Celebrating A Million Views (Free Downloads)

It happened again … twice! 

In just the last month two more of our videos have reached 1 000 000 views on YouTube

California Dreamin’ (2009):

If I Fell (2016): (Video at the top of the post)

We tend to go on about how mind blowing those numbers still are to us and how we can’t thank you enough but this time we will spare you the usual paragraph and just quietly let our heads explode in amazement and gratitude 😉

That’s the 4th video since January, with a possible two more coming before the end of the year 2018 to join the Million Club! We want to give you both songs as a free download to celebrate and to say thanks!

The Calm Before The Storm

It’s been a while since you’ve last heard from us. That’s because we’ve reached the end spurt of a rather huge project. It’s that time again where breaks get optional and food and sleep turn into necessary evils. Oh, how we love that feeling! 🙂

You’ll hear from us soon!

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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Harry Hall
Harry Hall
3 years ago

VCalifornia Dreamimg is brilliant, better, in my mind than the original

Rick Ross
5 years ago

Ladies you continue to set the trend of the most EXTRAORDINARILY beautiful covers and originals on the market. If I Fell is the most beautiful cover ever. It warms your heart then blows your mind as it leaves you gasping for more. California Dreaming is the epitome of the 60’s in everyway. The sound ( which you both have brought back) is amazing and tells the world what that time… Read more »

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