MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 2 – Album CD


MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 2” is the second cover compilation album released by the MonaLisa Twins with live & studio recordings of tunes from the Beatles, the Hollies, the Lovin’ Spoonful, the Rolling Stones and more. Check the tabs below for more info, audio clips and lyrics.

Album Name:
MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 2
Album Type: CD – 13 Tracks
Release Date: 28 Oct 2018
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  1. Thomas Randall

    Love The Beatles and other 60's music? THEN GET THIS CD!

    Thomas Randall (verified owner)

    I “discovered” the Mona Lisa Twins last July (2018) on Youtube and been in love with these 2 talented ladies ever since! Great harmonies and GREAT musicians, the Twins pick a mighty fine selection of songs from an amazing era of music. You will LOVE their versions of these past hit songs. Just listen to the samples and “add to basket”! You can’t go wrong getting this album. As you can see by the picture, I got them all!

    Tom in N.Y.

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    • Dan (on my email, I use the name, John Lennon) (verified owner)

      I really enjoy your talents in every way. Your instrument playing is very good and your singing is just as pleasing. Been a Beatle fan when they first hit the music scene so I guess you can guess that I’m pretty old…I myself was very influenced by the Beatles and started learning and playing the drums. From there, I went to guitars. Bass & regular, no lead. I sing, played in bands and have done engineering work so I’m familiar with all this beautiful music. I think it’s time to now go out and do more of your own songs though.
      When I heard “Wide, Wide Land” on your “When We’re Together” CD, I was blown away. I said, Damn! these girls can really write some serious music. Please put out more music like that. Use that one as a guide for all your future music to put out there. Both of you were Blessed by God, don’t waste it doing covers. You have a lot to give to the world as the Beatles did in their day. If John & George were still around, who knows what kind of great music would we be listening to today. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year and looking forward to some real music that comes from your heart. Thanks!

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  2. Roy Cox

    Enjoyable...All the Time!

    Roy Cox (verified owner)

    I sincerely love listening to any/all MLT music every day. I have all your music on my MP3 player that I take with me when I take my walks (I have diabetes and walk every day either on the treadmill or outside [depending upon the weather]. Your original music is so refreshing and vibrant. Your covers are always great. The subtle differences that you sometimes add to a cover is never a detraction but an embellishment.
    I was blown away by the guitar break in the Zombies “Time of the Season”. Being a guitar player myself, I truly felt goosebumps when I first heard it. Magnificent!
    The “White Room” cover is so close to the original but yet with a renewed energy. I had to play it over and over the first time I heard it.
    Bull Dog and Glass Onion were a departure from the earlier Beatles music and they sounded great.
    I could say something good about each and every song but it isn’t necessary. Just know that you have a true fan here in the US of A. I love your sense of humor. You make me smile every time I see your pretty faces. Your music is magic and I just love you both…Stay Groovy :-).

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  3. Rick Ross

    Volume 2 &3

    Rick Ross (verified owner)

    These are some of the best music ever recorded. Mona and Lisa have stepped up
    Up their playing. Lisa’s guitar playing is some of the best ever, and Mona drumming is Spactacular. They challenged themselves with some of the songs and far surpassed every ones expectations. The vocals are the best they have been as well. Mona and Lisa speak fluent Bulldog???? and John Sebastian making another guest appearance blows your mind. The whispering on Glass Onion is Classic. So Beatleque. Thanks Ladies and Team MLT

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  4. One person found this helpful
    Michael Walker


    Michael Walker (verified owner)

    I wanted a Beatles sound from well-considered covers of Beatle songs but without excessive ad-lib and an emphasis on voice, and I got it with the vocal power-duo of Mona and Lisa. I’m going on 5 years of continuous listening appreciation for The MonaLisa Twins, and noticed with this volume consistent selection of the finest Beatle songs to arrange from. In this regard, the MonaLisa Twins team is reliable in song selection. For instance, to kick off the Volume, you have the ever interesting “I’ll Follow the Sun”. This song was never really fully appreciated and suffered some obscurity, but the MonaLisa Twins managed to detect this and placed this up front in Volume 2. To give it variety, the MonaLisa Twins went straight into “Bus Stop”, which is one of their highest viewed and rated YouTube videos. With “Please Please Me”, the group continues it’s thoughtful selections in light of that song’s emphasis on vocal duet, which is this group’s absolute strength. On that point, there is something definitely appealing about the young female voice applied to Beatles songs, but what makes the MonaLisa Twins dominate here is their genuine appreciation of the original music. Their appreciation of the Beatles sound is very evident in the way they render these songs. With “I Saw Her Standing There”, it is a very happy sound, and I will be the first to say there is the element of youthful innocence that was once present in the days of the Beatles. The MonaLisa Twins are able to communicate the sound of innocence along with everything else. I always noticed Lisa’s love for lead guitar, and her solo is great as to maintaining simplicity as the original lead did, with little deviation. Beatles fans or Beatle audiophiles will appreciate Lisa’s attempt to be faithful to the original sounds. “Two of Us” is just another example of the group’s ability to sense what Beatles songs suit the strengths of the MonaLisa Twins best. I could not help but think of the YouTube video of “Two of Us” with childhood video clips that show how we all used to be: Happy, innocent, simpler, and human. Computerization of music is a poor substitute for humanity coming across in the music, in my own opinion, so my compliments to the group for rediscovery of what is today a missing element of music. With “Daydream”, who could not love this group? It is a serious mistake to discard “Daydream” because it is too old-fashioned for some people. May it never be! There is timelessness to these good, old-fashioned, simple songs that you do not hear these days. If you are like me, you miss that, and this whole Volume 2 satisfies that desire. “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” is delightful melody, and the vintage microphones used bring back the warmth of analog technology in voice to the forefront in our digitized technology world. “Paint it Black” is an interesting sounding song that stirs gloomy feelings everyone can identify with in their life’s experience, but without overdoing it. “When I’m Sixty-Four” is an attempt to reconsider the acoustic guitar as the centerpiece of a Beatles song that originally had many layers. What this did was put more focus on the voice. Twenty years from now when the vocal cords of these singers are aged, this recording will always be there for them. “Wake Up Little Susie” is another fabulous selection of a happy boy/girl story, but the MonaLisa Twins put down a vocal duet to this song that brings it to life all over again. Lisa would not be sufficient by herself, and depends on Mona to give it the stereo effect. I hear their rendering of “Wake Up Little Susie”, and am glad they are real twins. For whom else can you say that? They are unique as ever because they are twins. “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” on this Volume will make you smile because the original version of the song did not have a vocal duet, and this gives the listener a new way to listen to the song with an emphasis on duo voice. It is a very clever rendition. “Baby Mine” I was not familiar with, but was glad it was included on the Volume because it is another chance for the listener to get lost in the voices of Mona and Lisa. Finally, with “I’ll Be Back”, the listener is left with the resurfacing of another relatively obscure Beatles song that has the most pleasing chord changes, and a happy, young set of voices applied with very careful audio engineering. In all, I am just grateful to the MonaLisa Twins for bringing us joy once again. One of the things that is worth exploring is the Beatles’ use of Automatic Double Tracking (ADT) on later Beatle tracks such as “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”. The reason I mention this here is that Abbey Road Studios had the secret formula with ADT that became that studio’s signature sound. There may be a way to explore this further with Mona and Lisa vocals. In addition, sparing use of ADT for instruments is worthwhile. The Analogues group isolated the saxaphone in “Savoy Truffle” recently, and figured out that the saxaphone on that song was a single saxaphone artificially double tracked using Abbey Road’s ADT. ADT would apply on the later Beatle albums, particularly The White Album, and Abbey Road recordings. There is no signal distortion occuring with ADT, just a simulated floating magnetic tape head using signal curve bending instead.

    Thank you, Mona, Lisa, and the super MonaLisa Twins group!

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    • Howard Bedwell (verified owner)

      Great review. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Yvon Dumais

    Love this album

    Yvon Dumais (verified owner)

    I love all songs on this album. l am a old Beatles fan. Now i love your voices on thoses songs.You have a beautifull sound. Thanks

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  6. Richard McGlenn

    A Fresh approach on timeless classics

    Richard McGlenn (verified owner)

    As with all of the covers that the MonaLisa Twins record this collection of songs pay homage to the original tunes while given a touch of the qualities that makes all the music the MLTs perform special. Their harmonies are extraordinary and the musicianship is First Class. Hard to believe sometimes that most of these are recorded in a home studio with all instruments played by the Twins and their father Rudi. Real musicians playing real instruments with vocals by two of the sweetest voices in the world.

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  7. 5 out of 5 people found this helpful
    M Farlow

    Wonderful Volume

    M Farlow (verified owner)

    MLT Play Beatles & more v2

    The CD arrived two days after I had a confirmation email of despatch and I found this great timing. The package, a kind of stiff bubble wrap envelope, was excellent for purpose. On opening the package, I found the CD tightly shrink wrapped. The CD case is of the tough card type with plastic inner holding the CD and a high quality outer and inner print. The front cover has a picture of MLT, the rear has a track list and the inner has the track list with notes. Along with the CD, the case has a nice heart shaped card with a picture of MLT and details of the MLT Club.

    Track notes:

    1; I’ll Follow The Sun – (Studio) The Beatles.

    Though I’m sure the timing is the same, this MLT version sounds ever so slightly slower and a little more mellow than The Beatles. The vocal harmonies are beautiful, the timing is sublime and the overall sound is a close, friendly, rival of The Beatles.

    2; Bus Stop – (Studio) The Hollies.

    This has all the energy of The Hollies version and MLT are sharp, clear and a little ‘cheeky’ sounding. It would be unfair, in a way, to call this a ‘cover’ as it is so good. The instruments are played with something of an infectious verve!

    3; Please Please Me – (Studio) The Beatles.

    With a slightly haunting intro as with The Beatles recording and a very natural and fluid singing rhythm, this classic is wonderfully rendered by MLT. The girls seem to be having fun singing this one. The harmonies are great as usual and the overall sound, though some may find a little ‘abrupt’ is excellent for the song.

    4; I Saw Her Standing There – (Live) The Beatles.

    Played and sang a little softer than The Beatles, the instrumental work on this is first-rate. The singing is very accomplished with voices exactly complimentary. Being a live recording, this reminded me of when I saw MLT live and (in my mind) transported me back to the venue!

    5; Two Of Us – (Studio) The Beatles.

    Call me an old romantic but I just love this song! Listening to MLT sing this is just so pleasing. I really like The Beatles and I really like MLT. It is difficult for me to pick a favourite version here! I have heard people say they see a little sadness in this song but I always find it uplifting. There is a kind of ease (in a good way) in this MLT version of the song.

    6; Daydream – (Studio) The Lovin’ Spoonful.

    Cheeky, fun, positively gorgeous and simply groovy. Yeah! I like this version. Very well played, the ukulele especially good. MLT really excel on this song.

    7; Maxwell’s Sliver Hammer – (Studio) The Beatles.

    Sounding a tad faster than The Beatles version and with a vocal style like something from ‘The Twenties’ this MLT version is just so much fun. Of course, the jaunty lilt of the song disguises it’s more sober theme. Though the track may seem somewhat ‘simple’, the technical proficiency of MLT really shines through. If you have not already seen it, I recommend the video (available on youtube) of this MLT recording. Just watch out for the somewhat scary Maxwell played by Rudolf! (Not for the coulrophobic!)

    8; Paint It Black – (Studio) The Rolling Stones.

    The song ‘Paint It Black’ has been described as dark, desolate and morose. These are somewhat fair descriptions as the song relates to a bleakness in depression. How can I pick up this review after those descriptions? The song is covered exceptionally well by MLT. Although the tune is fast and may seem ‘upbeat’ there is a real sense of sadness conveyed in the singing. The music is played flawlessly.

    9; When I’m Sixty-Four.

    A lovely song brilliantly covered. I remember this song being something of a ‘staple’ in music classes at school. Oh … the memories! MLT play this song very well and the singing is fabulous. Mona and Lisa perfectly catch the kind of ‘tongue in cheek’ nostalgia in this song that ought to be present no matter who sings it.

    10; Wake Up Little Susie – (Live) The Everly Brothers.

    As someone that really likes the Everly Brothers, I was quite impressed by this rendering of this song. The instrumental sound of this track is very competent and the signing suits the track wonderfully.

    11; These Boots Are Made For Walking – (Cavern Club) Nancy Sinatra.

    This seems a little fast! That wrote, the song is supposed to be fast. Recorded in the famous Cavern Club, this is a live version of the song. This is a worthy cover. If I seem a little lacklustre in the review it is not because of this cover! Though I like it, the original song is not one of my favourites. (Just being fair!)

    12; Baby Mine – (Studio) Frank Churchill.

    This track, name and author, may not look familiar and when you listen to it you may think ‘how do I know this song?’. The track is a very up beat version of the song used in the Disney movie ‘Dumbo’ and is known to some simply as ‘Dumbo Song’. Though it could be argued that the song should be sang slowly, I find this faster version gladdening. There is also a slight changing of the lyrics that brings the song a little closer to modern times but is not overly PC. This is a very competent and enjoyable cover, or re-boot, of a classic that is not to be missed.

    13; I’ll Be Back – (Studio) The Beatles.

    From the start, this song is covered exceptionally well. The vocal harmony of MLT is shown very well herein. The instrument playing and the singing may seem effortless but shows, to me at least, great professionalism.

    Overall, this second volume of ‘Beatles & more’ is a wonderful showcase of MLT covers spanning from 2012 to 2018. This volume is an essential addition to any MLT fan collection and is recommended to anyone getting started with MLT, interested in quality cover versions or simply looking for good music presented well.

    *I’d just like to note that when I use ‘cheeky’, I mean it in terms of playfulness or joy.

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    • Timothy Connelly (verified owner)

      Love your review!

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    • M Farlow (verified owner)

      Thanks Tim. I wanted to give a positive, yet fair, review. Glad you liked it.

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    • Jung Roe (verified owner)

      Great review. Loved your track by track insight into each song.

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    • M Farlow (verified owner)

      Thanks. Glad you liked it.

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    • john j. smith

      I am a much older guy who remembers the first time I saw the Beatles on tv on the Ed Sullivan Show when I was 14. wow I fell in love with the, since then I have played in bands on weekends and now I have never heard anyone who could harmonize like The Mona Lisa Twins. I use to be hook on Abba but I added The Mona Lisa Twins for sure.

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    • Howard Bedwell (verified owner)

      Fantastic review. I couldn’t possibly add to it. Thanks for taking the time to do this and share it with us.

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    • Michael (verified owner)

      Lovely albums and well all that needed to be said has already been in other posts. I’m waiting for you guys to come to New Zealand- still 🙂 Only crib would be with the inclusion of the distracting “and more” non-beatles tracks. Loved the Bass lines. I’m busy working on a cover of one of your Orange album tracks-secret !!! Awesome jobs fellas — ummm fellies. take care and give us some more of those lovely harmonies. All the best for Christmas and the new Year

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    • Geo

      I recently purchased the MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & More 2 & 3 CDs through their web site. And this is my review.

      I have all their CDs, DVD of the You Tube videos from the When We’re Together CD as well as their Orange Vinyl Album (haven’t owned a record player/turn table since the 80’s).
      Dealing with them as a business was a pleasure. All of my purchases through them were seamless and easy. Fast delivery. Their web store ordering system is idiot-proof; rather not say how I know a thing like that. They should succeed just because they are a very good customer oriented family business.

      But I digress.

      All of their studio covers are very good and many of them much better than the originals. Beatles & More Volumes 2/3 have almost all their You Tube covers. They made some truly amazing versions of some of the best-loved songs from the 60’s and a bit beyond. They have powerful yet sweet and inspiring voices and harmonies, really talented and innovative musicians who seem to be having a lot of fun playing music. I missed the fun part of rock and roll for a long time. They gave it back to me.

      If you like this kind of music you have to support the independent artists who are bringing it to life again. If you want to keep enjoying the MonaLisa Twins music buy their albums/merchandise, follow them and pray for an announcement of their world tour dates in 2019!

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About the Album

"MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 2" is the second cover compilation album released by the MonaLisa Twins. It consists of 13 of their favourite songs from mainly the 60s era, with a lot of Beatles songs but you’ll also find covers of Nancy Sinatra, The Lovin' Spoonful, The Hollies, The Everly Brothers and The Rolling Stones on the album.

“After releasing our first cover compilation album back in 2014 we kept recording more and more of our favourite songs from the 60’s. We have focused a lot on our original music too, but the joy of playing around with the songs that made us fall in love with music in the first place never stopped.

People kept asking where they could purchase our cover songs, so we decided to continue the 'MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more' cover album series.”

The album features studio recordings as well as a few live performances, like “These Boots Are Made For Walking” by Nancy Sinatra which the Twins recorded during their 2 year residency at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool.

Many tracks on the CD have been on the MonaLisa Twins YouTube channel for years, while others have not been published anywhere before. People from all over the world discovered them by searching for new versions of their favourite songs and then kept following the Twins’ musical career. Maybe you’re one of them! 

 You can also find Vol. 1 and Vol. 3 in the store.

Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 2
Album Type: CD - 13 Tracks
Release Date: 28 Oct 2018

©2020 MonaLisa Twins  |  Woolgoose Records



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