Release Day – 2 New Albums Out Today!

MLT play Beatles & more Vol. 2 & 3 Out Now

Official Release Date: 21st October 2018

Watch our new video for “I’ll Follow The Sun” one week earlier than the rest of the world!

The song will feature on our album MonaLisa Twins play Beatles & more Vol. 2 which is coming out at the end of the month. All pre-orders will get signed for MLT Club members, so make sure to order yours before the 28th of October! 🙂

“I’ll Follow The Sun” has always been one of our favourite melodic Beatles songs. It sounds so simple at first listen yet it’s anything but. The chords are complex, and the way the melody loops around when the verse repeats has always fascinated us. Add Paul’s sweet voice and it’s a timeless masterpiece.

We remember vividly the time, many years ago, when we were about 14 years old and riding on a bus through Austria on a group excursion with our grandparents and a whole bunch of their friends and their grandchildren. The two of us spent the entire ride in the last row listening to Beatles songs. It was at the height of our Beatle Mania phase when we were in the middle of discovering and devouring their entire back catalogue and learning all songs by heart.

“I’ll Follow The Sun” came on on our mp3 player (no iPhones back then), and we put it on repeat at least three times. Then we walked through the isle of the bus to our grandpa, made him listen to the song, got our mp3 player back and continued our Beatles listening session while driving to some castle or museum – The Beatles seemed much more important at the time. Frankly, they still are! 😉

For some reason, it was especially important to us that our grandpa listened to that one song in particular, because we couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and just had to share that with someone. He’d never heard it before but he said he liked it so we were satisfied. Mission accomplished.

Now we hope you like our humble take on it!

We initially recorded this song a while ago for Steve from Florida, one of our biggest fans and supporters. It was a birthday surprise for him and we loved creating something that we knew would make him smile. Now he and we are excited to share it with you all, and later with the rest of our audience beyond the gates of the MLT Club.

Let us know what you think about it, please.

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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Mark Raum
Mark Raum
4 years ago

Hello from New Jersey
Couldn’t be happier listening to your new cds….the production quality is super….really enjoyed the Kinks song ,White Room Bulldog and the Best Years of our Lives… hope their are videos coming of the new songs. Congratulations to Team MLT

4 years ago

Great songs with a fresh sound that only The MonaLisa-Twins know how to produce.
Harmonies as good or better than any I’ve heard. Arrangements that make the old new. I am so glad The MonaLisa-Twins decided to release these two new CDs!
Great music! An absolute must addition to my play lists.
Thank you Team MLT!! ????????

Michael Triba
4 years ago

Hey buddy! Just got mine about an hour ago. 4 CD’s = Vol 2 & 3 and 2 more delicious ORANGES! Have just listened to WHITE ROOM and GLASS ONION this far and 25 more covers to go. Flying high today! Later, my friend!

Gregory Alberts
4 years ago

Another pleasant surprise is Baby Mine. The arrangement is awesome. Old or new, I would love to hear what you could do with a song. Thanks again!!

Gregory Alberts
4 years ago

Just finished loading Volume 2 and I love it. The big surprise was your recording of Daydream. It is now my favorite version. However, Paint it Black, your cover, is my all time favorite of any recording–period!
Thank you ladies, and your father. Loading up volume 3 now! Thank you.

Lawrence Schmitt
4 years ago

WOW!! I was blown away! All my favorites and then, ‘You really got me’, ‘Time of the Season’ and my favorite ‘White Room’. You really out did yourself on that one.
I can’t wait for the video on that . You guys have given an old man a lot of pleasure listening to your music. 77 and still counting.
Sincerely Yours

Jacki Hopper
4 years ago

I’m eagerly awaiting both the email download links so I can listen to the 2 albums on my android phone while at the bus stops and while riding on the bus with people looking at me slightly strange because I’d be bopping my head around and humming and for the arrival in the mail of the 2 cds I pre-ordered a few days ago…am so MLTBUZZED GROOVIFIED…The CDs will be on my CD Discman steady & CRANKED as loud as my ears in earphones can handle . In meantime I’ve thoroughly been enjoying hearing both albums on here …You’ve done humdingerdandyfab on ALL of it…..I LUV ALL …You’ve re-established the definition of true music for today????????????❤️????????✌️☮️????????????????????????????????

John Dolby
4 years ago

Just got my Vol 2 and Vol 3 downloads. I was surprised and delighted to hear John Sebastian doing an actual vocal and not just an instrumental! I appreciate him doing this.

Of course, this was just the icing on a fabulous two-volume release… As always, ML does a fantastic job!

William Lee
4 years ago

Congratulations on the release of your 2 new albums today! You have worked long and hard on them and I know that they will be a huge success. Take care.

4 years ago

Dear MLT Team!
Thank you for the perfect delivery process!
IMHO it is currently the best delivery process available in the world!
And, of course, thank you also for the wonderful music!
Honestly, as I started watching your videos at YT, I was afraid clicking on famous songs like “Drive My Car”, “Friday On My Mind” or “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'”, because covering these songs can often lead to disaster.
But really not in your case – some of your versions are IMHO better than the original!
Originals? Yes and your originals are so great – maybe even a little bit better as your wonderful covers!
So girls and MLT team keep on rocking and stay groovy 🙂
Thanks and nice Sunday!
Udo aka Artin

Mike Goodall
4 years ago

Thanks for the CDs received yesterday; but haven’t had a chance to listen to them all yet.
Just in case someone else has a problem with the downloads, the latest Firefox browser seems to block them (probably a security feature) leaving you with an empty zip file, but the Chrome browser downloads them OK.

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