Unisex T-Shirt – ORANGE


Unisex T-shirt especially created and designed to celebrate the release of “ORANGE”, the MonaLisa Twins’ second original album. It has a very soft feel to it and the special “all-over print” will make everyone do a double take. Check the tabs below for a size chart and care instructions.

Cut: Unisex, Straight
Color: White with full-colour sublimation print
Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

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Jack Houlihan
21 days ago

Our youngest of three daughters loved the shirt and, at age 35, turns others onto the twins and their original music, as well as the covers.

Ken Totten
3 months ago

I needed a white T-shirt to go biking with. Black gets a little hot in the sun. This is an excellent shirt, fit and feel are great. It also adds a little color to go biking. I love it!!

Jacki Hopper
1 year ago

To be the owner of a very vividly and positively Happy Tee Shirt, is Groovy!!
Anytime I’ve worn this, it gets noticed, people ask, I direct them to their website/YouTube Channel…
It’s like I’m the Walking, Talking MLTBuzzing Billboard Ad for MLT???❤️?
The design is utmost perfect and flattering, eye catching, while the quality and comfort, Top Notch, and a special care tip to prolong wear of this Tee, wash inside out. I highly reccomend one to buy this Tee, Splendid investment ?

Jerry Chamness
1 year ago

I love this T-Shirt. I think it shows fun, cool and groovy whimsical which all demands attention. This is the second (T-Shirt of their CD “ORANGE” that I have purchased). I will be traveling, in the not to distant future, and I wanted to keep one clean and wear the other one while I am traveling.
I love the way this shirt looks and feels. Very comfortable.

2 years ago

I sent for a tee shirt about a year ago, which I love.
A friend saw it and loved it too, so I sent for this recent one for her.
We can wear them when we sing together! I will send a photo another time. X

Jerry Chamness
3 years ago

Love the look and feel. Excellent t-shirt
I would highly recommend this product

M Farlow
4 years ago

This is a very nice T-shirt. The print on the shirt is fantastic and the details are very ‘clean’. The material of the shirt is strong yet light and this helps make the shirt quite comfortable to wear.

Wearing this T-shirt is a great way to show your support for MLT. 🙂


About the T-Shirt

This shirt was especially created to celebrate the release of the MonaLisa Twins’ new album “ORANGE” and will fit men and women alike. It features the album artwork on the front and the black logo on the back, and its funky “all-over print” design will make you stand out! It’s available in sizes XS – XXL.

To get this “3D” illusion print a special dye sublimation print method was used. It requires 100% polyester T-shirts but they have a very soft cotton feel to them and are comfortable and light to wear.

Dye sub printing is achieved by heat-pressing a printed image directly onto a poly-cotton T-shirt from a piece of transfer paper. Thus the ink turns into a gas and becomes a permanent part of the shirt. This allows for a full design that spreads all the way to the sleeves and does not wash out the colors. Also another sophisticated technique was used to rule out the typical white creases on the sleeves most of the dye sub printed T-shirts show.

Sizes (tolerance +/- 2 cm):

XS – Measures:
Chest Width: 45 cm
Length (HPS): 66 cm

Small – Measures
Chest Width: 48 cm
Length (HPS): 68 cm

Medium– Measures:
Chest Width: 50 cm
Length (HPS): 70 cm

Large – Measures:
Chest Width: 55 cm
Length (HPS): 73cm

X-Large – Measures:
Chest Width: 60 cm
Length (HPS): 75 cm

XX-Large – Measures:
Chest Width: 66 cm
Length (HPS): 77 cm

Material: 100% polyester, 140 GSM

Print: ORANGE album cover art design on front, black MonaLisa Twins on back

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