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“MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 3” is the third cover compilation album released by the MonaLisa Twins, with recordings of tunes from the Beatles, the Kinks, Cream, Simon & Garfunkel and more. Check the tabs below for more info, audio clips and lyrics.

Album Name:
MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 3
Album Type: CD – 14 Tracks
Release Date: 28 Oct 2018
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    M Farlow

    Cracking Volume!

    M Farlow (verified owner)

    MLT Play Beatles & more v3

    (Re-submittted with rating)

    The CD arrived two days after I had a confirmation email of despatch and I found this great timing. The package, a kind of stiff bubble wrap envelope, was excellent for purpose. On opening the package, I found the CD tightly shrink wrapped. The CD case is of the tough card type with plastic inner holding the CD and a high quality outer and inner print. The front cover has a picture of MLT, the rear has a track list and the inner has the track list with notes.

    Track notes:

    1; If I Fell – (Studio) The Beatles.

    This beautiful song is covered here in a way that is better than I have heard any other! Softer by the nature of the voices of Mona and Lisa than The Beatles, yet still so emotionally strong. As ever, the instrumentation is great and the whole composition is just right.

    2; The Night Before – (Studio) The Beatles.

    Wonderfully paced to match the original, this cover is sweet! The song is originally from ‘HELP!’ – a marvellous movie in its own right. MLT do a great cover here.

    3; The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) – (Studio) Simon & Garfunkel

    The Queensboro Bridge in New York City is the bridge in question here; so busy and fast! The start of the lyrics ‘Slow down you move to fast.’ says it all! Then we have the line that shows the attitude of MLT so very well ‘All is groovy.’. The cover is well paced, clearly played and sang with precision. There are obvious differences between the singers here and, for me at least, the MLT version seems a little less soft than that of Simon and Garfunkel. I think that is a good thing though.

    4; You Really Got Me – (Studio) The Kinks.

    I have to admit that The Kinks are one of my favourites and I really do not like hearing their songs covered badly. I am most certainly not disappointed with this cover. Just as punchy, powerful and rockin’ MLT more than do justice to this track. Ray Davies sure knows how to write and I’m sure would be impressed by this version.

    5;You’re Going To Lose That Girl – (Live: Cavern Club) The Beatles.

    Another from ‘HELP!’. Though this was recorded live at the famous Cavern Club, one could be forgiven for thinking it to be a studio track. There is little more to write other than; do yourself a favour and listen to this!

    6; Morning Has Broken – (Studio) Gaelic Traditional.

    O.K.! Those of you with even marginal search engine skills can find out a wealth of information about this song. Known to many as a Christian Hymn, the song is usually sang to the traditional Scottish Gaelic tune ‘Bunessan’. A popular version, that many think the original, was performed by Cat Stevens in 1971. Many, many artists have covered this song and I, blowing my own horn here, got a standing ovation for singing this a cappella (in the chapel / without instruments) at church when a child. So! What about this MLT version? I cannot lie, even when the truth could be to my disadvantage, I cried first time I heard this and on several playings since. Not the easiest thing for a ‘tough northern lad’ to admit. To simply describe this cover as beautiful is to do it a disservice – I cannot think of a better word though.

    7; A World Without Love – (Studio) Peter & Gordon.

    I quite like Peter & Gordon and happen to know that the actual writer of this song was Paul McCartney! I think, at our house, we probably wore the stylus down on dad’s old stereo playing the vinyl of this song. Dad heard this being played by me, the MLT version, and made me play it over three times in a row! MLT perform this in a way that sounds so, so sincere with delicious harmony and superb playing.

    8; The Best Years Of Our Lives – (Studio) Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel.

    This is such a powerful song! These European Maids* sing the song so well. The harmonica playing on this track is just superb. Though I like Steve Harley, I had to get another opinion on this cover. So, some time ago, I sent the link for the youtube video of this track to a friend I know to be a huge fan of S H. My friend phoned back and thanked me for the link and told me that, though he prefers the S H version, this is the best cover he has heard of the song.

    *(Erm! I went there. I’ll just … be … going!)

    9; White Room – (Studio) Cream.

    Honestly, I could not bring this song to mind – though I know I have it on vinyl! A quick search had me playing the original and instantly recognising it. MLT have a tough job, as does anyone, covering this pure rock piece and doing it justice. They do not fail. Hearing the girls voices complimenting one another on here is great and the guitar playing is amazing.

    10; Glass Onion – (Studio) The Beatles.

    Trivia time! A glass onion is a large blown glass vessel for storing wine, or such, onboard ship and has the shape of an onion with a wide or ‘bell’ bottom and narrower top. The things I know without looking them up! Looking through a glass onion gives a distorted view – filled or not. The song is known for its (perceived) distorted look at things happening at the time it was released including the McCartney ‘conspiracy’. MLT cover the song very well with strength in both vocals and playing.

    11; Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind – (Studio) The Lovin’ Spoonful.

    Featuring the legendary John Sebastion on lead vocals and guitar, this tongue in cheek classic is not just covered but ‘re-booted’. As may be expected, the guitar work is, along with other instruments, exceptional. This is another song where we can really hear the playfulness in the voices of Mona and Lisa. John’s not bad either! (ROFL)

    12; Time Of The Season – (Studio) The Zombies.

    I’ve heard this song referred to as seductive and suggestive. Others have said its just a bit of fun. Make of it what you will. MLT cover the track very well. There is a real maturity in the vocal work herein and, as ever, the instrumentals are great. I think The Zombies where probably underrated and it is good to hear a modern revival of this song – especially such a good one.

    13; Hey Bulldog – (Studio) The Beatles.
    This track is kicking! Great piano and bass … oh what bass! Fast sweet guitar precise drums and the voices!!! I’ll admit this is not one of my favourites by The Beatles but I’m loving this cover.

    14; Yesterday – (Studio) The Beatles.

    From my youtube comment; ‘ Another outstanding cover done with a simplicity that shows great respect for the legacy.’. MLT excel here and really prove their heart and art. With wonderful instrumental work and such sincere, lilac voices* this has got to be one of the best covers of the song ever.

    *For lilac, read; cultivated, strong and beautiful.

    Overall, this third volume of ‘Beatles & more’ is another wonderful showcase of MLT covers spanning from 2015 to 2018. This volume is an essential addition to any MLT fan collection and is recommended to anyone getting started with MLT, interested in quality cover versions or simply looking for good music presented well.

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      Howard Bedwell (verified owner)

      Another great review NightWatch.

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    • M Farlow (verified owner)

      Thanks Howard – I try. Well, people tell me I’m trying! 🙂

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  2. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Jung Roe

    MLT Play Beatles & More Volume 2 and 3 are phenomenal

    Jung Roe (verified owner)

    MLT Play Beatles & More Volume 2 and 3 are phenomenal albums that brings together some of their best Youtube covers of great classics as well as some brand new covers never released before. The songs on the albums as I understand it are remixed for the CD to give a higher sound quality than the Youtube versions which is noticeable with crisp rich sounds.

    Every song is brilliantly performed by the MonaLisa Twins and presented here with their unique sound and interpretation that make each one so fresh and special and worthy of owning. Lisa’s guitar playing is truly outstanding throughout and their fans feel are worthy of praise and comparison to some of Rock and Rolls immortal legends, and their individual lead vocals are truly rich and moving as can be heard in songs like “I’ll Follow The Sun”, “Yesterday”, “Best Years of our Lives”, “Time of the Season”, “White Room” etc… I believe Mona sings lead on “You Really Got Me” and she tops the likes of Joan Jett or Heart for that cool hard rocker vocal sound in my opinion. Together Mona and Lisa are magic with breathtaking harmonies and incredible musicianship. It’s no wonder many of their fans truly believe they are one of the greatest Rock and Roll talents out there today in the music world.

    Here are just some first listen comments I made at the MLT Club First Access where members get exclusive preview privileges of new albums and videos several days before the release. Joining the MLT Club is highly recommended if you want further insight into this incredible band.

    1..”Time of The Season”, the quintessential theme song of the 60’s for me, I absolutely adore your version! From the crisp beautiful singing , to that wonderful guitar sounds all your own, you guys hit it out of the ball park. Zombies and Zombies fans should be really proud to hear their great song so beautifully and uniquely interpreted!

    2..”You Really Got Me”….Love it! Use to think Joan Jett was one of the best female hard rockers. MonaLisa Twins can get down even better! Awesome cool singing and fabulous guitar riffs.

    3..With “White Room”, I haven’t heard the song in a while, so I had to go back and listen to the original because, I don’t quite remember this song ever sounding as incredibly awesome as what I am hearing here. Don’t get me wrong, this is an iconic and great song as I recognize it instantly, and I don’t want to sound like a cliche, but I love your unique spin to this song even more! The way you sing this, it evokes feelings and emotions at heights I haven’t experienced before with this song. I think you accomplished your mission here in spades taking a great song, staying true to it’s essence, but creating something truly unique and special!

    “Hey Bull Dog” , “Glass Onion” and “The Night Before” are gems with a great beat, lovely singing and wonderful guitar work. Then there is a really catchy and delightful “Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind” with John Sebastian singing lead with the girls on vocal backup which is a real treat here.

    These are just highlights of some of my favorite songs. Every track across the 2 albums are just as impressive. Absolutely great music with an irresistible MonaLisa Twins spin to it all.

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    • M Farlow (verified owner)

      Really like the review. I would recomend both volumes too.

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About the Album

"MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 3" is the third cover compilation album released by the MonaLisa Twins. It consists of 14 cover songs, recorded between 2015 and 2018. You will find a lot of Beatles on it but the Twins also covered songs by The Kinks, Cream, Simon & Garfunkel and many more.

John Sebastian (The Lovin' Spoonful) also joins them for a version of his 60's classic "Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind".

“We recorded a handful of songs just for the release of Volume 3 and really enjoy the selection of songs on this one. It's a great mix of our favourite tracks from different corners of music, and we honour the songs that we decided to cover immensely. Recording with John Sebastian was especially fun, we did that in our Studio in Merseyside

The album mainly contains studio recordings, with one live performance of “You're Going To Lose That Girl”, which got recorded during the Twins' 2 year residency at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool.

Many tracks on the CD have been on the MonaLisa Twins YouTube channel for years, while others have not been published anywhere before. People from all over the world discovered them by searching for covers of their favourite songs and then kept following the Twins’ musical career. The "MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more" Album Series is a fan requested project and you can also find Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 in the store.

Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 3
Album Type:
 CD - 14 Tracks
Release Date:
28 Oct 2018

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