#4 – Our Beatles Hamburg Vlog (MLT Club Exclusive)

Moin, Moin,


That’s what the folks in Hamburg say for “Hello”, “Good morning”, “Good night” and everything in between.


Why do we use this unusual greeting? Because we are about to share part 1 of a travel vlog that we filmed in Hamburg, Germany, in March 2020, only a week before the world closed down its borders. 


This is the first of a 3-Part “MLT Club Special” in which we explore the early 60s Beatles history of the city, including an interview with Mr. Rotthoff, the owner of the legendary music store with a history as rich as it gets.


If you’ve enjoyed the videos we’ve been sharing with you over the last week or so, there are dozens of others over at the MLT Club.


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Take care,
Mona & Lisa

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Charles Minor
6 days ago

Your pronunciation of the German words is really good.Heartly regards from Bremen,100 miles south.

Jenny Amanda Hurwitz
Jenny Amanda Hurwitz
6 days ago

Very interesting – thank you! – never knew what Hamburg looked like – or where the Beatles played there. Was, I’m sure, very controversial in their day because 1961 was only 16 years after the end of WWII and I’m sure their parents’ generation questioned their going to play in Germany. It is so interesting that German youth loved English and American rock n’ roll of the time. It was a new day. The Beatles were such a breath of fresh air musically. In the USA they and Motown rose together to the top of the charts. I think that Liverpool, being the port it was, had a vibrant cross-section of musical influences. You two would know better than me, being the Beatles historians you are. The Beatles took African American rhythm & blues and some rock-a-billy and I guess English skiffle music (?) and put their own original inspirations into the mix to create such a joyful original sound. I always find it interesting that for some of their songs I think “Oh – that will just be !,!V,V & minor vi” and then it is like – “oh wow! that is so cool they went to that chord – and that – and that”. I just was playing some rhythm guitar for a friend of mine named Brooke who is recovering from arthritis surgery to her left hand so she has to not play too many songs in a row on guitar – at a community garden in Brooklyn, NY – a set for the little kids – and the set she prepared was half Beatles music – plus some folk and an original song of mine thrown in. it is so great that the Beatles’ music speaks to so many generations – it wasn’t lost on Brooke or me that it would have been John Lennon’s 81st birthday.

Bob Gibbons
6 days ago

You two are beautiful, great musicians, and wonderful historians. Love ya both. Boulder City, NV

Tom Beardmore
7 days ago

Looking forward to the next installment, ladies.

Keith Lythgoe
7 days ago

I enjoyed the video tour!

7 days ago

When are you guys coming to America, there’s a great venue here in Michigan, called DTE music theater (everyone knows it as Pine Knob music theater) before they changed the name, anyway it’s a outdoor venue with pavilion seating and lawn seating on The
Hill, Bob Seger played there all the time, you guys would love it.

7 days ago

Excellent storyline and shots ! Thanks

7 days ago

Great job ladies, looking forward to part 2

Tim S stout
7 days ago

I enjoyed the tour I hope I can visit Hamburg some day.

Bob Sangwell
7 days ago

Wonderful video tour. Loved it!

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