Live at the Cavern Club – Double Album CD


Live at the Cavern Club is a double album of 28 songs, recorded during the MonaLisa Twins’ 100th and final live show of their two-year residency at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool.

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Album Name: Live at the Cavern Club
Album Type: 2 CDs – 28 Tracks (Downloads included)
Release Date: 8 November 2020

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1 month ago

Recently discovered you two “ladies” What a pleasant surprise. Love the music from this era, somehow you two really make it work !! Really like the original material too. All the way from Minneapolis Minnesota USA. Go figure. Wonders of the internet.CD’s are a bit spendy but you two are worth it!! I will be buying some. So much talent.

Nicola Whitten
1 month ago

My hoodie arrived today and I’m very happy with it

Brad Taggart
1 month ago

Happy New Year’s Mona and Lisa, I noticed that you were asking for people who bought your ‘Live At The Cavern Club’ double CD to comment about it. I am more than happy to do that for you. For the benefit of whoever is reading this, I’m an old hippy/rock’n’roll guy in my 60’s, so that you know who’s opinion it is that you’re reading. OK, Mona and Lisa, I would love to be able to say that it’s the best album that you have ever made, but to be honest, I can’t do that. You two kick ass, and… Read more »

Charles Kindlesparger
1 month ago

Ahhh yes, a fantastic album from MonaLisa Twins. The Beatles covers are great, perfect harmonies and musicanship. Lisa, as lead, hits all the right notes. How does one pick certain songs to be a favorite? The “A Hard Days Night” songs….”You Can’t Do that” Mona as lead singer is just great and “Tell Me Why” Just blow me away. “This Boy” the harmonies are as good as …maybe better?. …than John and Paul….BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD !!! “For What it’s Worth” These were my favorite in the mid 60’s and you did it in a way all your own…FANTASTIC !!….. I would… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Charles Kindlesparger
robert jackson
1 month ago

So I was painting my kitchen just before Thanksgiving and listening to a cd I put together that had a string of MLT Beatle covers, when i was cleaning up my wife came in from the other room and asked who was singing the Beatles songs. I told her it was MLT, and she says “they’re really good”. My wife LOVES XMAS music, she listens to it year round while ironing, so I decided to get her their XMAS cd. To my joy they had it bundled with the Live at The Cavern Club, so I ordered the bundle. I… Read more »

Phillip Vierke
1 month ago

Cannot wait for Live At The Cavern Club to get here. Your music is, to paraphrase the late Dick Clark, the soundtrack of my life. Happy New Year MLT Lots of love!

Martin Harold
2 months ago

Any chance of releasing the video footage on DVD or a download ? The YouTube clips are brilliant

Shawn Lackie
2 months ago

Or I would make the trek to Liverpool(again) once this Covid crap is done

Shawn Lackie
2 months ago

Let me know if you ever want to jam out if you ever come to Canada

Kevin Hinson
2 months ago

Since I got Live at the Cavern Club, I literally listen to some part of every day… sometimes all of it! Its definitely my most listen to body of music for me now and Im sure far into the future. All the songs are great, the quality is amazing and the energy can be felt from the Cavern for sure. I give this album 2 thumbs up since that is all I have!! Great music!!!


MLT Club members can stream the entire album in the Jukebox HERE.

CD 1

CD 2

About the Album

This is a double album of 28 songs with a total of nearly 90 minutes of music: A mixture of lots of Beatles and 60s covers and some MonaLisa Twins originals, too. It got recorded at the Twins' 100th and final show of their two-year residency at Liverpool's legendary Cavern Club on October 8, 2016.

Each CD contains a 45min set with the songs in the same order that they were performed during the live show. You will hear Mona and Lisa on vocals and guitars, Callum Williams on bass and backing vocals and Charlie Skeggs on drums.

If you are interested in seeing the live videos for each of the songs, we welcome you to join the MLT Club where every few weeks a new Cavern Club live video gets released (the first half of the first set is already available). All MLT Club members also get their purchased CDs signed by Mona and Lisa.

Find more info about the MLT Club here.

Album Name: Live at the Cavern Club
Album Type:
2 CDs – 28 Tracks (Downloads included)
Release Date:
8 November 2020

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