Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year 2015, white letters on rainbow colored crystal shapes

We wish everyone of you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2015!

If you’ve been following us throughout the year 2014, you will know that the last 12 months have been absolutely great for us in nearly every regard. Our move to the UK totally paid off, and we were and are still giving our best to jump on all the opportunities we are given here.

Showcase concert at the Half Moon in London

MonaLisa Twins Live Duo Photo, both with guitars on purple and orange backgroundsGreat things are ahead of us in 2015 and some of them are already planned out. To start with, we’ll be having an important showcase concert down in London on the 22nd of January, which was requested for us to do by the “BBC Head of Music Television” after he watched some of our YouTube videos.

That night we’ll introduce our originals to the British music industry – radio DJs, TV producers, press people, bloggers, record shop owners, venue promoters – in the hopes that they’ll help us in getting national exposure in the UK.

We really want to get this party going and make the most noise possible, so the more people showing up there the better! Everyone’s invited to the Half Moon in Putney, a well-known venue that has seen many of the world’s most legendary acts so far.

So if you happen to be in London that day or if you planned for a city tour for 2015 anyway and want to do it now, please don’t hesitate to come and see our show. We are proud to say that we’ll have fans coming from as far as Arizona/USA, and also people from Austria and Ireland are already confirmed. So if you’re up for a great party and supporting us that evening, please get your ticket here.

Hop on the MonaLisa Twins fan bus!

Spacebus, photomontage of a yellow schoolbus with wings and sat receiver flying through spaceIf you are from Liverpool or Stafford areas and don’t want to drive all the way down yourself, you can just hop on the coach we provide for our home fans. We’ll create our own Magical Mystery Tour bus full of fans and we’re sure it’ll be an absolute blast. Tickets are £ 10.00 including the travel, the entry to the show and a free drink. If you want to join the ride please don’t order your ticket in the link above but instead reply to this newsletter, send us an e-mail or use the contact form. You can find all the information about the coach on our Facebook event and we’ll update it nearer the time in terms of exact departure time and address.

Thanks for your support in 2014. We hope you’ll stick around and enjoy our music in the new year as well. We wish you and your loved ones the best of health, luck and fun possible.

Much love and have a wonderful 2015!
Mona & Lisa

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