#4 – Our Beatles Hamburg Vlog (MLT Club Exclusive)

Moin, Moin,

That’s what the folks in Hamburg say for “Hello”, “Good morning”, “Good night” and everything in between.

Why do we use this unusual greeting? Because we are about to share part 1 of a travel vlog that we filmed in Hamburg, Germany, in March 2020, only a week before the world closed down its borders. 

This is the first of a 3-Part “MLT Club Special” in which we explore the early 60s Beatles history of the city, including an interview with Mr. Rotthoff, the owner of the legendary music store with a history as rich as it gets.

If you’ve enjoyed the videos we’ve been sharing with you over the last week or so, there are dozens of others over at the MLT Club.

In times of digitalisation and environmental awareness we think that offering our music and other content in digital form for a small monthly fee is an ideal way for fans to get an increased regular supply of music and videos – without financing shipping companies and straining resources.

If you have been toying with the idea of becoming a MLT Club member we hope that the last few emails could give you a better idea of whether that is something you would be interested in exploring. Here is even more info on all other types of content:

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Take care,
Mona & Lisa

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Joseph Olvera
5 months ago

Love you , girls for visiting the Beatles spots around Hamburg. I’ve read about those places but never seen them up close ! Thanks ! Cheers !

7 months ago

Thank you that was a great tour around the Hamburg venues . Look forward to the next . Hope you enjoyed your trip .

8 months ago

really nice video

Don Kumpf
1 year ago

I enjoyed the video very much. Keep them coming. Thank you.

Dave Watson
1 year ago

Loved the tour ladies. Thanks for sharing, very interesting.

Sergio Lebedeff
1 year ago

The time they played in Hamburg (and some time later in England) was the “real rock and roll” period for them. It´s nice to read about this time in Bob Spitz´s book “The Beatles – Biography”. The shows with Tony Sheridan and other artists were absolutely insane”! Even when they played by themselves (with a guy who didn´t know how to play the bass!! :-)) this was what rock and… Read more »

1 year ago

Sehr gut gemacht. Ich habe auf ‘m Kiez gewohnt und gearbeitet. Hans-Albers-Platz.
Great to see the place again. Brings back so many memories. Needless to say I frequented the bars in this video on more than one occasion ;-). Keep up the good work. Looking forward to part 2. Grüss aus Gloucester

1 year ago

Ja das ist gut, meine liebschen!
Ww, a muscial histrorical journey brought to life.
I was in Hamburg twice in the early 1970s on a school exchange.
Alas never got to see this, so many thanks and much appreciated.
The Beatles were modern day music pace setters in the 60s
Mona Lisa twins, thank you for following.

David Fogle
1 year ago

Awesome 👏 thank you for sharing

1 year ago

Yay!!! Thanks….