Pen Set of 5 – ORANGE


A set of 5 black ink ballpoint pens with a 360° MonaLisa Twins ORANGE themed design. The familiar curved rubber translucent grip in bright orange makes them comfortable to write with and easy to spot on your desk. Check the tabs below for more info.

Ink: Black
Quantity: 5 Pens

Out of stock

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Jacki Hopper
2 years ago

These MLT pens, not only Groovy in appearance , but offers, smooth ink flow writing for all your creative, grocery shopping list, self memos, and whatever else writing needs you have and with the set of 5, great to keep one in your car, purse, briefcase, computer bag, rooms in your house, give as gifts…. I give these pens a 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ Quality Top Notch Reccomendation

Michael schuhmacher
Michael schuhmacher
2 years ago

Ich mag die Dinger! Ich schreibe selber so gut wie nur nach damit, verwende sie als kleines Geschenk für alle möglichen Leute und hab so wieder eine wundervolle Möglichkeit, meine
MonaundLisamachensuperschönemusik-Lobeshymnen zu den Leuten zu bringen.

Daniel Smith
3 years ago

I’ve never actually ordered the pens, but you’ve sent them as freebies with the CDs I ordered. Then are very good. Easy to grip, a nice balanced weight, and writes every time without having to scribble on something first. The bright orange colour makes them easy to find when I’ve misplaced them.

3 years ago

The pens are very good quality and very comfortable to use.
I have multiple types of pens from cheap to expensive and these are by far the most comfortable easy writing ones I have.
Love the color as always easy to spot where I left it.

Richard Ross
3 years ago

These are the only Pens I use at work. I get complements like; these are so cool, where did you get these?, who are the MonaLisa Twins (of course I tell them, and play a song) can I have one? ( yes) great way to tell everyone about your fabulous selves

Florindo Troncelliti
3 years ago

Beautiful product! When are you coming out with pens in blue ink?

Ed Brown
3 years ago

If you are like me and demand a certain type of pen when working with numbers or documenting a thought then you will love these MLT pens. They are just the right shape for the hand and deliver with just the right amount of fine point. I saw a friend of mine this past weekend who I had given a couple to last year and he was remarking how much he likes using them. He also is very particular in this area. I was so happy to hear that I just ordered 2 more sets – one for me and one for him. I cannot rave enough about the quality of all the products you find in the MLT store and this is a perfect example – Bravo! 🙂

3 years ago

These pens are the perfect addition to any MLT collection. Well made, nice grip for comfortable writing and they look great. The perfect gift for introducing friends to the beautiful world of MLT.

Jung Roe
4 years ago

Being a kind of high end pen collector myself not any pen would do me, but these Mona Lisa ballpoints are quite nice actually. Really comfortable in the hands, with nice clicker, and Parker style refill means when the refill runs out you can easily replace and keep using the pen. Plus there is plenty of ML Orange spirit adorning the pens. A very practical Mona Lisa accessory to get after you are done getting all their music.

M Farlow
4 years ago

A pen is a pen is a pen!

I have been happy to get hold of a few of these pens and can report that they are of a good construction. Particularly for me, the ‘bulge’ at the bottom where the pen is held is very good as it helps me hold the pen and this is important as I have some problems with fine motor control.

As a piece of merchandise, the pens are charming and would add colour to any desktop or notebook. Also, passing these pens on to friends would be a nice way to introduce folk to MLT!


About the Pen

360° design inspired by the Twins’ ORANGE album cover art, with translucent orange rubber grip to make them comfortable to hold and with black ink. A groovy addition to your office, your desk at home, or for on the go. They come in sets of 5 for you to have the Twins’ spirit with you everywhere.

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