Songbird – Single Download



The MonaLisa Twins’ second single off their upcoming album.

Title: Songbird

Download Format: zip file with mp3 file + Extras (lyrics & single art)

Release Date: August 2021

Lyrics: Click here


To hear more so-far unreleased original music and look behind-the-scenes into the making of this song and video we welcome you to join the MLT Club. More info here.


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Ellis Villalovos
Ellis Villalovos
2 days ago

Thank you very much

Richard A Gonzalez
3 days ago

Hi Mona, hi Lisa! I love everything about your song, Song Bird. The lyrics, your guitar playing, Mona’s, drums, and especially your beautiful voices and harmonies, your papas key boards. Lisa walking through the forset with the ballon. I think the lyrics to the song is very moving. When I play your song I get a little emotional because of your voices and harmonies make me feel that way. And area you picked to film your video so beautiful. I play it over and over. Thank so much for your great musical talent and singing. I look forward to your next CD. Thank you again to the MLT family.

Stay Groovy,

Timothy Gore
3 days ago

It reminds me a little like the Beatles in the writing of this song, so if the Moana Lisa Twins were going for that feeling in the song I’d say they nailed it.

Richard Raighn
9 days ago

Such a beautiful song

Walter Music
12 days ago

This song, so well written with melodic overdrives keeps us listening for every note. Songbird takes me back to a time when beautiful lyrics, harmonies and guitars, pianos had me just laying back daydreaming with the Mama’s and the Papa’s and the Beach Boys, finally the Beatles!!! I would rate this beautifully written song a masterpiece by two of the best Musician/Songwriters I have ever heard. Bravo ladies, now on to the next!!!!!!!!! Stay Groovy!

Zorn Joop
Zorn Joop
19 days ago

Of late years I seldomly listened to such marvelous voices, especially in this song!

Warren Swanstrom
27 days ago

Thanks you for what your music, talent and beauty that you give all of us has done for me. I know I sent this to you in another note. You have given me more then you could ever understand. Life is Beautiful all because of you. Your music and videos are with me everyday. Life is Beautiful.

Douglas lee Krisburg
Douglas lee Krisburg
27 days ago

You lady’s are very good. Im always impressed

Clive Little
28 days ago

Another stunning original from your talented hands, sublime musicianship as always, love the harpsichord section in the middle & the harmonies which come so effortlessly, another gem girls. 👍👍♥️♥️

Max Dempster
Max Dempster
28 days ago

Astutely Love it, a beautiful song sung by two Beautiful girls, wonderful harmony.

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