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Nothing Is In Vain” from the album “When We’re Together” reminds us that everything we do in life has its reason and its good points, even the bad stuff. Check the tabs below for more info, audio clips and lyrics.

Single Download: Nothing Is In Vain – 1 Track
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From Album: When We’re Together

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From Album: When We’re TogetherAlbum Type: CD – 11 TracksRelease Date: 29 Feb 2012Lyrics: Nothing Is In VainMusic & Lyrics: MonaLisa TwinsProduced, mixed & mastered: Rudolf Wagner

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About the Song

Did you ever go through a hard time, suffered from a big loss or a mistake and later, sometimes years later, it turned out that it was good for something? That in hindsight a decision proved to be the right one? That it wasn’t such a bad luck to lose that job or to not get that particular girl/boy? Ironcially, sometimes such misfortunes even lay the ground for unexpected future happiness.

Nothing Is In Vain” from the album “When We’re Together” is about the thought that maybe nothing that we ever do or say or decide is in vain. There are bad times, but there will always be sunshine after rain as well. There is often a reason behind things that we might not grab right away.

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