I Bought Myself A Politician – Single Download



The MonaLisa Twins’ first single off their upcoming album.

Title: I Bought Myself A Politician

Download Format: zip file with mp3 file + Extras (lyrics & single art)

Release Date: August 2021

Lyrics: Click here


To hear more so-far unreleased original music and look behind-the-scenes into the making of this song and video we welcome you to join the MLT Club. More info here.


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jACk Sol frYschman
jACk Sol frYschman
1 month ago

I have loved U all from first sight. Now I respect U as the genius’ that u all r.
I give you my vote and May all your best wishes become reality faster than the speed of light as you choose to lead all generations into the Age of Aquarius ♒️ . ❤️⛅️💙, 🦄🫶U

2 months ago

For me – the beautiful resonance musically, of this song and also their song “Questionable” – with the Beatles middle period, is a joy to behold.

Richard Leach
4 months ago

Love the clever, witty lyrics to this song, together with an equally amusing video.
Its good sometimes to poke fun at, and make light of, the darker sides of life, like power, greed and corruption. In a lighthearted way, this song is a reminder that these things are all too prevalent around the world.

Rory Heynemann
4 months ago

A very clever and funny song and the video is a hoot.

5 months ago

A great song and an excellent video 🙂
However, while many people seem to perceive this song as a satirical view of the real world (which well may be, since music often is inspired by real events), for me the song has a quite personal allusion. It describes incredible well some crazy, but important ideas I’ve had for some time. Judging by the popularity of the song, it looks like those ideas are more popular that I would’ve expected. And listening to those ideas in the form of a great song has helped me to look at them in a whole different way, more profound.
Musically, a great song; but with lyrics that resonate so deep with my own thoughts, I definitely underpay for this little piece of art.
Thank you, Mona & Lisa for making this great song!

6 months ago

The song itself is excellent but when combined with the music video it becomes perfection. An absolute spot-on takedown of our current world situation. Plus, it’s catchy as all get-out. Nice work!

7 months ago

Love this song, I could listen to y’all sing any time (and do).

Alfonso posada
Alfonso posada
8 months ago

Pandemics explained?
Thanks, lovely Girls…

David D D
David D D
8 months ago

This wonderful song fits into the “truth hurts” category! I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry. However, I am glad that orange juice is on the shopping list.

Gary Petrinka
Gary Petrinka
9 months ago

Great song

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