broads favorite things: music, politics and social commentary! ????

Tim Johnston
6 months ago

The Girls at their best! Cleverly done, beautifully played, wonderfully sung!

Hermann Fleischhauer
7 months ago

From your new songs I like one better than the other. It’s nice to be gifted at this time of you with this wonderful music. A great shimmer of hope, given the bad things that are served daily on the radio. The good old manuscript is the best. At that time, songs emerged under the apple tree when the clouds moved over it. Today they shall produced in miserable studios. Good, that MLT have the wonderful feeling for music.

7 months ago

I only discovered the twins about 2 months ago and I am completely blown away by them. I have purchased the single Questionable and for me it’s without peer. These girls really know how to put across a really catchy song. This needs to be played on mainstream media and get the exposure they deserve. The video is really cleverly constructed and goes so well with the song. I am an old Beatles fan and this so reminds me of their work. I love the twins covers of there music, I have also purchased through the iTunes Store one of their albums. It won’t be by any means my last purchase. I wish I had discovered you earlier when you were resident at the Cavern. I would have most certainly have been a regular.

7 months ago

Música maravilhosa e
muito bem gravada.
Vídeo muito bem pensado e realizado. Tudo nota 10!
Parabéns a todos os envolvidos pelo excelente trabalho.

Kyle Ponsford
7 months ago

The Twins have created a musical masterpiece in Questionable, and the video is equally perfect in every way. What a superb combination of sight and sound. Completely amazing!

Richard Stauffer
8 months ago

I love this song; it’s evocative and humorous all sewed up in a happy tune. The lyrics are an exceptional blend of construction, cadence and rhyme that requires skill to deliver. Some talented writing there, girls. Impressive performance!

Everybody should buy a copy, You gotta sell records to keep making them.

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