CHRISTMAS is an album of Holiday and Winter themed songs. It includes an original MLT Christmas song as well as fresh interpretations of Christmas classics well known and loved. Check the tab below for more info.

Album Type: CD – 11 Tracks (Album Download included)
Release Date: 1 November 2019

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  1. Dale Harris

    A Christmas Gem

    Dale Harris (verified owner)

    If you’re of a certain age, you’ll know that most of the songs on “Christmas” have been recorded many, many times by many, many talented musicians over many, many years. Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, right up to Whitney Houston and Taylor Swift. But there are only a very few true gems of holiday music. The Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, of course. Diana Krall’s “Christmas Songs”. And now the MonaLisa Twins’ “Christmas”.
    The familiar songs here have a sound that is best described as fresh. All are arranged and presented in a manner likely never heard before, many of them totally unlike the classic performances that are widely recognized. “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” is almost universally a slow, melodic ballad. It is so much improved with the upbeat tempo here; Christmas is a time to celebrate, and this track will fill a dance floor.
    “Winter Wonderland” has an almost country music vibe to it; again, unusual and illustrative of the artistic range with which the MonaLisa Twins’ followers are fully aware. The samba “Happy Xmas (War Is Over) is a further example of this wide vision. There is one binding aspect to all the tracks and it is those two voices singing together, although that is something featured on every song they perform. And it’s almost redundant to mention the production value and musicianship; both are so good all the time they are as inherent to their work as water is to a rainstorm.
    And then there is “All I Want Christmas To Be”, the original song that leads off the album. Being soaked to the socks, tongues stuck on ice, and snotty noses punctuated my childhood. That these young women can have so much in common with someone over twice their age is a miracle right out of the bag under the tree. The most striking element of this track, however, is not the nostalgia the lyrics present, but the wish that Christmas maintains the ability to allow us to feel that the world is alright, and perhaps incentivize us all to help that along. A beautiful notion in a beautiful song.
    I don’t have any thumbs up or stars or likes or anything, just do yourself a favor and get a copy of “Christmas”. This advice is my Christmas gift to you.

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  2. One person found this helpful
    Dennis Grover

    Christmas Album

    Dennis Grover (verified owner)

    I was hoping for this album and got my wish! Love it!
    My favorite song is “Walking in the Air” – blew me away!

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  3. One person found this helpful
    John Piddock

    What an amazing Christmas Album

    John Piddock (verified owner)

    Thank you for a gloriously wonderful Christmas Album..I haven’t stopped playing it since it arrived with me a few days ago. What can I say.. Its blown my socks off .. .. Fantastic production, clever arrangements, sublime vocal harmony, terrific playing and I love your original too.. “All I want Christmas to be” … this already holds it’s own with the other Christmas Classics.. Congratulations to you and everyone involved in making, recording and producing this really special Christmas CD – Its the best ever……….thank you Mona and Lisa

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  4. Jung Roe

    . It’s a magnificent Christmas album, and every single track is remarkable!

    Jung Roe (verified owner)

    This Christmas album leaves me breathless! So many wonderful moments throughout the album.

    Right off the bat the first track is a charming and jazzy elegance of “All I Want Christmas To Be” MLT original song that conveys the warm magical Christmas mood, remembering all the fond moments of Christmas times of the past. There are beautiful piano runs, and the singing is warm and glowing, carrying the beautiful melody. They’ve done a remarkable job with this song of transporting you into their Christmas spirit state of mind. It feels like chestnuts roasting next to a fireplace on a cold snowy winter night on Christmas eve. It makes you feel all that is special about Christmas. It’s a modern Christmas masterpiece.

    Peace On Earth Little/Drummer Boy is three and a half minutes of sheer musical beauty and bliss by just Mona and Lisa’s spectacular vocals and harmonies. Literally it’s just their angelic voices on many tracks, Lisa’s highs, Mona’s lows, angelic Mona/Lisa choir background, and humming, all intermixing in a sublime symphony. Kudos to the remarkable studio sound production and track mixing (Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney would be proud). Lisa’s lead vocals shows the remarkable range of her voice, and just shine so beautifully and gracefully sending shivers of joy down the spine. The gentle drumming is the only instrument in the song that provide a graceful background beat. This song is a moment of artistic sheer beauty in the realm of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

    Walking In The Air is a song written for an animated 1978 children’s film “The Snowman”, a Christmas story about a little boy and a Snowman. It’s an incredibly beautiful song covered by many classical artists. Mona and Lisa transformed this into a truly remarkable rock version with a wonderful 60’s flavor, that is absolutely spectacular, beautiful and stunning here. The vocals and harmonies are nothing short of incredible. I’ve heard this song in various forms over the years, but this one just completely blows me away and captivates me like no other. I adore Mona and Lisa’s “Walking In The Air”. It’s like how the Beach Boys transformed Chuck Berry’s Sweet Little Sixteen into a magnificent Surfin USA.

    Silent Night is one of the most well known popular Christmas carols, maybe too well known to the point it lost it’s luster with me in the last few years. Maybe overplayed at every Christmas event. Just like on every track of this album, Mona and Lisa breathed new life into it for me. From the gentle classical guitar lead in, I knew this one was something different and special, and it is indeed. After a long beautiful instrumental guitar lead in, those beautiful MLT signature harmonies come in and lifts your spirits. Like voices from heaven. They stayed true to the spiritual essence of Silent Night giving this song the beauty and grace it deserves. I love Silent Night again, the Mona Lisa Twins Silent Night that is!

    I could go on and on, but thought I’d highlight some tracks on this album that immediately stood out to me, but every song on this album just shines brilliantly. This is honestly the best Christmas album I ever heard or owned, because MLT didn’t just rearrange some classic Christmas songs to sound Christmassy like so many Christmas albums out there do. This is an album that was really years in the making, as MLT released one new awesome Christmas song each year for the past many years. What stands out is the musical attention to detail, creativity, and quality of production that went into this album. Something only master song writers and musicians can do. Every song is rewritten in Mona Lisa Twins unique style, and they sound refreshed, new and revamped. The same kind of skill and perfection that went into their Beatles and 60’s covers went into this Christmas album. It’s a creative artistic achievement with a lot of variety and musical depth from traditional to contemporary, and their first original Christmas song is a true gem transporting you into the beauty of the Christmas spirit so effectively. It’s a magnificent Christmas album, and every single track is remarkable!

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  5. One person found this helpful
    George Pyramides

    Holy Cannoli!

    George Pyramides

    I received the email for the MonaLisa Twins Christmas Album and downloaded the music like this morning. Been listening all day. AND then checked the regular mail and the CD came today! November 1st! I wish more businesses were a pleasure to deal with like the Wagners.

    I always thought Santa Claus was an old, fat, drunk guy (the rosy cheeks and laughing at everything gave it away) from North [New] Jersey. Turns out it’s actually two very talented Austrian girls, and their amazing parents, from Liverpool. Who knew?

    Their wonderful Christmas Album is everything I want Christmas to be. So what if I get coal again this year. My Christmas is already groovy!

    Most heartfelt thanks


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  6. Rick Ross

    Christmas with the MonaLisa Twins

    Rick Ross (verified owner)

    Holy Cow! Does not even come close to describing your ‘Christmas’ Album.
    Your Original song All I Want Christmas To Be is the best original Christmas song since John and Paul’s individual singles. You have captured the true thoughts of everyone’s wishes. Its amazing to know if alot of it was written from your experiences and that you captured it so perfectly.
    Santa Baby is a wonderfully Cute expression of your dream gifts 🎁. Even Mona feels left out on the Gibson.
    So this is Christmas is a wonderful Caribbean flavor to it. Walking In The Air is perfect with a 60’s beat. And The classic Silent Night rounds out the Album perfectly.
    Everyone will Have A Merry Little Mona and Lisa Christmas all their own.
    Thank you Ladies and your magnificent team for this Dynamic Album. You are the best.
    The personalized inscription blew me away and left me with all the warmth and love with many tears flowing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart💛🎄🎅🎶❤🎄🎅🎶

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    • Jacki Hopper (verified owner)

      This wee Xmas Elfette Wannabe has now had her Xmas Spirit utmost lifted with the download of the MLT Christmas Album received in an email the other day and have been playing it non-stop… (Just have to figure how to create/Playlist on my Android phone… “My Fave Xmas Songs Playlist”)…
      As for the songs, all stellar and Groovy and timeless classics for to be enjoyed by generations now and to come, I ‘m defining it as a New Timeless Christmas Classic Album, to be thoroughly enjoyed by all, age is irrevelant… Kudos to a stellar musical creative arrangement on the songs, both “All I Want Christmas To Be” & “Walking on Air”, are my ultimate faves on this but all the others are tied in my luv and appreciation, I had never heard of “Walking on Air” before now… Catchy and Funky… You had me singing along, while the album gleefully cranked in my headphones,… I ‘m giving this a rating of Festive Fab 🎄🎅… Kudos and surperbly done, Thankyou… Made my Christmas ahead to be Jolly Jubilant!!

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  7. Simon Moore

    New Xmas Album.

    Simon Moore (verified owner)

    Love the new xmas album, you’ve done a great job with the songs old and new. Really like “All I want Christmas to be”.

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  8. Skip Skippy

    Xmas Joy

    Skip Skippy (verified owner)


    The harmonics and production are superb, for those still waiting to get their copy, stress not – it is well worth waiting for.

    To Mona & Lisa, a big congratulations for your original Track ” All I Want Christmas To Be” an absolutely beautiful Christmas song, one well worth becoming an annual favourite on the radio playlists.

    Hopefully you will release this as a single and get the airplay it deserves – perhaps it may get on TOP Xmas day !!! = IT SHOULD DO !!!!!!

    and not forgetting Papa Rudi, excellent production, a pure wall of harmonic sound, well done.

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  9. Bill Isenberg

    Christmas Album

    Bill Isenberg (verified owner)

    Such a great collection of songs for the holiday! And done with perfect arrangements and harmonies. this puts you in the holiday spirt for sure. Love it a lot and thank you both so much for sharing your talents with us, we truly appreciate it , and thank you for your love of music and your spirit!

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  10. Michael A. Walker

    A Heavenly Tradition

    Michael A. Walker

    Another great synthesis of excellent audio engineering tailored to the distinctive vocals of Mona & Lisa. What makes this work together is selection of the positive, uplifting tone that the Christmas spirit brings.

    It isn’t just lovely — it’s a HEAVENLY tradition.



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    • Nicola Whitten (verified owner)

      The Album Christmas is truly wonderful I really like the original song all I want Christmas to be and I also adore the version of walking in the air all in all a great Album I haven’t stopped listening to it since I got it
      well done Mona and Lisa for a great Album and well done roudulf for a good production

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    • M Farlow (verified owner)

      Mona Lisa Twins – Christmas

      I have had CD a few days but not played it up to now. I so wanted to leave playing the CD until … Christmas! I could not help myself though. Like a child searching hiding places or tearing a corner on a gift to peek inside, I had to play the CD.

      I’m going to do a track by track assessment and make notes below.

      Too long, did (will) not read. In short, MLT Christmas is a wonderful mix of charmingly covered Christmas songs and, the first track, a heart warming original. Grab yourself a hot Glühwein (alcohol free for me) and snuggle up in a blanket next to a roaring fire then put on the CD and enjoy this marvellous yuletide treat.

      It’s kind of difficult for me to review such well known and loved songs but I’ll give it a go.

      All I want Christmas to be

      Reminiscent of the wonder and delight of childhood Christmas, this is such a heart warming song one may be tempted to call it twee – but in the nicest possible way. The twins have done themselves proud here and produced what, for me at least, could become a classic Christmas staple.

      Have yourself a merry little Christmas

      This is a very rock ‘n roll version of the song sometime crooned! Yet the sentiment is still there. I simply adore the way the girls cover this song making it vibrant and, somehow, smooth at the same time.

      Peace on Earth / Little drummer boy

      Many will remember Bing and David singing the song. Unpopular as some may find this and as fantastic as Crosby and Bowie are, I find this rendition by the twins far superior. The harmonies are spot on and in some way the song just seems more sincere sang this way.

      Wonderful Christmastime

      Sir Paul, this is undoubtedly your song, hands down and chips in. So, when I write about how good this cover is please; take it well! The twins are a bit ‘cheeky’ on this track and the fun really comes through. The tune is excellently played and the girls sing it so sweetly. This is another track by the twins that I would choose over the original every time. Sorry Sir Paul.

      Snow falls softly at night

      A pedant may point out that the title of this song could, or should, be ‘Snow falls soft in the night’. Phew! Got that one out of the way! It does not matter. For me this song is best ‘auf Deutsch’* and I’m so glad the girls started it that way. This interpretation has such a wonderfully warm guitar which sings in itself. In shortness and simplicity this song excels as do the girls in this, almost country, version.

      Winter wonderland

      Wow! I thought I was going back to the fifties, never mind sixties with this one! (Yes I know it’s from the thirties). There is a kind of a chirpy, funny lilt in this version. The tune is, as it should be, jaunty, catchy and very well performed. The girls sing this song as if it were made for them.

      It’s the most wonderful time of the year

      Cheery, marvellously harmonic, fun, softly rockin’ – what else is to be told? This is, as the girls, simply charming.

      Walking in the air

      This is an upbeat version of a classic. The girls do really well at spicing up traditionally slow songs. With clear and precise singing, even at this speed, the voices of the girls mix exceptionally well here. Yeah! This cover is different but definitely not in a bad way.

      Santa baby

      This Eartha Kitt classic has been covered by many with mixed results. This version does not disappoint. The ‘and me!’ near the start is quite fun. The list asks for instruments in a modern twist. The girls have been ‘angels all year’ (with dark wings maybe – I jest). Another cheeky and fun version of a song that was, in this instance, tongue in cheek anyway.

      Happy Xmas (war is over)

      An almost carnival working makes this cover very interesting. This song always seemed somewhat sombre (though good that way) to me and it is nice to hear it covered in a more upbeat manner. Some may not like this party style cover but I think it every bit as good as the original.

      Silent night

      So! This is another song I really like sang ‘auf Deutsch’. Just the way I am! That wrote; I really like it sang in English too – possibly my favourite carol. How nice the guitar start of this song is. The performance here is quite moving. I have to write; very well done with this cover MLT.

      *Though my skills with the German language are not the best, my sister living in Germany assures me that I did well to use ‘auf Deutsch’ in the above! Corrections on a postcard to…

      In short then; Great album – buy it and be happy.

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About the Album

CHRISTMAS is an album of holiday and winter-themed songs. It includes the original MLT Christmas song "All I Want Christmas To Be" as well as interpretations of some of their favorite holiday songs ranging from John Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" to some (translated) traditional German ballads they grew up with.

It has become somewhat of a tradition for the MonaLisa Twins to release a Christmas song for their fans every year. For the holidays season of 2019 they decided to take it a step further and release this full-length album, simply titled CHRISTMAS.

Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: Christmas
Album Type:
 CD – 11 Tracks (Album Download included)
Release Date:
1 November 2019

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