The MonaLisa Twins’ second original album provides listeners with a whole new experience. While staying true to their roots – The Sixties – this album branches out into new, more experimental territories of musical styles. You can expect a very tongue-in-cheek side of the MonaLisa Twins. Check the tabs below for more info.

Album Name: ORANGE
Album Type: CD – 12 Tracks
Release Date: 29 Sep 2017
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  1. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Tom Holmes

    Tom Holmes (verified owner)

    I Discovered the Twins about a month ago on You Tube, have been hooked ever since. I ordered the CD last night and received the free download, the songs are very impressive & delightful to hear. I am 61 and this is great music, I compare it to what I grew up listening to. Can’t wait for the CD to arrive so I can listen to it on my home stereo, the Twins nailed this one, thanks so much Mona & Lisa.

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  2. 3 out of 3 people found this helpful
    David Martin

    David Martin (verified owner)

    I love all your music, most especially this album. But it’s you yourselves who give me endless joy and the window for me to feel more a part of your wonderful selves is through your fabulous videos. You’ve done it again with your superb Waiting For The Waiter video.

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  3. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Camilo De Guia

    Camilo De Guia (verified owner)

    Tell me about the first time you were moved by music. I’ll tell you about my first time. It was when I discovered my parent’s vinyls and their old stereo phonograph. Music by The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel, The Everly Brothers, Frank Sinatra …the list and hits goes on.

    Now, tell me about the LAST time you were moved by music. I can tell you about the last time I was moved by music. A year ago, I watched The Mona Lisa Twins version of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. That video left me wanting more. I binge watched ALL of their videos and purchased every track they had. Their latest release, ORANGE, brought me back to that time I discovered those vinyls and watched that video. The melodies and lyrics brought those same feelings back. It’s that good.

    There were sultry bluesy moments followed up by psychadelic haze and then I’m suddenly transported to a dive bar with John Sebastian on blues harp (I want to say it, “harmonica”, there I said it). The various genres they explored kept me hooked from the first note to the last.

    The only sad thing about this album is the fact that it must end. That’s okay, just play your CD in repeat mode and you’re set. “Nothing ever lasts forever, my oh my”.

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  4. 6 out of 6 people found this helpful
    Saba Arif

    Saba Arif (verified owner)

    Words fail me at this point, and though I could pick them out from a thesaurus, I couldn’t even begin to describe just how wonderful I think ‘ORANGE’ is. So I’ll keep the hyperbole to a minimum and give a track by track review of what I think is a groundbreaking masterpiece that certainly ranks right up there with ‘Village Green Preservation Society’, ‘Rubber Soul’ and ‘Pet Sounds’.

    1. The Future: A sound collage that sets the mood in just the right way, The Future is a short, yet intriguing sign of things to come.

    2. No More Worries Company: Seamlessly combining the sound of quintessential ’60s pop with the roaring twenties, No More Worries Company is a cheeky reminder that the MonaLisa Twins are an uproarious bunch with a sense of humour that is as endearing as it is clever. The instrumentation on this song is an absolute hoot! This deserves to be a HUGE hit!

    3. Once Upon A Time: Clearly paying homage to their (and our) heroes, Once Upon A Time, with its Byrds-inspired guitar and nostalgic hippie lyrics is one of those tracks that makes you proud to be a fan of Rock n’ Roll. Dripping with allusions to other classic rock songs, this one is a classic all of its own.

    4. Close To You: The MonaLisa Twins have absolutely nailed the ’60s aesthetic while updating it to sound relevant, fresh, and inventive. This obviously isn’t news to anybody who has ever heard their music, but Close To You is probably their finest take on romance and heartbreak distilled through the sound of The Beatles, The Left Banke, and The Zombies. Of course, they merge those elements to deliver their own signature sound. If there’s any justice in this world, this song will get a ton of airplay!

    5. It’s Alright: This is such a delightful song with signature MLT harmonies, a fantastic British sound, and sunny lyrics that perfectly capture the spirit and joyousness of timeless pop. The MonaLisa Twins are undoubtedly the finest ambassadors of pop music that we have around and It’s Alright is a great example of their mastery.

    6. Waiting For The Waiter: This one is an instant classic! I’ve been addicted to ‘Waiting For The Waiter’ for nearly a month now and right from the remarkable dobro and slide guitar to John Sebastian’s astounding blues harp, and lyrics dripping with imagery, this song just goes to show the leaps and bounds that the twins have taken in terms of songwriting since ‘When We’re Together’.

    7. In It For Love: Where has this song been all my life? It’s definitely my new motto! I suppose it perfectly describes the twins and their worldview, but it’s so universal with blissfully optimistic lyrics and melodic guitar work, not to mention the twins’ breathtaking voices, that it not only transcends its genre but also rises to the top of it.

    8. Count On Me: The poignant lyrics and beautiful vocals on ‘Count On Me’ almost had me in tears. Lisa’s vocal delivery is heartrending, and Mona’s harmonies hit you right in the feels. The stripped down production and guitar may seem deceptively simple but they’re as effective as it gets. If I ever had to play a song by MLT to someone who isn’t as much of a sixties fan as I am, it’s this one. I’m sure ‘Count On Me’ will continue to be a song that I can always count on in times of joy and sadness.

    9. Sweet Lorraine: With its clever wordplay, storybook imagery, and Zombies-inspired melodies, Sweet Lorraine, akin to ‘A Rose For Emily’ or ‘Another Day’, gets into the skin of the character and makes you feel like you’ve known her all along. Mona’s vocals are so effective and compelling! I absolutely LOVE the lyrics on this one.

    10. That’s Life: I’ve loved this song ever since I first became a fan of the twins and it’s a brilliantly crafted track that’s brimming with wisdom, humour and infectious hooks. It’s precisely the kind of song that ‘starts with a smile that won’t wipe off your face no matter how hard you try’.

    11. Club 27: This track is smoking! Like so many others, I have always been fascinated by the ’27 Club’, but I positively could never write a song this good about it! Lisa’s blistering Hendrix-inspired guitar work is a highlight of this album, and I’d kill to see them perform this one live.

    12. Still A Friend Of Mine: It’s astonishing just how beautiful this track is. It almost had me in tears and wanting more! The lyrics are both personal and universal, and address the global situation in the most succinct manner. Like all brilliantly written songs, however, it can be interpreted any way you choose. I know I’ll still be listening to this fifty years from now!

    To cap it all off, If ‘When We’re Together’ was The MonaLisa Twins’ ‘Please Please Me’, ‘ORANGE’ is their ‘Revolver’. The growth in songwriting, production, and performance is absolutely staggering. This is a gem of an album that rarely comes along and deserves to be treasured by every music fan.

    Thank you for the music, Mona and Lisa. I’m a fan for life!

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  5. 3 out of 3 people found this helpful
    Ross Anderson

    Ross Anderson (verified owner)

    Fantastic album I would give it more than a five star rating Mona and Lisa have put a lot of thought into the album and postage using orange bubble envelopes so every thing matches. It is very kind of them to included a pen,two stickers and photo postcards the album was well worth the money and the wait.

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  6. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Ed Brown

    Ed Brown (verified owner)

    Orange is a complete Masterpiece! Mona and Lisa have jumped straight from their “Please Please me” debut to “Revolver” with this album! Every song is a hit with the care and effort which was taken showing through on every single cut with amazing results! So many different types of music are here ranging from burlesque to psychedelic rock to blues to folk with some Pepper/Penny Lane thrown in for good measure. To me “Still A Friend of Mine” is my favorite bringing a serious tear to my eye every time I listen. A fantastic experience all the way around and thank you ladies for all of the joy you have given us! It is worthy of at least six, seven or more stars! The last time I felt so good about listening to a new album was when I first heard “When We’re Together”

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  7. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Jung Roe

    Jung Roe (verified owner)

    There have been a few defining musical moments in my life. When I first heard Pink Floyds “Wish you were here”, Supertramp “Even in the quietest moments”, Beatles 1962-1966 (The Red Album) and 1967-1970 (The Blue Album), and now the MonaLisa Twins Orange Album. This is truly good stuff, every single track, as each one is so intimate and personal. It’s like the very best of the last 55 years of rock music all came together in perfection and harmony. Mona and Lisa have truly created a masterpiece of an album, and to think all this great music was whirling around in their heads for the last 2 years. I still have goosebumps from Tracks 8 and 12 among others, and I know I’m going to enjoy listening to this album for many years to come. The world really needs to hear this album!

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  8. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Tomás F. Calvo

    Tomás F. Calvo (verified owner)

    The Mona Lisa Twins knock it out of the park with ORANGE. They take a variety of styles and play with them with dexterity, ease and a confidence seen only in history’s talented best. The Mona Lisa Twins present themselves lightly with lots of humor, but their lyrics are intelligent, deep and conscious like we haven’t seen since the 60’s. While their sound is reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s, it still sounds new and fresh.

    The harmonies in ORANGE are among the best ever recorded, with the guitars keeping up with the pace. Orchestrations are simple yet to the point, without ever overdoing it. It’s clear talent overflows in every direction.

    ORANGE is a collection of diamonds, where Still A Friend of Mine, Count On Me and Once Upon a Time shine a slightly above the rest, if that’s at all possible.

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  9. One person found this helpful
    Richard McGlenn

    Richard McGlenn (verified owner)

    What are the chances of falling in love with an artist’s music all over again? Well it’s happened to me for probably the first time in my life and that spans 50+ years. The MonaLisa Twins have grown so much both musically and production wise since their debut album When We’re Together is plainly obvious with ORANGE. All their songs have such carefully crafted lyrics and the broad use of instruments makes ORANGE an audio delight to the ears. Old fans won’t be disappointed by the evolution of their music and new fans will be introduced to a rare form of music today. Real instruments, real singers, real music that is a pleasure to listen to and has such great meaning and depth. These girls have grown into young adults with a keen sense of what the world needs to be a better place through their music. Love is all you need and staying groovy is something you can do no matter what your age is. The world needs this music that’s for sure.

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  10. 5 out of 5 people found this helpful
    Rick Ross

    Rick Ross (verified owner)

    ORANGE is an album that comes along once in a lifetime. Still A Friend Of Mine is the most BEAUTIFUL SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD. Another Golden Kayak Award is on the Horizion. This will be The MonaLisa Twins biggest hit.
    The entire album consists of 60’s folk style that has been missing for nearly 50 years. You can’t make this type of album up. It draws you in from the very first note and doesn’t let you go even after the album is over.
    Waiting For The Waiter is some serious Blues. The style you would find in New Orleans or Memphis.
    No More Worries Company is very close to a sassy upbeat tune that compels you to listen for more.
    The entire album is filled with cliches and references from songs and phrases from a time long forgotten.

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The Future












About the Album

The MonaLisa Twins’ much anticipated follow-up original record to their debut album “When We’re Together”. 5 years have passed since the release of original material while the Twins played countless shows all over Europe, moved their residence to England, and learned some important life lessons. In other words … they lived life.

In comparison to their first album, which was still written in their teens, ORANGE gives a more mature, sometimes satirical, yet overall still light-hearted approach to topics we all deal with. Love, community, doubt, the past and future and the generally unsettling direction society seems to be taking.

While staying true to their passion for melodic, quirky songwriting, plenty of harmonies, a very “60s” sound and twangy guitar licks, this album branches out into new territories and incorporates very psychedelic but also earthy, bluesy, sometimes even jazzy tones. Built upon everything you loved about their debut album, you can expect to hear a more experimental and very tongue-in-cheek side of the MonaLisa Twins.

Lyrics, Music, Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: ORANGE
Album Type: CD - 12 Tracks
Release Date: 29 Sept 2017

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