Unboxing our YouTube Play Button + Q&A Video

Unboxing our YouTube Play Button + Q&A!

We just uploaded a new video to out channel where we catch up with everyone and give a little update on our year so far. As well as finally unboxing our YouTube Play Button which we got sent to celebrate 100k subscribers that we reached at the start of the year.

Who knew we’d get emotional over a plaque but for us, more than anything else, it symbolises the community that has grown around our music and the support from all of you groovy folks. So once again, thanks for making YouTube send us the Play Button in the mail by clicking “subscribe” 😉

At the end of the video we also included a Q&A video that we recently recorded for the MLT Club. It’s all about our musical influences and inspirations and gives you a little idea of some of the extra content we have been uploading at the Club recently. 🙂

MLT Club Advent Calendar

With the start of December we will begin our annual MLT Club Advent Calendar! What that means is daily Club exclusive posts from now until Christmas with a big surprise at the end!

The Advent Calendar has become an annual tradition over at the MLT Club and each year we switch it up a little and try a new concept to make every day leading up to Christmas fun and different.

This year we will be doing daily challenges and will ask you all to do them along with us. Every completed day will give you points and at the end there will be lots of prizes for everyone that took part! If you go all out and collect a lot of points you’ll be able to get a prize, worth more than the monthly subscription – a free, signed MLT 2021 Calendar sent in the mail! If you’ve ever thought about checking out the MLT Club, December is the month to do it. 😉 If you take advantage of the current Cyber Monday offer, your first subscription month will be 20% off!

We wish you all a peaceful start to December and we’ll see you very soon with a new video and Newsletter! We send you one last big Thank You and hope you’re all staying groovy. 🙂

Mona & Lisa

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Walter Music
2 years ago

I would have to say Mona and Lisa you are so lucky to have grown up with a built in Engineer/Producer/Composer and dad!! That is so cool. Mr. Wagner you are so lucky to have 2 beautiful, talented girls and you were able to help them to become who they are today. Kudos to you sir. I am really impressed by your family, work and live together and have so… Read more »

Fred Aaron
3 years ago

Been searching high and low on MLT, looking for touring info without success…..Do you ladies have any plans for a North American tour…..Would love to see you in NYC

Kjell Enquist
Kjell Enquist
3 years ago

I think I heard all of you at YT and you are unbelievably skilled and complement each other. I will not miss a single clip from you. Keep up the good work – love you. I’ve been there before the Beatles broke through, so I’ve heard some.

Manuel Vilar
3 years ago

Dear both, we know that women some times are a little bit stubborn. But I will not stop insisting in two songs of the Black Album that you have mentioned, Dear Prudence and Honney Pie. For you it wont be difficult to do it.
You are beautiful, Mikaela too and your father is great.

Glenn Gillis
Glenn Gillis
3 years ago

Congrats girls

3 years ago

Enjoying Live from the Cavern.I’ve always been a big Beatles fan, and I fell in Love with yas after the first video. Spreading the Love here in Philly. Lit 59 Ridley Park Pa

Roy Cox
3 years ago

So proud to see you girls open your YouTube award. I know you will continue to build your fan base because you are so genuine. The traits that make individuals attractive to other people, you two have in spades. Being physically attractive is what folks first notice about both of you but your warm and unpretentious personalities is why people want to know more about you both personally and professionally.… Read more »

LUIZ EUGENIO Clemente De Gaetano
LUIZ EUGENIO Clemente De Gaetano
3 years ago

Hello Mona, hello Lisa, greetings from Brasil!
I love your videos and your songs, almost all of them.

Zainul Sachak
3 years ago

Great work. Your music is amazing. Fantastic voices. Keep it rolling for 2021

Tomás F. Calvo
3 years ago

Congratulations on a great achievement! Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I go to the MLT Club, and my mood lifts instantly. We’re very lucky to have you.

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Mona & Lisa