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The Duo Sessions is an album of intimate versions of covers as well as originals, all initially recorded for the MLT Club. They are mostly done with just two voices, two guitars and the occasional percussion or blues harp.

Album Name: The Duo Sessions
Album Download: The Duo Sessions – 15 Tracks
Download Format: zip file MP3 files + Extras
Release Date: 26 June 2020

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Alexander Demin
4 months ago

Mona, Lisa and papa Rudi thank you so much!

Dan McNamara
5 months ago

I think this is wonderful. And thanks for saying “stay groovy” which assumes I’m already groovy!

Richard Raighn
6 months ago

As usual Mona and Lisa you continue to outdo yourselves it’s just another album for me to love and listen to all the time frankly you don’t have enough music for me to run out of I just keep playing over and over again and as did the Beatles your music just never gets old show any additions like the new upcoming album I can’t wait to hear either I’ve had two more surgeries in the last month but the only pain pill I need is MLT please keep it coming

Dave B.
6 months ago

I’m an old guy, so I remember the original versions of these songs. I remember how much happiness and “magic” these songs brought us. Truthfully, I would rather listen to the ML Twins versions of these songs. I am blown away by the musical mastery and vocal beauty of both Lisa and Mona. Anyone can cover a song, but they capture the details and nuances of the songs that make them special. Additionally, they add quality and beauty to the songs. Two examples that come to mind are “Baby’s in Black” and “Both Sides Now”. In “Baby’s in Black”, Lisa… Read more »

7 months ago

Great album. I had some folks over and they were like “who is that?” Super clean so found.

7 months ago

I can’t speak highly enough of The Duo Sessions . An album clearly made by accomplished, confidant musicians who aren’t afraid to tackle challenging songs. At the same time they elevate seemingly simple, fun songs, add nuance to them and make them fresh and vibrant. They make it look so easy. These stripped down intimate songs reveal what great musicians they are. Gorgeous vocals and great guitar and harmonica. Like all the rest of their work, this album is professionally done but fun and unpretentious. Their love of performing and creating shines through. Their original songs work seamlessly with the… Read more »

7 months ago

Beautiful harmonies that provide great sounds to work to.


These two songs the touch me very deeply. I love you new album, girls !!!

Steve Mihok
7 months ago

Would be great to see you live some day here in Canada.
Love literally everything you do and really appreciate all the free stuff you post on YouTube.

Ed L
8 months ago

Marvelous. Wish you both the best.


About the Album

On this album you will find intimate versions of covers and original songs, performed with mainly two guitars, two voices and the occasional percussion or blues harp.

All songs were initially recorded for the MLT Club, a part of this website where you can find lots of exclusive content, a look behind the scenes and special music releases like the video versions to all of the songs on this album. Find out more about how to join the Club and all its features here:

Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: The Duo Sessions
Album Download:
The Duo Sessions – 15 Tracks
Download Format:
 zip file with MP3 files + Extras
Release Date:
26 June 2020

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