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The MonaLisa Twins’ second single off their upcoming album.

Title: Songbird

Download Format: zip file with mp3 file + Extras (lyrics & single art)

Release Date: December 2021

Lyrics: Click here


To hear more so-far unreleased original music and look behind-the-scenes into the making of this song and video we welcome you to join the MLT Club. More info here.


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Rory Heynemann
4 months ago

This is a lovely song. No more need be said.

Jerry Chamness
8 months ago

Beautiful song and video!

Nigel Thomas
9 months ago

Wasn’t sure about this one first time but it has grown on me. The more I listen to it the more it grows. The lyrics are beautiful and the tune is memorable. Then I saw the video and it all came together. Such stunning scenery and superbly shot. The balloon going at the end finally made sense. I look forward to more songs and videos. With this and Questionable on the new album it is a guaranteed sale.

Tomás F. Calvo
9 months ago

What a lovely song! Such an ode to coming of age. It’s a catchy tune, I can see it becoming a staple at graduations. I love how the melody and chord progressions take you flying, like you’re gliding through the air, following your beak. The harpsichord/clavichord is beautiful, the drums are superb and all the instruments just perfectly arranged. The signature voices and harmonies are the cherry on the top, every time. Groovy!

Walter Music
9 months ago

Songbird is a song that is part of the album that the Twins are putting out and is one of their best releases with beautiful lyrics and the melody is flowing where you can sit back and enjoy just a beautiful song with 2 voices harmonizing like 2 Thrushes in the night!!!!

Richard Raighn
9 months ago

Songbird is a beautiful melody With fantastic harmonies.

Kathleen Moyer
Kathleen Moyer
9 months ago

I love and need songs of nature and animals. If we stop slow down and take time to watch they both will teach us to be the same as them.

9 months ago




Thank you, Mona and Lisa, for these amazing songs!
Your beautiful voices, lyrics, and performances are always so inspiring.

This songbird has a gentle melody, so it is calming to listen to when you want to relax. As I listened to the song, I felt as if Mona and Lisa were two beautiful free birds, playing a beautiful harmony. The Mona in the back also complimented the main Lisa very well.
I liked that they also used a drone to shoot the video, making it look like a bird.
It’s a really great song.

I love Mona and Lisa’s original songs.
I’m eagerly awaiting the completion of your new album!

Paul Roberts
10 months ago

A beautiful sung and produced song with haunting melodies and lyrics.

Sheri Welch
Sheri Welch
10 months ago

I love your sound . Your voices are beautiful and your lyrics!

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