Songbird – New Video

May we introduce a new song …

Today we’re releasing a new original song + video … Songbird!

In the past, we’ve always released a Christmas song around this time of the year. But since we’ve been working on our original music more than ever, and have already released a whole CHRISTMAS album in 2019, we decided to rather spend the time and film a video for one of our new original songs.

It’s going to be part of our next album and while you can’t pre-order that (yet), you can already download the single!

As always, we’d love to hear from you, both on our website and in the YouTube comments ♥

Get the Download

Watch us live + Win a signed Ukulele!

On the 23rd of December at 10 pm (GMT), we will be doing a Christmas live stream where we play some music, do a live Q&A, open your presents, and also give away one of our very own ukuleles – used on many recordings and in many music videos 🙂 If you join us now, you can enter the draw to potentially become its new owner!

The stream will be open for MLT Club Members only, so whether you’re a long time member, or want to join us for the very first time (One month costs £10/$13/€12) … that’s less than your usual concert ticket ;-)) we can’t wait to see you there!

We will go live at 10 pm GMT. Here are some conversions to different time zones:

London – 10 pm (GMT)
Los Angeles – 2 pm
New York – 5 pm
Berlin – 11 pm
Moscow – 1 am
Sydney – 9 am 

Join The MLT Club

We hope you’re enjoying the holidays and send lots of love around the world ♥

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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John Holliday
2 years ago

Ever skilful and ever beautiful, tugs at the heartstrings – another lovely song.

Bob DiSilverio
2 years ago

May you? Please, do. A very well-crafted piece as I am not the first to point out.

Phil Mass
2 years ago

I loved it

2 years ago

Lovely ladies- a real triumph. Where was the vid filmed?

2 years ago

I had seen the advertisement but I didn’t develope the interest. But then I felt I have hear this song. It was wow. I have a problem with streaming, I am old school. Streaming to me is like trashing beautiful work. I like vinyl or Cd. Do you have such alternatives. All the same it’s golden voices.

Reply to  Markaustine
2 years ago

Check out their CD/Vinyl store. WELL worth it!

Tom Killeen
Tom Killeen
2 years ago

This new single is exceptional! Lyrics, harmonies, and the melodies are so impressive!
I can’t wait to hear all the new original material.
The video is gorgeous and so are both of you!!

Peter Piroso
2 years ago

Two equally talented and melodic artists. Beautiful song!!!

Bill Mosler
Bill Mosler
2 years ago

Very Nice Ladies…

Achim Sander
2 years ago

Das Lied ist umwerfend. Ihr habt mit eurer Musik einen hohen Perfektionsgrad erreicht. Jeder Ton sitzt genau an seinem Platz. Eure gesamte Erfahrung spiegelt sich in Songbird wider.

James ONeil
2 years ago

Songbird is a very nice song.

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