#1 – Pretty Flamingo – Duo Session (MLT Club Exclusive)

Hello, it’s Mona and Lisa here!


Today we want to share a little video with you as a “Thank You”.


It is something that you won’t find on our YouTube channel as it is part of the exclusive videos and content of the MLT Club – a special section and community area on our website that you would usually need a purchased subscription to access.


We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have been able to turn our passion into a career. It’s people like you who make that possible through your purchases, your spreading the word, your encouraging messages and valuable feedback. You give our journey meaning, and for that we are more grateful than you might imagine.


The way we are going about our career – as a family business without industry middlemen and in direct contact with our audience  – has helped us to stay independent, flexible and authentic.

To stay in touch with you we want to share with you our acoustic version of Manfred Mann’s “Pretty Flamingo”, a 60s pop classic especially well known on the European side of the Atlantic. It’s a fun song and hopefully a pick-me-up in these strange times 🙂


We hope you’ll enjoy it and would love to read your thoughts. Let us know by  or leaving a comment – we read them all!


Talk soon and stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

PS: If you want to enjoy more MLT music, get to know us better and stay in touch with us and other MLT fans, the MLT Club is there for you to stay connected, entertained and up-to-date. Please check it out, we’d love to see you on the other side! 

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Tom Fones
Tom Fones
18 days ago

Another discovery i owe you credit for ladies. Very nice rendition.
I never knew much about manfred mann. Cheers

Bruce Cleinman
1 month ago

Greetings Twins!!!
I became acquainted with you through your Play the Beatles and More cd and became an instant fan. You embody the spirit, joy, harmonic sensibilities, humor, playfulness and talent of the Beatles. And yet you are uniquely and creatively you!!!

Just received the live Cavern Club cd today and there is just so much to love about it.
Thank you for the “thank you” video of Pretty Flamingo. You have the Midas touch; everything you undertake turns to gold. You just shine!!! May your journey continue to bring you endless joy, success and inspiration.
With much gratitude and love,

1 month ago

Only recently July 22 I have stumbled on the Monalisa Twins. You both are so professional and as musicians you sparkle and shine. I have The Cavern Club sessions and Orange.
Obviously having a great Father and music producer was a gift and you both grew up around music. I watch your fingers on those chords and they wrap around the fret board so easily, that takes years of learning unless like you two you just seem naturals.
You are right, 60’s music is so much better than today’s music.
At least with 60’s music I can sing any song I want to easily.
Twins amaze me as I would have been a twin myself unfortunately our Mother had a miscarriage but I survived. Strange thing is that once my Mother told me at age 14 years it was like a closed door had been opened in my mind and I do have a sixth sense and feel connected to my twin. (Now if that’s not an idea for a song I don’t know what is) go to it lovely ladies, see what you can come up with!!!
I like your independant approach to the business and I am happy to support. Play on.

1 month ago

Top notch!!!! brilliant guitar playing and singing (and mouth organ), I dont think I have listened or watched anything the two of you have done and not been amazed

Mick Chiappini
5 months ago

Love it, I was around when the original came out, brings back memories. You look like you are having so much fun when you are singing and playing.

Ulrich Dutz
5 months ago

Very cute version of this wellknown song. I´m impressed!

ian rowe
5 months ago

Brilliant Girls … i thought you might dye your hair pink to match !!!

6 months ago

I enjoyed this! Have y’all ever covered Leapy Lee’s “Little Arrows”? I bet you’d really bring it to life! I only just recently discovered y’all, but instantly became a big fan!

John Macleod
6 months ago

Lovely ladies, I’m sitting here smiling at your performance as it brings back memories of the sixties. Thank you.

John Hopper
6 months ago

Excellent! The deep voice and vibrato was especially good.

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