In My Life – New Video!

“In My Life” is the 2nd Beatles video of the series of covers we filmed in Liverpool.

Visiting “International Beatle Week” was incredible and we used the opportunity to film a couple of videos. We just finished “In my Life” which is one of our favorite songs written by John Lennon. Its words and honest message speak to so many people. It was going to be hard to obtain the “light” but melancholic feeling that the original has. We just tried our best and made it our own. In the end we decided to make it more an acoustic version and think it turned out well. The scenery of Albert Docks and Liverpool harbor really suited the song perfectly.
This video is our tribute to the Beatles, the most significant band in the history of music!

Peace & Love
Mona & Lisa

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Deborah Thomas
Deborah Thomas
4 months ago

Love, love, love!!!

Tim Arnold
6 months ago

This one is very nice with the acoustic guitars and your vocals are so beautiful. Simple is sometimes better. Just curious, who is the gentleman at 00:42?

Lisa Wagner
Reply to  Tim Arnold
6 months ago

Hi Tim! I believe that was Dave Peters who was at the party at the St Peter’s Church in Woolton where John Lennon and Paul McCartney first met.
We met him when we visited the church hall.

Tim Arnold
Reply to  Lisa Wagner
6 months ago

Ok, thank you Lisa, That’s very cool. I still like watching documentaries of the Beatles early years in the U.K. and Germany. I bet there are a few older people around Liverpool that have some great memories and a few stories to tell. Thanks for the reply.

Reply to  Lisa Wagner
6 months ago

Lisa, did you visit St Peter’s Church? I was amazed when I visited 20 years or so ago and found a gravestone with the name Eleanor Rigby on it. I’ve heard there is also a Father McKenzie nearby.. Paul says the song title is a mix of Eleanor Bron who also featured in the movie Help, and a shop name he saw in Bristol when he was there with Jane… Read more »

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