Mobile Solution

How To Download Files To Your Mobile Device

If you are trying to download any of our music to your mobile device (smart phone, tablet, …) we are here to help.

We are not going to lie – it is a bit of a pain but with a little bit of patience you can do it, just follow the instructions below.

If you have the chance, we always recommend downloading the zip files to a computer before syncing the songs to your mobile devices, as that is much easier and quicker. Our zip files sometimes contain large, lossless quality music files and artwork/lyric images so they can be quite large in size. That is another reason why downloading them onto a PC first is recommended.

However, if you don’t have access to a computer please read on and follow the guides below.

iOS Users (iPhone + iPads)

Downloading ZIP files to your iPhone or iPad has become much easier in recent years thanks to the new ‘Files’ App that comes with all newer versions of iOS. Follow the link below to find out how.

Android Users

All Android users please follow the two links below to find out how to download and unzip your music files.

That’s it! We hope you will enjoy your downloaded music.

Hopefully, over the next years it will get continually easier to download music directly to a phone. We will certainly keep our eyes open for new developments and will keep this page updated.

All that’s left to say is thank you for listening to our music and as always …

… stay groovy!
Mona & Lisa